Facilities – Electronics & Communication Engineering

The department has well established infrastructure and facilities to meet all the requirements for the range of programs it is offering. All the laboratories are well equipped with necessary hardware and software resources to meet the curriculum requirements and provide opportunities for additional learning. The well trained and experienced technical staffs of the department are ably supporting the students in the teachers’ efforts to impart vital practical skills. With all these facilities and resources, the department is able to focus on industry-specific skills and impart the same.

Circuit Laboratories: There are four labs dedicated for circuit related courses on Analog Electronic Circuits,Digital Electronic Circuits , Analog Communication & Linear Integrated Circuits,  and Power Electronics. Students are trained to apply their theoretical understandings into practical design challenges at all levels.

 PAL_9908  PAL_9922

Advanced Communication Laboratory: This is equipped with modern apparatus and setups to conduct experiments to realize and understand advanced communication system concepts.  Experiments are based on Digital Modulation Schemes like ASK, DPSK etc. Microwave, Microstrip devices and Optical fiber based works are also performed in this lab.

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Signal Processing Laboratory:This laboratory is equipped to provide both fundamental and advanced concepts in a variety of signal processing domains like image & video processing, audio & speech processing, machine vision, communications, digital control etc. The lab is provided with high-end systems capable of handling all DSP related tasks, and are loaded with the latest version of MATLAB and associated tool boxes.


With the objective of providing hands-on for real time implementation of  DSP algorithms, the laboratory is equipped with TMS320C6713 based DSKs and Code Composer Studio IDE.The facility has also empowered the staff & students to carryout significant research on problems related to Wavelet-based Video & Image Coding, Video & Watermarking, Image encryption, Neural Network based Character recognition, Speaker identification & recognition, Biometric image processing and Video OCR.

Advanced VLSI Laboratory: Advanced VLSI design laboratory is equipped with the state of the art facilities for UG/PG and advanced VLSI research, Test and CAD. The Laboratory is networked and has standard EDA design, verification and validation flows from Cadence/Mentor Graphics for complex VLSI System on Chip designs. It is equipped with advanced Vertex based FPGA development kits with integrated development environments.


With all these facilities, it has become possible to develop core competencies in various niche areas like Verification & Test of Analog & Mixed-signal Design and Digital Design, Power Converter and Management Circuits, Low power Design & Test, Networking & Telecommunication applications, and ready to integrate IP core designs.Further, we strive to create an industry like environment with realistic schedule based deliverable s and targets to ensure that the student is productive from day one in his/her job.

RTOS and Embedded Laboratories: There are two laboratories dedicated to train the UG students on Microprocessors and Microcontrollers. Both basic and industry standard processors and Integrated Development Environments are made available. The students are encouraged to develop programs to meet the functional specifications generally.


The advanced laboratory has adequate dual bootable machines, CAD tools for PCB designing, MSP430, ARM Cortex M3 and  embedded kits. This lab is exclusively used by the M.Tech students for their laboratories, practical assignments and project works.

Project Laboratory:

This lab is developed with best facilities, exclusively for the students of final year UG and PG students to carry out their project works. It is equipped with hardware systems like DSP Kits, Spartan-3 FPGA Kits, Virtex Pro FPGA Kits, ARM Kits, MSP 430 kits. Further, several Software packages like MATLAB suite, Comsol Multiphysics, Cadence CAD tool for VLSI, CoventerWare, Ride, Keil, CC Studio, Tanner are also made available. In this Lab along with students working on their final year projects to complete their degree requirements, many pre-final year students also carry out hobby projects to develop and support understanding of class and lab assignments. Projects which have social relevance & current research trends are being pursued by students. Several students have presented their projects in Inter-College Project competitions and Design contests to win many prizes.

Research and Development Center:

The department has a VTU recognized research centre where four professors are guiding 15 scholars on research problems of scientific and technical relevance in the following major streams:

  1. Applications of Conductive Polymers and Corbon Nano Tubes (CNTs) in the field of sensors such as strain gauge and gas sensors, both contact and non-contact types.
  2. Related to DWDM Optical Fiber Communication links, investigations are made on Fiber Bragg Gratings based dispersion compensation techniques, Non-linearities and mitigation techniques in CO-OFDM links. Further, in the area of Intra-body communication, development of instrumentation and studies on transmission properties of human skin/tissue are addressed.
  3. Design and simulation studies on RF-MEMS switches for Telecommunication applications.
  4. In the area of VLSI and Sensor networks, the major projects undertaken are the design of load aware adaptive drive strength CMOS standard cell library, Implementation of load aware-High performance SMPS for System On Chip(SOC), Design Methodology for Adaptive Power High performance platform SoC for telecom or multimedia applications, DFT Techniques for Asynchronous dominant SoC and Wireless sensor Networks (WSN) for applications in urban environment monitoring.
  5. Image processing, Pattern Recognition, Distributed systems and network protocols are the other areas in which research is carried out.

 Class Room Facilities

The department has well ventilated class rooms which are also equipped with modern teaching aids.


Department Library

The department has its own library to support the staff and students with quick reference materials. Reference text books, data books, Educational CDs, and Seminar & Project reports are the major materials available.