Industry Associations & Memorandum of Understanding

BNM Institute of Technology has collaborated and signed MoU with various companies and Institutions under various departments.

Sl. No.

Year of Initiation

Co-ordinating departments

Name of the Company


No. of Years

1. 2020 T&P M/s Zenken India
This association will help students to fetch internship & job opportunities at Japan under the guidance of M/s Zenken India.  1 year
2. 2020 CSE Neovegam Technologies Pvt Ltd, Bengaluru
Centre of Excellence in Internet of Things(IOT),a lab has been set for practical exposure.  Aims to work on a non exclusive basis for student and faculty programmes.  5 years
3. 2020 ECE AGIMUS Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Bengaluru Aims to set up an Industry standard IoT lab, initiate Institute – Industry collaboration program addressing research projects, identifying and applying for funding agencies, establishment of Centre of Excellence or incubation center at BNMIT premises, internships, organizing workshops, seminars, technical lectures and such other activities. 2 years
4. 2020 ECE Digital Shark Technologies, Bengaluru Aims at the establishment of Innovation Lab (Powered by TI Tools). The facilities are used for the conduction of skill development programs for students and Faculty Development Programs for faculty. The students are given opportunities for internship and support for placement in core companies by DST. The students would be guided to do real life projects and faculty can do research activities. 2 years
5. 2020 MBA Auston Institute of management, Singapore
19 students visited in 2020
1 Month
15 students from MBA and Engineering students visited in 2018
2 years
7. 2020 MBA University of Alabama
10 students visited in 2012
8 years
8. 2019 EEE Manobhu Technology Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore
Industrial Consultancy, Intership and Project opportunity for BNMIT students
2 years
9. 2019 ED Cell MoU with Taiwan
International Internship
1 year
10. 2019 NewGen IEDC, ED Cell NTTF, Hosur Road, Bangalore
Workshops, Skill Development Training, Orientation and Faculty Development Program
3 years
11. 2019 ME Fenfe Metallurgicals Fenfe Metallurgicals for research activities, student enrichment in the area of Metallurgy and Foundry of non ferrous metals. 5 years
12. 2019 ECE Institute of Health Management Research (IIHMR), Electronic city, Bengaluru
Aims at joint proposal writing to get funded projects on health management and technology and Knowledge sharing by experts from both ends 3 years
13. 2019 ECE Rajarajeshwari Medical College and Hospital (RRMCH),Bengaluru
Objective is to apply for joint proposal writing to get funded projects on medical devices using various technologies, Knowledge sharing by experts from each institution Medical or diagnostic data for student or faculty projects
3 years
14. 2019 ECE Mentor Graphics – A Siemens Business System on Chip Design & Development for BNM100SoC. (Higher education License Donation Agreement) 1 year
15. 2019 ECE Semi –Conductors Laboratory ,SAS Nagar, Chandighar, Punjab. (180nm Standard Cell Libraries) for BNM100 System on Chip(SoC) Design & Development.(NDA) 2 years
16. 2018 ECE SenseSemi Technologies Pvt. Ltd, Bengaluru
Aims to provide technical support & guidance to BNMIT senior students/staff, To pursue R & D Work , To precursor to constitute,create,contemplate J V partnership for future R & D work.
3 years
17. 2017 MBA IIMBX
119 students availed service in 2018
2 years
18. 2018 ME Mahatma Gandhi Institute for Renewable Energy and Development (MGIRED)
Activities are in the area of renewable energy, Invited Guest lectures, Internship to students, Joint research projects, Project work for students, Industrial visits, Joint publications. 5 years
19. 2018 ME Toyota Kirloskar Motor Pvt. Ltd. Toyota Kirloskar Motor Pvt. Ltd. For establishing state of the art ‘BNMIT-Toyota Centre of Excellence’.  Perpetual
20. 2018 T&P Byju’s
Pending for Renewal
21. 2018 T&P MoU with Manya The Princeton Review
Guidance on Higher Studies Preperation
3 years
22. 2018 T&P MoU with M/s Infosys
Infosys Campus Connect & Infy TQ Learning
2 years
23. 2018 T&P MoU with M/s NEC Technologies
Internship, Project & Recruitment
1 year
24. 2016 MBA FNF Business process outsourcing services India private Ltd
24 students availed service in 2017
3 years
25. 2016 ED Cell National Entrepreneurship Network
To develop entrepreneurship capacity of the institute by leveraging high impact methodology models and practices of entrepreneurship in the way of programs
3 years
26. 2016 MBA Learnito Education Pvt. Ltd
Skill Development and Mentorship
1 year
27. 2015 ED Cell Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India
To establish project guidance centre for diploma in entrepreneurship and management
28. 2014 CSE Old Dominion University, USA
Internship for students Perpetual