BETA and its Objectives

About BETA and its Objectives

BETA – the ‘BNMIT Electronics and Telecommunication Association” has been established with a mission to impart additional knowledge to the students of the departments of ECE and TCE. It was believed to be essential to meet the growing needs / expectations of today’s competitive world.

BETA was formulated on the 10th of October 2005, nominating all the then students of ECE/TCE as its members. Sri M. Chandrasekharan, founder chairman of Impulse software Pvt. Ltd., was the Chief Guest during the launch program.  The association has been arranging guest lectures, workshops, quizzes, industrial visits, hobby project competitions etc, on a regular basis. And to be more effective, eminent academicians, researchers and industrialists are invited to address the budding engineers. Opportunities are also created to imbibe supplementary life skills to groom balanced personalities. Working in this direction, the main objectives of BETA have been to

  • Introduce current industrial trends
  • Raise competency spirits
  • Impart technical know- how
  • Teach Team dynamics   and
  • Prepare students for life-long learning

Activities of BETA

Keeping the above objectives in mind, BETA since its inception has organized a range of activities and the essential details are provided below.

  • On 13th October 2012, BETA arranged a technical talk on “Current and Future trends in Telecommunications”, by Sri. Sira G. Rao, Former Director, ITI, Bangalore. FCD mementos were also distributed to the students for having secured distinction in their VTU exams.
  • A technical talk on “Validating Large Scale System on Chip” by Sri. Mayur Koulavakar , Engineering Manager,  Intel Technology India Pvt. Ltd., was arranged  on 12th September, 2012.
  • A talk on “Overview of Next Generation Networks Emerging Trends” by Sri.M.D.Sanna Dyave Gowda was arranged on  21st  October 2011.
  • On 24th September 2011, BETA arranged a technical talk on “Telecommunication Awareness Programme”, by Sri. A. Vijayendra and Smt. A. Shaila, Senior Divisional Engineers, Divisional Telecommunication Training Center, BSNL, Jayanagar, Bangalore.
  • A technical talk on “Security in Electronic Systems” by Dr.P.V.Ananda Mohan ECIL, Bangalore was conducted on the 27th of April 2011.
  • On 25th March 2011, BETA arranged a technical talk on “Imaging and Video Algorithms”, by Dr Srinidhi, Head, Imaging Technology Group, Imaging & Printing R&D Hub, Hewlett Packard, Bangalore. All the students who had secured distinction in VTU exams received FCD mementos from the dignitaries.
  • To enable the students to get a hands-on experience on the AURDINO microcontroller software/ hardware, BETA in collaboration with Tenet Technetronics conducted a 2 day workshop on 28th and 29thDecember 2010 at BNMIT. The course contents were well received by the students.
  • On 23th October 2010, BETA arranged a technical talk on “Trends and Challenges in Computer Vision & Image Processing” by Dr. Lokesh R B, Honeywell Fellow, ACS-Advanced Technology Labs, Honeywell Technology Solutions, Bangalore. FCD mementos were distributed to all eligible students.
  • On 27th March 2010, BETA arranged a technical talk on “Research activities and employment opportunities at Defence Laboratories”, by Sri. N.P.Ramasubba Rao, Former Director, LRDE, DRDO Labs, Bangalore. All the students who had secured distinction in VTU exams received FCD mementos from the dignitaries.
  • A Lecture on “Development of Science in India” by Dr. Y. C. Kamala, Dept. of Physics, National College, Bangalore was arranged on Friday, the 23rd October 2009.
  • On 29th March 2008, BETA arranged a technical talk on “Sensors with advanced technologies and applications” by Dr. Anil Kumar Ramesh, Global Manager, Honey Well Technologies. FCD mementoes were distributed to all the eligible students after the talk.
  • With the mission “For the students, From the students” a technical quiz program was organised. Preliminary round of quiz was conducted on 20th March 2008 with participation from 165 students from all the semesters of EC/TE. Final round of Quiz was conducted by the student representatives of BETA, on 28th March 2008 with 5 groups of finalists.
  • Sri Ravishankar B., Design  Architect, LSI Research, delivered a talk titled       “On Front Foot” on 14thNovember 2007 for BETA members during the Odd semester period between Aug-Dec 2007.
  • A technical talk on “Spacecraft Antennas” by Mr. V. V. Srinivasan, Head, Antennas Section, Communication System group, ISRO Satellite Centre, Bangalore, was arranged on 18th March 2007.
  • A technical talk on “Future trends in Nano Technology” by Dr. Hema Sharda, Prof, university of Western Australia, was arranged on 26th Sept 2006.
  • A lecture on “EDA tools for VLSI design” by Sri. BKSVL Varaprasad, Head, Microelectronic Design Facility, ISRO Satellite center, Bangalore, was arranged on 25 March 2006.
  • A technical talk on “Microwave sources for Satellite and Radar applications” by Dr. A Mohanthy, Asst Prof, Super Computer Education and Research Center,  IISc, Bangalore, was arranged  on 6th March 2006.