Facilities – Telecommunication Engineering

Laboratory Facilities
Analog Electronic Circuits Lab

In this laboratory students perform experiments on verification of Network theorems, application of Diodes and Transistors. The main intention here is to focus on the basic working of devices like diodes, transistors and their application circuits like Rectifiers, Amplifiers and Oscillators. The students learn to design circuits like Clippers, Clampers, Amplifiers, Oscillators etc. This laboratory is equipped with a large number of state of the art equipments like Oscilloscopes, Function generators, and power supply units.

Logic Design Lab

Logic design lab gives an insight into design, realization and verification of combinational and sequential logic circuits. Combinational logic circuits like adders, code converters, multiplexers, demultiplexers, comparators are tested. Some of the sequential circuits tested are flip flops, counters, shift registers for different applications. Most of the circuits are realized using gate level logic to begin with and later realized using MSI (medium scale integration) ICs (integrated circuits). This makes the students appreciate the need for ICs, SSI(Small Scale Integration), MSI, LSI and VLSI.

Microcontrollers Lab

In this laboratory students get to learn the assembly language programming of two microcontrollers i.e. 8051 microcontroller and MSP430. The lab is well equipped with high end systems with various simulation softwares installed in them, like RIDE, KIEL and IAR. It also has several interfacing kits like ADC, LCD, DAC, motor and keyboard which are interfaced to the microcontroller for various applications.


The main objective of this course is to gain practical hands-on experience by exposing the students to learn the method of synthesizing complex digital circuits. It uses XILINX ISE simulator for simulation. Students write VHDL /Verilog HDL code for combinational and sequential logic circuits that are synthesizable. They are implemented on FPGA board. Interfacing of DAC, Hex keypad, speed control of stepper motor & DC motor, relays are programmed using VHDL/Verilog

Digital Signal processing lab

This laboratory is equipped to support the teaching of basic concepts in DSP using computer simulations and appropriate hardware. The lab is also intended to give students an introduction to DSP hardware for real time processing. The lab is provided with high end systems capable of handling all DSP related tasks, and are loaded with the latest version of MATLAB and associated toolboxes. In order to provide a hands-on for real time implementation of DSP algorithms, the laboratory is equipped with TMS320C6713 based DSKs and Code Composer Studio IDE.

Analog Communication & LIC Lab

Analog communication & Linear Integrated Circuits (LIC) Laboratory consist of communication system experiments and Operational Amplifier Applications. In this lab the students get to learn the design and implementation of various analog communication circuits like modulators, demodulators, filters, amplifiers etc. They also design and implement various application circuits of operational amplifiers. This laboratory is equipped with state of the art equipments like Oscilloscopes, Function generators, IC tester etc. required to perform these experiments.

Microwave and Antenna Lab

In this Laboratory microwave measurement techniques for power, frequency, wavelength, standing wave ratio, impedance and S parameters and characterization of some basic microwave components are covered using Klystron and Gunn diode sources. Antenna parameter measurements are carried out for parabolic and horn antennas.

Microprocessor Lab

This lab is intended to give an overview of the working of a processor. Study of processor is done with the help of an assembler which converts the assembly language to machine codes. Interfacing peripherals to processor is done with the help of a Programmable Peripheral Interface (PPI). Communication between peripherals and processor is built using PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect). In this lab, students will be able to program the processor and interface different peripherals with the processor. The lab is well equipped with high end systems with MASM assembler and PCI card used to perform interfacing experiments like Keyboard/7-segment, Stepper motor, Logic controller etc.

Advanced Communication Lab

The Advanced Communication Laboratory covers design and verification of the concepts of modern digital communication like Digital modulation techniques, Fiber Optic Communication, Characteristics of microwave waveguide and MMIC components. This lab is equipped with Storage Oscilloscopes, Function Generators and Modules for Digital Modulation and Demodulation techniques.