BNMIT Cycling Club

BNMIT Cycling Club

The BNM Friends of Nature Club has 3 subsidiaries apart from its regular activities.  They are

(1) BNMIT Film Appreciation Club

(2) BNMIT Photography Club

(3) BNMIT Cycling Club.

The activities of these subsidiaries will be available on the Nature Club Notice Board.

The BNMIT Cycling Club has been particularly started as a gesture towards cleaner environment, as well as in the interest of good health.

In order to encourage the membership and use of bicycle by our students, the management has decided to offer the following :

  1. Free parking facility with security.
  2. Students can avail a one-time subsidy* of Rs.1500/-
  3. Students can avail an interest free loan* 20% cost upto a maximum of Rs.7500/- for purchase of bicycle.
  4. The loan amount availed to be returned in 10 equal instalments starting from the next calendar month of availing the loan.
  5. The cycle must be used for commuting to college everyday.  In case the same is not used for any reason, the loan amount availed to be repaid forthwith to College or the subsidy will be withdrawn if taken.

Students are hereby informed to make use of this facility and come forward in large numbers and contribute their might to make the environment less polluted and at the same time become more healthy, thereby setting example for others.  Students have to make a request by a written letter addressed to the Principal and submit the same to his office.

*Conditions apply


  1. They shall use the cycle during their stay in the college.
  2. With regard to students who want to avail interest free loan upto Rs.7500/- will have to comply with the above condition.Further they have to repay this amount availed in 10 equal installments.
  3. Students who discontinue the use of the cycle during their stay in College shall return back the benefits received as determined by BNMIT.