BNMIT Alumni Association – BNMIT AA

“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress and working together is success” -Henry Ford

Today’s students are tomorrow’s alumni

The first batch of students of BNMIT have graduated in June / July 2005. The first batch of students have been instrumental in starting the Alumni Association in 2005 with a membership of over 200 with a motto:

» Alumni to come back & interact with students
» Alumni to take sense of pride & responsibility for doing good things at BNMIT

Objectives of BNMIT AA

» To spread awareness about the progress and achievements of BNMIT to create opportunities for current students.
» Getting assistance from alumni for placement activities.
» Provide assistance to certain deserving students to help them complete their education.

BNMIT AA is committed to support professional growth & strengthen friendship & continue your connection with fellow graduates & to allow the opportunity for involvement with various activities of the association.
This association offers alumni the chance to keep up with happenings at BNMIT & interact in more than one way, & to bring you closer to your fellow talented classmates as well as to college life.
You can celebrate with classmates, investing time & energy in association activities which open doors to new experience & new friends.
Instituting awards to reward excellence in academics and extra curricular activities has been one of the major activities of BNMIT