Department of Computer Science & Engg.

VTU Recognized Research Centre


The CSE Department R & D center has 8 doctorates guiding students towards Ph.D. in various areas such as Image Processing, Computer Networks, Computer Vision, Cryptography, Information Security, Image Processing, Computer vision, Pattern Recognition & Data mining, Wireless Sensor Networks, Multimedia Mining, & Neural Networks. There are around 15 research scholars pursuing their research in this center.

Research Projects sanctioned to the Department:

Sl No. Year Title of
the Project
Amount (Rs.
in Lakhs)
1 2014-15 Video Analytics Development System for the development of
efficient algorithms for surveillance or video analytics
DST, IISc, Bengaluru. 3
2 2013-14 Code Generation for Document Images based on Handwritten
Visveswarya Technological University, Belgaum 9.9
3 2012-13 Code Generation for Document Images based on Handwritten
Visveswarya Technological University, Belgaum 9.9


SI.No Name Title of the Research Research Domain
1 Surabhi Narayan Finger Print Genaration for Document Image Document Image Processing
2 Bhargavi M S Anomaly detection in moving objects through spatio-temporal pattern mining Pattern Recognition
3 Kavita V Horadi Equivalence Detection Amongst Compressed Document Images Image Processing
4 Vinutha H Encrypted data deduplicantion System for an efficient cloud storage Management Pattern Recognition
5 Rekha C Design of Key Scheduling algorithmsfor block ciphers Pattern Recognition
6 Jyothi R Multi-objective optimization for the performance of algorithms on the given data set and predictive data analysis Algorithms Data Minning
7 Varun C R Efficient Cyber Crime Prediction Moudle by Applying Machine Learning Technique Artificial intelligence, Data Minning Algorithms
8 Savitha G Personal Authentication using Biometrictrains Image Processing
9 Harishkumar B T Improving the web page personalization and ranking using web mining techniques. Web Mining
10 Deepthi K Prasad Innovative Approaches to Early Detection and Diagnosis of Diseases using Data Mining
Technologies for Medical Databases
Data Mining
11 Shashikala Secured routing protocol for Wireless sensor Network Wireless sensor Network
12 Reshma J Analysis and design of data centric algorithms Wireless sensor Network
13 Chetana R Murthy Analysis and design of resource allocation algorithms for Femto Cellular Networks Computer Networks
14 Girisha G S Design and Application of efficient data mining technique to mine multimedia data Multi Media Data Mining
15 Sneha K Efficient routing techniques for path computation in IPv6 based Low power and Lossy Networks. Computer Networks
16 Jalaja G A Novel Framework for Robustness and Computation Efficiency inText mining Mining

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