Environmental Policy


Policy Statement

“BNMIT recognises that it has a responsibility to the environment which is beyond legal and regulatory requirement. We are committed to make positive impact on the environment by implementing effective green practices. It will prevent pollution and promote awareness of environmental responsibility among all Faculties, staffs and students”.

Following are the Aims and Objectives:

  • Create consciousness and empathetic view of environmental issues and sustainable development in the college. Encourage staff and students to be active participants in environmental protection initiatives by as many number as possible.
  • Improve energy efficiency and minimise the use of paper in the office to reduce carbon footprint on the campus.
  • Protect water table by rain water harvesting. Reuse and recycle everything that can possibly be done.
  • Sensitise Nature club students on current and challenging environmental issues.
    Make the college campus plastic and Tobacco free. Conduct regular green Audit.
  • Use licensed and appropriate organisation to dispose of waste in the campus. Use cleaning materials that are as environmentally friendly as possible. Focus on sustainable development goals like clean water and sanitation. We adapt health, sanitation and environment based codes of practice and relevant guidance and complies with legislation relating to the use of chemical products.

The college seeks to continually review, improve and develop the Environmental Policy as adopted above and will commit to its implementation. Through this the college aims to make a difference in the outlook towards a cleaner environment and to tread the path towards sustainability.