IEEE Students’ chapter

Group Photo of ECEXOM , IEEE Bangalore Section, Branch Counsellors, YP and WIE.

 Branch Counsellor’s (BC) Meet-1      

IEEE-BNMIT was privileged to host the Branch Counselor’s Meet-1 organized by IEEE Bangalore Sections at Sri Susheela Devi R Maanay Auditorium. The Branch Counselor Meet included IEEE Young Professionals, IEEE Women in Engineering (WIE) and IEEE Membership development cell. The event started at 10:15 am by the welcome address, delivered by Mr. Puneeth Kumar Mishra, Chair, IEEE Bangalore section. In his address, he briefed the audience about roadmap and the plans for the year, in association with affinities of the Bangalore section WIE, YP and SIGHT. Prof. K V Hari, Former Chair IEEE-Bangalore Section educated the audience about the Signal Processing Society. He briefed up the different opportunities in signal processing and way of getting involved in IEEE signal processing activities.

Participants of Hack Overflow

HACK OVERFLOW               

HACK OVERFLOW is a pre hackathon event organised to introduce the feel of hackathon to the freshers and to give them a glimpse of the technical world and the current rising problems being faced by humanity and observe how they take a particular problem statement and come up with ideas which can be put into development. The theme of the hack overflow was ‘Development and Optimization of Food Technology and Waste Management’. The theme was released on spot and was given 3 hours to come up with an implementable idea.  The participants were given mentoring sessions by their seniors during the preparation phase and the interactive session gave them an idea to develop their product, to the highest efficiency.  The interactive session gave the participant a point of view How to come about the given problem statement? The students were given the opportunity to have multiple mentoring sessions and after the preparation phase, the participants were asked to exhibit their ideas to the judges. After the judging phase, the results were announced. The participants shared their views that they were pretty confident to hackathons.  

Mr. Hiriyanna S Presenting the journey of ISRO since establishment


IEEE-BNMIT student Branch organised an interactive session with Mr. Hiriyanna S, Retired Scientist, ISRO on Indian Space programs.  Space technology is improving our lives and making the world a better place. Keeping in mind the benefits of such programs for Humanity an interactive session for the first time was organised on 18th October 2019. In the interactive session various programs undertaken by ISRO in various capacities was presented.  Mr. Hiriyanna in his presentation created a sense of responsibility which every individual must have towards the Nation and also towards the betterment of society. He took us through the journey of entire space programs since the establishment of ISRO. He mentioned about the eminent personalities who have contributed relentlessly to the organisation. He shared his experiences and incidents , happened in his journey and how he was able to successfully complete all his projects. The students had an opportunity to interact with such a knowledgeable person who filled young brains with innovative thoughts.

Characterisation Lab visits at Centre for Nanoscience and Technology, Muddenahalli

Industrial Visit to ‘VTU Nano Science Center, Muddenhalli’

An industrial visit to VTU Nanoscience Center situated in Muddenhalli was organized on September 21, 2019 which was jointly organized by IEEE- BNMIT Student Branch and IEEE Nanotechnology Council. A group of 50member, comprising  IEEE members of the symposium was acquainted with “Nanotechnology – a rapidly expanding area of research with huge potential to revolutionize our lives and to provide technological solutions to our problems in agriculture, energy, the environment and medicine. The research scholars at the centre conducted a very informative session for batches of students and it was very interesting to know about this multidisciplinary nanoscience course with elements of physics, chemistry, mathematics and molecular biology. An insight into the vast horizon of nanotechnology and its prospective scope and applications was given and also got to witness most of the applications of Nanotechnology being put to use for synthesis, analysis and discovery of Nanomaterials.

Technical knowledge garnered by the visit includes, Carbon Nanotube Synthesis and Growth using Chemical Vapor Deposition Technique, Solar cells constructed using conductive ITO glass, Synthesis Techniques of Nanomaterials mainly Top-Down Approach including ball milling, ion implantation, electric arc method and Bottom-Up Approach involving chemical vapour and gas condensation methods, X-Ray Diffractometer, Scanning Electron Microscope(SEM), Sputtering Technique, Atomic Force Microscopy, Simultaneous Thermal Analyser and Nano Indentation for Determining Chemical, Electrical Properties of a Nanomaterial.

