Research Center-Chemistry Department

The Department provides research facilities to the Members of Staff and Research Scholars for carrying out their research activities.
The Chemistry Research Lab is sufficiently equipped with the latest instruments. The Department is actively engaged in research. The main areas of research being Pharmaceutics, Corrosion, Material Chemistry and  Medicinal Chemistry. Faculties have published 86 research papers in National and International Journals.

List of Journals: Journals available in Library (Hardbound)

Sl.No. Title of Journal Periodicity Publisher
1 Indian Journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry Quarterly Connect Journals
2 Bulletin of Materials Science Bi-Monthly IAS
3 Indian Journal of Chemistry Section-A (IJC-A) Monthly NISCAIR
4 Indian Journal of Chemistry Section-B: Organic Chemistry Monthly NISCAIR
5 Journal of Chemical Sciences Monthly IAS

Research Guide Details

Following are the details of the faculty involved in active research leading to Ph.D. degree under VTU and other Universities.

Scholar’s Name Research center Year of Registration Research Topic Status
Dr. Jayanna B K
Roopa K P Bharathiar UniversityCoimbatore 2012 Development of new spectrophotometric method for the determination of some pharmaceutical drugs Awarded
Lakshmi B S Department of ChemistryPESCE,Bengaluru 2013 Development of Analytical Method for the determination of Phytochemicals of pharmaceuticals of Pharmaceutical significance Course work completed
Archana S VTU- RRC 2014 Synthesis and Characterization of Functionalized
Graphene/Metal oxide Nanocomposites for Environmental Applications
Course work Completed
Ananda A VTU-RRC 2016 Development of Metal Oxides/Polymer Nanocomposites for
Photocatalytic Degradation of Wastewater Pollutants
Course work completed
Priyanka P VTU-RRC 2016 Development of new spectrophotometric method for the determination of pharmaceutical drugs Course work completed
Dr. Prathibha B S
Krushitha Shetty VTU- RRC      2015 Synthesis and characterization of multifunctional ferrite based nano materials Pre comprehensive completed
Sucharitha Mohanty JSSATE     2016 Bio-Mass Gasification for Fuel cells  Course work completed
Dr. Prashanth M K
Prakash Rao VTU- RRC      2016 Synthesis & Characterization of Hydantoin & Piperamide Derivatives of Biological Interest Preparing for Course work
Chandrakeerthy M S VTU- RRC 2016 Studies on the influence of interfacial bonding on mechanical properties of natural fiber reinforced polymer composites Preparing for Course work

Research Projects

Sl.No. Project title Principal Investigator Funding agency Year of sanction Grant Sanctioned (in Lakhs) Status
1 Development of new spectrophotometric method for the determination of some pharmaceutical drugs Dr. Jayanna     B K VTU 2012 2.0 Completed

Individual/Collaborative Research activity

Sl.No. Faculty Name Collaborator name Collaborator’s Institution Area of Research
1 Dr. Jayanna B K Dr.Veerabhadra Swamy PES University Photocatalytic
Dr. Muralidhara H B Jyothi Institute of Technology Material Science
2 Dr. Prashanth M K Dr. Yogesh Kumar Jain University Material Chemistry
Dr.Raghu M S NMIT, Bengaluru Nano Science