NCC Flag

The flag indicates the following:

  1. Red colour-Army
  2. Dark blue-Navy
  3. Sky blue-Air force
  4. “:” -two training institutes (OTA Gwalior and Kamptee)
  5. 17 Golden petals- 17 directorates.
  6. The wording written in Hindi represents its motto, “unity and discipline”.

The National Cadet Corps is the largest uniformed youth organisation,with its Headquarters at New Delhi, India. It is open to students on voluntary basis. NCC is a tri-services organization, which includes the Army, Navy and Air Wing, engaged in grooming the youth of the country into disciplined and patriotic citizens.

Motto of NCC: Unity and discipline

Aim of NCC:

  • To develop qualities of character, courage, comradeship, discipline, leadership, secular outlook, spirit of adventure, sportsmanship and ideal of selfless services among the youth to make them responsible citizens.
  • To create humanresources organised, trained and motivated youth, to provide leadership in all walks of life and be always available for the service of the nation.

NCC Organisation: The NCC in India was formed with the National Cadet Corps Act of 1948.It was raised on 15 July 1948.NCC Day will be celebrated on fourth week of November every year. The NCC is headed by a director general with the rank of Lt General.

Organisational structure of NCC

Cardinals of NCC

  • Obey with smile.
  • Be punctual.
  • Work hard without fuss.
  • Make no excuses and tell no lies.

Different camps and training

  1. Advance Leadership Camps (ALC)
  2. Combined Annual Training Camp (CATC)
  3. Basic Leadership Camp (BLC)
  4. Pre- Republic Day camp (Pre-RDC)
  5. Course at Himalayan Mountaineering Institute, Darjeeling
  6. Paratroopers camp
  7. National Integration Camp (NIC)
  8. Republic Day Camp (RDC)
  9. Tal/Nau Sainik Camp
  10. Trekking camp
  11. Independence Day Camp (IDC)
  12. Youth Exchange Program (YEP)

Takeaways of being an NCC cadet

  1. NCC is a highly reputed body which is also a second line of defence. In India, many youngsters are trained in line with defence in case the need arises. If young students want to make it their career option, then being a NCC cadet holds a lot of weight. As they are directly associated with the ministry of defence.
  2. NCC helps cadets to improve their overall personality by teaching them leadership qualities, discipline, honesty, working in a team, time management, to have high self-confidence, being physically fit, service before self, social service, and responsibility of service towards motherland and to be a responsible citizen of India.
  3. Since NCC camps are held all over India therefore there is training in a various parts of the country, hence students get an opportunity of visit new places and learn the art of independence. They are required to use their social skills and their senses to get to know new places and adapt to the varying environment. Other than just social skills they also get to learn about the history and art of the new place.
  4. Under the regime of exchange programme, there are a few selected students who get an opportunity to visit other countries and learn various things which are practised in other nations and exchange experiences with cadets who happen to come to India from foreign lands
  5. NCC has both Theory and Practical sessions taught in parades conducted regularly in college and various camps.
  6. In practical session, NCC cadets will learn weapon training (assemble and disassemble of rifle, firing in short range), Map reading, tent pitching, drill, weapon drill and adventurous activities (mountaineering, rock climbing, paragliding, trekking, scuba diving, etc) in special camps.
  7. In theory sessions, NCC cadets will learn about NCC and Defence forces, communication techniques used in military, health and hygiene, history of great warriors of India, field craft, battle craft, current affairs and General knowledge.

NCC eligibility criteria and certificate exam

Eligibility criteria:

  • Must be a citizen of India.
  • Age limit for senior division -for both boys and girls is 19-25.
  • One should be physically fit.

Certificate exam:

A cadet must have attended a minimum of 75% of the total training parade and must have attended minimum one camp in order to take up any certificate exam in NCC. Certificates will be awarded only if NCC cadets clear both practical and theory exam.

There are three different certificate exams; ‘C’ certificate has the highest value.

  1. ‘A’ certificate: It is awarded to junior (school) cadets on completion of second year of training.
  2. ‘B’ certificate: This is awarded to senior (PU/Degree) cadets on completion of second year of training.
  3. ‘C’ certificate: This is awarded to senior (Degree) cadets on completion of third year of training. B certificate is a prerequisite.