Speaker Mr. Prasanna Harihar interacting with the students.

Seminar on ‘Project Management: A Practical Approach’

 A Seminar on Project Management was arranged for the ECE students of 5th Semester on 16th of October 2019 by the very experienced industry Resource Person, Mr. Prasanna Harihar.

Mr Prasanna Harihar comes with an intensive experience in the healthcare industry,has worked in several multinational companies in the IT industry such as Wipro, IBM etc. He has led large teams and held leadership positions across the spectrum including Delivery Head, General Manager and Senior Director.

 He spoke about the stages of project management. A wonderful slide with 5 different phases of project management was shown. It consisted the following steps Initiating,Planning,Launch or Execution,Monitor and Control,Project Close.

The seminar was concluded by providing everyone with the confidence that each of them could one day lead a team and become an efficient project manager. Being a Project Manager is like being an Artist, you have different coloured process streams, combining into a work of art.

Quiz master Mr. Kunal conducting the event

Quiz 2019

The Annual IEEE Quiz event was held on 17th October 2019 at New Building Seminar Hall, BNMIT Campus. The Quiz was hosted by the student Branch of the IEEE – BNMIT in association with Q Quotient, the BNMIT College Quiz Club.

The banner of IEEE and the quality of quizzing attracts inquisitive minds every year to this prestigious event, and this year was no exception. There were about 134 students who actively participated in the event. The first stage of the quiz was the prelims, followed by the finals. The top six teams from the prelims qualified for the finals. The preliminary round educated the participants on a wide range of new technological trends and advances. The participants enthusiastically answered the questions and took the results in a sportive manner. The finals saw the top 6 teams battling it out to win the prizes by showcasing their quizzing prowess. Refreshment for all the participants was arranged by the IEEE – BNMIT student chapter.

The IEEE Quiz 2019 event was an evening filled with great energy and enthusiasm. It was filled with buzzing minds eager to learn and assimilate information to widen their understanding of the world of technology.

 Chief guest Mr. Vikas Gupta delivering technical talk.

Symposium on ‘Nanotechnology and it Applications’

A two days ‘Symposium on Nanotechnology and its Applications’ jointly organized by IEEE-BNMIT student Branch and IEEE Nanotechnology Council, Bangalore Section was conducted at BNM Institute of Technology on September 20 & 21, 2019.  A two day symposium included tech talks, poster presentation on the first day and industrial Visit on the second day. The Symposium was inaugurated by the  Chief Guest Mr.  Vikas Gupta, Director, Mentor Graphics.  He delivered a technical talk on ‘Nanotechnology and Role of EDA’. His presentation included VLSI Design Flow, FinFET Transistor, IC Manufacturing Process, ASIC design, Physical Design, Partitioning, Clock Tree, Placement and Routing, DRC, LVS and tapeout of the IC. He also gave an exposure to Electronic Design Tool Automation (EDA) and job opportunities in VLSI industry. The inaugural function was concluded by Vote of thanks proposed by Dr. Jyothi R.M.


Mr. Prashant Mahendrakar, Associate Director, Samsung Semiconductor India Research, Bengaluru Delivering a Talk on Evolving Memory Technology and its Impact on Computer Architecture

Talk on ‘Evolving Memory Technology and its Impact on Computer Architecture’

Talk on ‘Evolving Memory Technology and its Impact on Computer Architecture’ by Mr. Prashant Mahendrakar, Associate Director, Samsung Semiconductor India Research, Bengaluru, was organized on 20th September 2019. The speaker in his talk mentioned the four pillars of digital world as Processors, Memory, Storage and Network. He discussed on the tradeoff between the access speed of registers, SRAMs, DRAMs and Hard disk. The expert mentioned about the technology revolution in exponential increase of memory capacity with reduced compact size and cost. He gave an exposure to Solid State Device (SSD) flash memory, Vertical NAND Structures (VNAND), Ferroelectric RAM, Phase charge RAM, Magnetic RAM and Universal Memories using carbon Nanotubes. He also talked about High Bandwidth memory and emerging applications of memory design in Artificial Intelligence, Medical Electronics, BIG Data with lower latency rate, since these were good learning opportunity for the students, they learnt a lot.

