Technical Club


Department Association ABEEE Activities:


To recognize the students achievements and to motivate other students in their academics

To provide platform for awareness on the latest developments related to Electrical & Electronics.


To nurture to the needs of young minds with technological developments.

Technical activities like Quiz, Debate on Current trends in Electrical Engineering are conducted under “ABEEE (Association of BNMIT Electrical & Electronics Engineers)”. It was formed in 2005 and regular Technical activities are conducted.

 Activities Conducted:

  • Technical talk on “Trends in Microgrid” by Dr.Venkateswaran Narayanan, Head- Competency Development ,ABB India Ltd,Bengaluru,20th October 2015.
  • Technical talk on “Recent trends in Power System Operation”by Dr.K.Balaraman,Chief General Manager and Head,Power System Group,PRDC Bengaluru,28th March 2015
  • Technical talk on “Smart Technologies” by Mr.Rajashekar S,Lead Technologist (IP),Secretary IEEE(PES) Bengaluru chapter,17th September,2014.
  • Technical talk on “Energy Management and Conservation for Energy security of  India ” by Mr.Rajashekhar P Mandi,Engineering Officer,CPRI,Bengaluru,5th April 2014.
  • Technical talk on “Harmonic  and reactive power Issues in Distribution Networks”by Mr.K.Subramanian,Consultant,Schneider Electric,Bengaluru,24th September 2013.
  • Technical talk on “Electric Field Computations And Corona Inception Between Point Plane Gaps in Air”, by Dr.B R Natarajan, Professor & Head, Dept of EEE, KSSEM, Bangalore, 29th Sept 2012.
  • Technical talk on “Embedded protection system- connecting the dots” by Mr.Srikanth Kashyap S, Technical Director,JVS Electronics,Bengaluru,5th April,2013.
  • Technical talk on “Power Quality Issues” by Dr.B.K.Keshavan, Professor & Head, PESIT, Bangalore, 12th April 2012.
  • Technical talk on “Partial Discharges activity in High Voltage Equipments” by Dr.H.N.Nagamani, Joint Director, CPRI, Bangalore, 5th Nov 2011.
  • Technical talk on “Power System Operation & Control” by Mr. K. Vetrivel, Assistant Director, National Power Training Institute Bangalore, 7th April 2011.
  • Technical talk on “Laying of Cables in HV System” by Er. L. Ravi, General Manager, TA & QC, BESCOM, Bangalore, 26th Oct 2010.
  • Technical talk on “Emerging Electrical & Electronics Applications to IT” by Dr. R. Nagaraja, Managing Director, PRDC, Bangalore, 5th April 2010.
  • Technical Talk on “Emerging Trends in the field of Electrical Engineering” by Dr. V. Krishnan, Professor & HOD, Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering, MSRIT, Bangalore, 7th Oct 2009.
  • Technical Talk on “Pollution Problems on HV Insulators” by Dr. K. N. Ravi, Professor & Head, Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Sapthagiri College of Engg, Bangalore, 22nd April 2009.
  • Technical Talk on “Awareness of Automation” by Mr. Athaur Rahman, Prolific Systems & Technologies, Mumbai, 17th Feb 2009.
  • Technical Talk on “Opportunities & Trends in Animation, Visual FX and Gaming Industry” by Mr. Roy Stephen, Career Advisor, Image College of Arts, Animation & Technology, Bangalore, 31st Oct 2008.
  • Technical Talk on “Lightning Phenomena –Effects On Transmission Lines & Aircraft” by Prof. G.R. Nagabhushana, Retired Prof. HVE Dept., IISc, Bangalore, 27th March 2008.
  • Technical Talk on “Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency –Challenges & Opportunities” by Dr. Deepak Waikar, Faculty member at School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Singapore Polytechnic, Singapore, 13th March 2008.
  • Technical Talk on “Development in Indian Power Sector – Modern Techniques for Analysis” by Dr. Thukaram, Professor, Dept of Electrical Engineering, IISc, Bangalore, 31st Oct 2007.
  • Technical Talk on “Overvoltage phenomena in EHV & UHV Systems due to Circuit Breaker Switching Actions” by Dr. G. R. Gurumurthy, HOD, E&E Department, BNMIT, Bangalore, 13th Sept 2007.
  • Technical Talk on “Pollution Flashover of Insulators” by Dr. H. G. Gopal, HOD, E&E Department, BNMIT, Bangalore – on the occasion of High Voltage Engineering Meet, 13th Jan 2007.
  • Technical Talk on “SOMBO – Soul Mind and Body Management” by  Sri L. Balakrishna, Healer, SOMBO, 11th Oct 2006.
  • Technical Talk on “Challenges in Indian Power Sector” by Mr. K Balaraman, GM, System studies, PRDC, Bangalore, 15th May 2006.
  • The association conducted Technical quiz program for the students of EEE Department, 19th April 2006.
  • Technical Talk on “Flexible AC Transmission Systems” by Dr. Uma Rao, Professor, RNSIT, Bangalore, 17th Feb 2006.
  • Technical Talk on “Recent trends in Electrical Engineering” by   Dr. Uday Kumar, IISc, Bangalore, 20th May 2005.