Mechanical Engineering

Research Activities:

R & D Department of Mechanical Engineering

The department has an R & D center recognized by VTU. It is empowered by 3 research guides with rich academic experience.

Some of the areas where research has been carried out by the faculties are Heat Transfer, Material science, Metal Matrix Composites and Polymer composites, Tribology.

  • Research Area available for Ph.D program
Sl.No Guide Designation University Research Area of Expertise
1 Dr. Mukesh Patil Professor and Head VTU Thermal Engineering
2 Dr. B. S. Anilkumar Professor VTU Computational fluid Dynamics (CFD)
3 Dr. D. Shivalingappa Professor IIT Roorkee Materials Engineering, Tribology, Mechanical Vibrations.


  • Research Scholars pursuing Ph.D at R & D center:
Sl.No Research Scholar Guide University
1 Karthik S. R. Dr. Mukesh Patil VTU
2 Prema S. Dr. Mukesh Patil VTU
3 Vijaykumar H. B. Dr. D. Shivalingappa VTU
4 Harish Dr. D. Shivalingappa VTU
5 Varun M. Dr. D. Shivalingappa VTU