Dr. Saurabh Arun Chandorkar, CeNSE, IISc Bengaluru, delivering a technical talk on Micro Electromechanical Sensors

Talk on ‘Micro Electromechanical Sensors’

The talk by Dr. Saurabh Arun Chandorkar, CeNSE, IISc Bengaluru was on the topic ‘Micro Electromechanical Sensors’, He spoke on different types of sensors such a  Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Magnetometer etc. He also mentioned about the main parameters of sensors such as Sensitivity, Range, Resolution, Selectivity,  and Precision. He gave an Insight on the types of accelerometers such as Microaccelerometer, Differential Accelerometer, Thermal Accelerometer, and Microgyroscope Accelerometer. The program was quite informative, though provoking for the students.

IEEE Events for the Year 2018-19

Students are in action in developing creative things during Design Thinking workshop

Workshop on ‘Design Thinking’

IEEE- BNMIT Student Branch organised a workshop on ‘Design Thinking’ by Mrs. Veena R J, Head Software Department, Power Research & Development Consultants Pvt. Ltd. Mrs. Veena R.J, has more than 18years of industry experience, and is an expert in application design and development with specialization in products for electrical power system domain. Her key strengths includes, project management, software release management, rapid application prototyping, PoCs for pre-sales production, core algorithm development, user interface design, design and development of complex database, testing and certification for production release, team building and training. She conducted the Design thinking workshop which is about imagination, intuition, logic and systematic reasoning; it facilitates effective communication with the customers and helps in breaking through all the hurdles. It is all about exploring, experimentation with ideation, critical thinking, and aesthetic methods of problem-solving and rapid-prototyping. A total of 60 students attended the workshop.

Judges and Organizers of Hackathon

Hackathon 1.0

Hackathon   provide students a platform to solve real life problems and to inculcate a culture of product innovation and a mindset of problem solving. The students will have the opportunity to work on challenges to create world class solutions. Over 15 teams participated in the Hackathon, organised under the banner of IEEE-BNMIT Student Branch. The theme of the Hackathon was “Development and Optimisation of Learning Systems” which was released four days in advance.

The judges for the event were Mr. Kushal S, Senior Data Scientist, AI Research and Development Division, TabSquare and Mr. Parag M, Data Scientist, AI Research and Development Division, TabSquare. After four hours of on the spot development and passing plagiarism checks, the teams presented their work to the judges who then scrutinized their work. The judges examined code, logic used, efficiency of the teams and their usage of tools, how proficient their knowledge was of the domain and cross questioned every single detail. After careful deliberation, the judges gave their decision.  Shreyas G S and Thrupthi N from Electronics and Communication Engineering got first prize for developed a fully functioning App that allowed for intra-college collaborations for project work. The second placed was bagged by  Shreyas Bhaskar, Treshank Prasad and Tushar Gaurav from Computer science and Engineering for developing a prototype called “vBraille”, a Kindle-like reading device for the blind.

Winners and Organizers of Quiz Competetion


INQUIZITIVE, the quiz conducted by IEEE-BNMIT Student Branch in association with IEEE Bangalore Section, was held on 13th October, 2018, at BNMIT. The theme for the quiz was ‘Technology-Quiz’ . The quiz consisted of four rounds, including prelims. Five teams were shortlisted from prelims and based on the scores of the other three rounds, winners were decided. The hall was alive with enthusiasm and the will to conquer maximum number of questions.

The Quiz Masters of the day were Abhigna R and Chandu B, IEEE EXECOM members, IEEE-BNMIT Student Chapter. The prelims consisted of 20 questions. The top five teams were shortlisted based on the number of questions they answered correctly. The finalists faced a List-It round, where the team were awarded marks based on the number of things they could list for the given topic. There were Short-Visual connect rounds and Long-Visual connect rounds where marks were awarded based on how quickly they arrived at the answers. Few rounds had negative marking while others didn’t. The quiz involved out-of-box, mind boggling questions which someone who was interested in technology and its trends could answer and only. The crowd interested also included students from non-circuit branches, who also participated in great numbers.


Sri Ravikanth Conducting the workshop for students

Participants with Management, Director, Dean, Principal and Organizers of the workshop.

Workshop on ‘Machine Learning’

IEEE BNMIT had organized a comprehensive 6-day workshop on Machine Learning during the last week of March at BNMIT, Bengaluru. The purpose of the workshop was to bring together engineering students of various branches and make them experience the joy of coding various ML algorithms and get a hands-on experience by building mini-projects.

