Department of Electronics & Communication Engg.

VTU Recognized Research Centre

Offers Ph. D. and M. Sc. (Engg.) by Research Programmes

The department has an R & D center recognized by VTU. It is empowered by 3 research guides  with rich industrial and academic experience. As many as 19 research scholars are pursuing their research interests at the centre. The thrust areas majorly include Conductive Polymers, MEMS, VLSI Optical Fiber Communication, Image processing, Pattern recognition, Real Time applications, Wireless Sensor Networks & Advanced Instrumentation. Several years of research has resulted in a large number of publications in National & International Journals & Conferences.

Research Grants:

Sl.No. Research Area Research Topic Funding Agencies Amount & Year of Sanction
1 Low Power VLSI Low Leaky Standard cell development VTU 17.07 Lakh 2011-2014
2 Optical Fiber Communication Dispersion measurement & Compensation VGST K-FIST 10 Lakh/Year for 2 years 2012-2014
Ph.D Guides in Department:
Sl.No. Name of Faculty Area of Research
1 Dr. M.S.Suresh Solar photovoltaics , Conducting polymers,   Nano materials, Sensors
2 Dr. P.A.Vijaya Pattern Classification,  Image Processing, Embedded & Real Time Systems, Cryptography  &Computer Network Protocols
3 Dr. Veena S Chakravarthi

VLSI Design & Testing

4 Dr. Basavaraj.INeelgar Antennas & VLSI
Faculty who received Ph.D degree during 2018:
Sl.No. Name of Faculty Guide Name  Research Topic
1 Yasha Jyothi. M Shirur Dr. M. S. SureshDr. Veena.S Chakravarthi DFT techniques for Asynchronous dominate SoC.
2 Bindu.S Dr. M. S. Suresh  Characterization of PEDOT-PSS for its usability as flexible strain gauge material
3 Subodh Kumar Panda Dr. M. S. Suresh  Evaluation of quality of peppers(chillies) using electronic sensors
4 Rekha.P Dr. M. S. Suresh Study of PEDOT:PSS sensors for evation of quality of Jasmine aroma.

Ph.D Guiding Details: At BNMIT Research Centre

Sl.No. Name of Faculty Scholar’s name  Research Topic
1 Dr.P.A.Vijaya
Chaitra.N Recognition of Autistic Individuals using Pattern analysis techniques on Brain imaging Data
Priya.R.Sankpal Encryption of Nested Watermarked Image for secure transmission.
Ashwini.S.Savanth Pattern Classification & Image Techniques on brain fMRI data for the analysis of meditation effects
Keerthi Kulkarni Analysis of the land use and land cover change using remotely sensed images.
Roopa K Swamy A Configurable Hardware Schedule for Energy Efficient Mixed Critically System
M Sreenath Amalgamate scheduling algorithm for real time taks and effective utilization of multiprocessors using MBATS
2 Dr. Veena.S.Chakravarthi
Shubha Rao.K Study & implementation of load aware high performance SMPS for SOCs.
Prabhavathi.P. Design methodology for adaptive power, high performance platform SOC for telecom or multimedia application
Vrunda Kusanur Design of an EnVnet – Wireless Sensor Network with Adaptive routing for Urban Environment Monitoring
Rashmi.S Bhaskar Design of 4S for UEM – A Smart Sensor Surveillance System for Urban Environment Monitoring.
3 Dr. Basavaraj I Neelgar
Mrs. Yojna Bellad Analysis and Development of Quality Medical Images using Different Techniques and Methods
Mr. Sridhar H Novel Algorithm and Architecture for Image/Video Mosaicing
Mr. Chandrashekhar. Memory BIST for System on Chip
Mrs. Priyadarshini .K. Desai Multiple Antenna System Analysis for Small Base Station in SG