The Department regularly organizes technical talks, workshops, industry visits to nurture the core competence of the students.

The Department is associated with professional bodies’ viz.

  • Institution of Engineers (IE)
  • Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE)
  • Association of BNMIT Electrical and Electronics Engineering (ABEEE) forum

The events conducted under the professional bodies are as follows:

I. Institution of Engineers (IE)

A two day workshop on “IoT using Raspberry Pi” was organized by the Department of EEE under Institution of Engineers India Students’ Chapter, BNMIT. This workshop was an opportunity for the third year under graduate students to enrich their knowledge and skills in developing various engineering solutions. The topics covered during workshop were: Introduction to Raspberry Pi, Python Programming Concepts and Interfacing Sensors. The hands-on sessions were conducted by the industry experts from M/s Telos Technologies, Bengaluru and RS Components, Bengaluru. The participants were able to gain practical knowledge about Python Programming, Raspberry Pi Concepts, Interfacing Sensors and Communicating the Data Acquired to the Cloud. The outcome of the workshop was quite useful for the participants to do better projects in future endeavors in the field of Electrical, Electronics and Embedded engineering. Click here for Event Report

II. Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE)

A talk on “Basics of Electrical Engineering Design” was delivered by Mrs. Manjula Y S, Senior Design Manager-Electrical, AIRTRON Consulting Engineers Pvt Ltd, Bengaluru on 2nd November 2019 organized by ISTE Students Chapter. The technical talk delivered was on the installation of wiring system and lighting accessories, protective devises uses in Residential and commercial buildings for proper functioning of electrical system.The talk was beneficial to the students in understanding the concepts of designing an electrical system in terms of connected loads. Students who secured First class with distinction were felicitated with a memento by the chief guest. .Click here for Event Report

A Technical Talk on “DC-DC converters” and “Basic of UPS” was delivered by Ms. Akshatha Kulagod, Embedded software designer, Dubas engineering Pvt ltd and Ms. Niveditha Mani, Embedded software designer, Dubas engineering Pvt ltd which was organized under ISTE Students Chapter. Ms. Akshatha Kulagod gave a lecture on operation of DC-DC converters and its use in the industrial applications. Ms. Niveditha Mani delivered talk on basic of UPS, which dealt with the fundamental operation of working of different types of UPS. Ms. Akshatha Kulagod spoke about the company which was helpful for the students to understand the opportunity to carry out the internship in the company. The talk was very useful to the students in understanding the importance of electrical engineering in different fields of industrial applications. Click here for Event Report

A  technical  talk  on  “Recent Developments  in  Industrial & Process Automation”  by Mr R. Venugopal Managing Director, Venjay Automation  Pvt.  Ltd, Bengaluru was  organized  by  the The Department of EEE under  the ISTE Students’ Chapter on 29 April 2019. The speaker emphasized the importance of  industrial  automation. He  enlightened  the  student  community  by  giving information regarding various control techniques and the use of robotics in industrial automation. The students securing First Class with Distinction (FCD) were felicitated with a memento by the Chief-guest. Click here for Event Report

A  technical  talk on “A Review on Renewable & Non-renewable Sources of Energy” by Mr. Prakash Magal, Founder Director, ENERTECH Technologies, Bengaluru, was organized by the Department of EEE, BNMIT under  ISTE student chapter on 26  October, 2018.  The students securing First Class with Distinction (FCD)  in VTU exams of  June/July 2018 were  felicitated with a memento by  the chief guestClick here for Event Report