Facilities – Electrical & Electronics Engineering

The R & D center has a well equipped Research Laboratory.Power Quality Analyzer, PW3198 Hioki Model is used to perform Harmonic analysis [upto 50th order] on power electronic converter circuits. Digital Storage Oscilloscope Yokogawa, 200MHz is available in R&D center to check the high frequency control pulses. The R&D center is equipped with all measuring devices, electronic components,FPGA real time controller kits and PC’s to work effectively and to do better R&D work by the faculty members.


The laboratories are very well equipped with latest brand of equipments and computers.

  • Power Electronics Lab:

This lab covers characteristics study of SCR, TRIAC, MOSFET, IGBT, DIAC, UJT, Rectifiers, Choppers, Commutation Circuits, inverters, AC Voltage controllers, speed control of both AC, DC Machines & special motors like stepper motors etc. using Power Electronic Converters. This lab deals with the all power Devices required for solid-state applications.

  •  Circuit Simulation & Measurements Lab:

Basic Electrical theorems & networks are analyzed in conventional method, while the PSPICE ORCAD simulation software package is utilized to simulate & analysize waveforms for different electrical circuits. Simulation software is used for in depth analysis of large electrical system.

  •  Transformer & Machines Lab:

This lab is included in order to analyze the load characteristics of Electrical machines and to evaluate the performance of machines using various techniques. This lab is essential for understanding & analyzing the basic characteristics of electrical machines.

  •  Control System Lab:

In this lab analysis of Lag Lead compensator network, frequency response, effect of PID controllers, Speed torque Characteristics of AC & DC Servo motors, MATLAB programming for second order, third order & DC Position control system and various plots are brought out for students to understand the stability studies of the systems. A control system plays a vital role in studying the stability studies of all electrical systems, which is highlighted in this lab.

  •  High Voltage and Relays Lab:

This lab is concentrated on all types of relays, protection schemes for electrical machines, measurement of HVAC & HVDC, breakdown strength of transformer oil & field mapping using electrolytic tank for capacitor and Transmission lines. Various protective schemes, measurements of HVAC and HVDC are dealt in this lab.

  •  Power System Simulation Lab:

MATLAB fundamentals, Power System Analysis like Load Flow, short circuit & transient analysis, and Economic load dispatch are simulated and analyzed using powerful software package MATLAB & MiPower in this lab.