Benefits of NCC certificate

  1. NCC cadets have a special quota which is very useful in case of final selection to join the armed forces.
  2. Under the regime of exchange programme, there are a few selected students who get an opportunity to visit other countries and learn various things which are practised in other nations and exchange experiences with cadets who happen to come to India from foreign lands
  3. NCC cadets get preference over other in the CRF and BSF.
  4. Several central and state Government organisations who give special preference to NCC cadets.


NCC at BNMIT started in 2019, it is affiliated to 2 KAR Bn NCC, Bangalore ‘A’ Group, Karnataka and Goa Directorate. NCC Cadets were selected by the officers from the unit, 2 KAR Bn NCC, by conducting physical fitness test.  Parades will be conducted for four hours on every Saturday to the enrolled cadets, without disturbing the academics of the students. Practical classes and theory classes will be conducted and various activities like drill, weapon training and theory classes on military subjects will be conducted during the parade days by Associate NCC Officer, Smt. Rohini T and Parade Instructor.

Associate NCC Officer (ANO)

Smt. Rohini T, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Electronics and Communication Engineering is the ANO of BNMIT NCC. She has 5 years of teaching experience. She was a NCC cadet for 5 years in her school and college, and she is NCC ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’ Certificate holder with ‘A’ grade. She is a gold medallist in prestigious “All India ThalSainik” NCC camp, Delhi, 2008. She has received commendation card by the Chief Minister of Karnataka for achievements in NCC, 2009.

Events and activities


Cadets were trained to shoot using .22 rifles at MEG on 4th of March 2020. The best grouping of bullets was 2.5cms by Cadet Harshitha H, there were many other BNMIT NCC cadets close to this grouping. Cadets thoroughly enjoyed firing experience.

2.Preparation of mask

Since the time of lockdown due to COVID-19 pandemic, our cadets were very active in the tasks that were given to them. One such activity was the preparation of mask. BNMIT Cadets prepared mask at their homes and sent it to ANO through post. These masks were distributed to the needy. Cadets successfully made 77 masks and 230 more masks were further donated to the needy civilians in their surroundings.

3.Online course, COVID-19 Training

All BNMIT cadets took up the COVID-19 training through the Diksha app and also spread the knowledge to many more people.

4.AarogyaSetu app

Our Prime minister suggested that, AarogyaSetu app helps in this hard time of pandemic and insisted all citizens to download the app. All BNMIT NCC cadets downloaded the app and cadets also brought awareness about the app to many other civilians and influenced them to download.

5.COVID-19 Precaution videos

BNMIT NCC cadets have created 10 videos regarding the precautions to be taken to prevent COVID-19, which has been uploaded in Youtube. Three of these videos have been uploaded in college website (

COVID 19 precaution by NCC cadet. Cadet Rakshith, BNMIT college, 2KAR Bn NCC, KAR & Goa Dte

COVID 19 precaution by NCC cadet. Cadet Indhu, BNMIT college, 2KAR Bn NCC, KAR & Goa Dte

COVID 19 precaution by NCC cadet. Cadet Hemanth, BNMIT college, 2KAR Bn NCC, KAR & Goa Dte


As the saying goes “Yoga is a light, which ones lit will never dim. The better your practice, the brighter your flame” accordingly the event was lit by Prajwal MNayak. It was definitely a pleasure having him on this auspicious occasion because of his achievements at,such a young age which was truly inspiring. Some of his mesmerizing achievements are,

  1. Eleven international gold medals till date
  2. Yogakirana
  3. Yogakalachetana
  4. Yuvapuraskar from govt. of Karnataka and lot more

The event took place on 21st of June in the milansethu appbetween 8:00-9:15 A.M, where all the cadets and the ANO took active participation in making this event a grand success.Some of the asanas taught to cadets were;

1.Three times omkara.  2. Prayer. 3.kapalaBhatti.  4. Warmups.  5. Surya namaskara.  6.  Veerabhadrasana .  7. Ustrasan.  8. Shalabhasana.  9. Nadishuddhipranayama ,many more other asanawere performed and finally closing prayer.

All the cadets of BNMIT as per the guidance given from 2 KAR Bn NCC, Bangalore ‘A’ Group Karnataka and Goa Directorate, prepared yoga videos individually. Along with the videos, digital posters were also madein order to bring an awareness about yoga. Cadets in total prepared 19 videos and 11 posters.

Click here for video on Yoga Day 2020