Engineering Physics Laboratory
Physics Research Laboratory

List of Laboratories:

1. Engineering Physics Laboratory

This laboratory is catered to I year B.E. students of all the branches. The laboratory has very good facilities to provide good hands on experience to students in basic experiments of physics including Electrical, Mechanical Optics and Electronics.

Facilities available:
  • Newton’s Ring Experimental setup
  • Air wedge Experimental setup
  • Laser Diffraction Experimental setup
  • Mercury Light Diffraction (with Spectrometer) Experimental setup
  • Planck’s constant experimental setup
  • Stefan’s law Experimental setup
  • Optical Fiber Experimental setup
  • Uniform bending Experimental setup
  • Single cantilever Experimental setup
  • Torsional pendulum Experimental setup
  • Sonometer Experimental setup
  • Magnetic Hysteresis Experimental setup
  • Magnetic Coil Experimental setup
  • Spring Constant Experimental setup
  • Black box Experimental setup
  • LCR Experimental setup
  • Kirchhoff’s law Verification setup
  • Fermi Energy Experimental setup
  • Dielectric constant Experimental setup
  • Transistor Experimental setup
  • Zener Diode Experimental setup
  • Energy Gap Experimental
  • Photodiode Characteristics setup
2. Physics Research Laboratory

The laboratory is well equipped with facilities to carry out research in the field of Molecular Spectroscopy, synthesis, basic characterization of nanoparticles, and material sciences.  At present research work on Photophysical studies of biological molecules with various quenchers and nanoparticles is going on. Fifteen papers have been published under the affiliation of BNMIT research center.

Facilities available:
  • UV-VIS Spectrophotometer (Shimadzu Model: UV 1800)
  • Hot Air oven (210 liters) with microprocessor-based PID display
  • Electronic Weighing Balance (0.01mg)
  • Magnetic stirrer with hot plate.
  • Gaussian 09 software
  • Ultrasonic Bath