The 31 workshop participants included engineering students of 4th semester, 6th semester of various branches and also two assistant professors of BNMIT. The agenda began with an overview by our mentor, Ravikanth Practoor, of the background and context of Machine Learning and its importance. He made sure that the interaction was two-sided and lively throughout.

The introductory class started  with the basics of the Statistics and Machine Learning. He brushed through the types of Regressions and mathematical tools for calculation of Statistical Data. He then went on to give plenty of examples where Machine Learning is being used without our conscious knowledge in day to day life. The next day, we started with the programming in R. He dealt with plethora of syntaxes that are commonly used in R. I could see the students’ eyes gleaming with curiosity and passion as they coded in their new found love, R. Post lunch, he taught us all on the kinds of problems on would encounter in Machine Learning- regression, classification, to name a few. The day ended with a developed interest in students, wanting to work more and deeper in the language, R. For the next two workshop sessions, we worked on Data Pre-processing, Machine Learning algorithms like KNN, Decision Trees, Neural Networks, etc.  On the last two days, we worked on hands-on mini projects; we successfully built two models based on neural networks and decision trees.

Overall, it was a fun-filled experience where we looked forward to his extremely interactive sessions as well as the yummy food. Although the session lasted for longer than our regular college hours, none of us felt bored; in fact, we never realized that the day had passed by. I’d like to thank the IEEE BNMIT Chapter and the organizers for providing us with such a great opportunity to learn and gain hands-on experience in Machine Learning.

Participant presenting papers during TECHTALK   


Techtalk was one of the events conducted as a part of the annual technical fest of BNMIT, TATVA 2018.This event was sponsored by the student chapter of IEEE, BNMIT. This event was designed to provide an opportunity for the engineering students to showcase their technical paper presentation skills.  A total of twenty students from different engineering colleges participated in the event. The participants presented papers on a variety of topics.  The presentations of the participants were assessed by a jury comprising of faculties from different departments of BNMIT. Each participant was assessed based on the following factors – Presentation skills, originality of content, quality of response to the questions from jury.  Akshith G from AMC Engineering College bagged first place and Suhas K S From BNMIT bagged Second Place.

Speakers and Organizers of Research Methodology Workshop.

Research Methodology Workshop

The Research Methodology Workshop was conducted by IEEE-BNMIT Student Branch on the 3rd and 4th of October, 2018. This Workshop aimed to cover important topics such as – how to get started with Research, writing a paper, publishing an article, and actual insights about the process of Research. The target audience for this workshop was students from all branches of all years, to inculcate a mindset which is both conceptual and data-driven, which would help aspiring researchers in their quest to make a mark in their domain of interest.

Dr. P. A. Vijaya, – Professor & HoD ECE, Dr. Savita, Associate Professor, EEE, Dr. Bindu, Professor, ECE and Dr. Jyoti R Munavalli, Associate Professor, ECE, were the speakers of the workshop who gave talks on different aspects of research. A total of over 100 students participated in the workshop.

IEEE Events for the Year 2017-18

Speaker Interacting with Students


IEEE-BNMIT in association with IEEE Bangalore section organised a talk on “Machine Learning” on 12th February, 2018 to students to Introduce the basics of Machine learning.  Sri. Nitin kumar , Director,Lehrer IT Services, Bengaluru through his talk provided an insight into the topic.

Chief Guest with Students

Life Long Learning Skills       

Invited talk on ‘Life Long Learning Skills’ for the professional and personal development of the students was delivered by Dr. S. Rajesh, SoC Design Engineering Director, Cadence Design System, who is a designer and a scientist. The discussion started with sharing speaker’s experience that conveyed: The learning is not limited to Education, in any part of the life. The new learning may be required and each one of us should be open for it.  He also explained that learning may not be always related to profit or benefit, but it makes our life comfortable and more meaningful. He also quoted a real life example, mentioning how language plays an important role when you are outside the country in conveying information.

            He explained about the importance of learning relevant things, analyse our weaknesses and strength. He also stressed on the importance of understanding the world around us to grab the opportunities by learning the required skills. These skills bring new perception in both personal and professional life development and improves the quality of life. New ideas and innovations may be a simple but the outcome of that should be of   utmost important.