Research Center Activities at MBA

Research and Development Center

The Department has a VTU recognized Research Centre where Two Professors are guiding 8 Scholars in the fields of Finance, Marketing and Human Resources

Research Guidance in the Department


        Name of the guide

Name of the scholar



Maazuddin Khan

Impact of E-Governance of Administration Study conducted with reference to Government of Karnataka and IT employees



Effect of Organisation Behaviour on Job Satisfaction in ITES Industry, Bangalore


Deepali Jain

A Study on Attitudes towards changes in  occupational stress and coping during strategic alliances in IT industry



Empirical Study on Role of Social Media in Human Resource Management

Dr.Mukund Sharma

Charithra C M

A Study on Stock Market Volatility and Spill Over Effect in Selected Developed and Emerging Asian Markets

Dr.Mukund Sharma

Sridhar  K

A Study on the Role of Housing Finance Institutions in Developing Housing Sector in the State of Karnataka

Dr.Mukund Sharma


Diversity Management: A Study on Recruitment, Training and Retention in IT organizations

Dr.Mukund Sharma

Sarita Prasad

A Comparative Analysis of E-Retail and In-Store Retail in Convenience Goods Marketing