Department of Information Science & Engineering

Details of Regular Faculty

Teaching Staff
Supporting Staff
SI.No Faculty Name Qulaification Desgination Date of Joining View Profile
1 Dr. G.S. Girish M. Tech, Ph.D. Professor & HOD 5/07/2006 View Profile
2 Dr. Krishnamurthy G.N M. Tech, Ph.D. Principal 11/01/2010 View Profile
3 Dr. Saritha Chakrasali M. Tech, Ph.D. Professor 10/9/2001 View Profile
4 Dr. Kiran Y.C M. Tech., Ph.D. Professor 23/07/2015 View Profile
5 Mrs. Srividhya S. M. Tech., (Ph.D.) Assistant Professor 29/07/2010 View Profile
6 Mrs. Jagruthi H M. Tech.(Ph.D.) Assistant Professor 20/01/2014 View Profile
7 Ms. Harini . S M. Tech.(Ph.D.) Assistant Professor 20/01/2016 View Profile
8 Mr. Vijay Kumar S M. Tech. Assistant Professor 07/07/2016 View Profile
9 Mr. Manjunath G S M. Tech. Assistant Professor 19/07/2017 View Profile
10 Mrs. Madhura Prakash M. Tech. Assistant Professor 25/07/2011 View Profile
11 Mrs. Prema Jain M. Tech. Assistant Professor 04/10/2018 View Profile
12 Mrs. Renuka Devi M. Tech. Assistant Professor 25/01/2019 View Profile
13 Mrs. A.K Sreeja M. Tech. Assistant Professor 25/01/2019 View Profile
SI.No Name Desgination
1 Mr. Praveen S Ause System Admin
2 Mrs. Meena M Instructor
3 Ms. Ashwini Instructor
4 Mr. Abhishek V Instructor
5 Ms. Manasa M Instructor
6 Mr.Srinanda P Assistant Instructor
7 Mr. Rajashekar T.N Mechanic
8 Mrs.Yashoda.R.N Data Entry Operator
9 Mr.Jayakumar K Attender
10 Mrs.Siddamma Attender
11 Mr. Veda Murthy S Attender