Students Speak

Anushree R (EEE)
Exeter Software India Pvt. Ltd

“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them” – John.F.Kennedy

The four golden years of my life spent at B.N.M Institute of Technology was a perfect roller-coaster ride. Through the ups and downs, I gained the strength to face challenges confidently and emerged out with flying colours. The encouragement to balance academics and co-curricular activities imbibed the sense of holistic development. Emphasis for discipline, respect for moral values along with quenching the ever-lasting thirst for knowledge made me a complete individual. The care and affection with which every member of BNM family nurtured me has set deep gratitude and love for the institution.

In addition to learning subjects, taking active part in cultural and sports events, being part of fests and seminars, attending workshops and nature club trips, delivering talks and guiding peers, I have had a lot of fun alongside. BNM made me recognize my hidden potential, build on my talent and achieve great feats of success in various arenas. Proud of my alma mater and blessed to be a part of BNM family!.

Ashish Ramakrishnan (ISE)

It has been a very delightful experience having spent 4 years at BNM. These were the my best years of my life. TJR Sir is the best teacher and best administrator I have ever seen in my life. I look upto him and admire him. Maanay Sir who is an encyclopedia has done more than what students expect from him. Thanks to him for all encouragement and support. I was very happy to be an active member of the cultural activities that took BNMIT to the top at VTU. Thanks to the faculty members for their love and support. BNM Rocks, I am proud to be a member of BNM family.

Madhavi K (CSE)

My stay at BNMIT is unforgettable. It has been a wonderful experience. Our Director T.J Rama Murthy is par excellence. All the faculties were extraordinary and always available any time we had problems, we never hesitated to approach them. I never felt it was a new college.

Amith Kumar (ISE)
Accord software

It was a splendid experience in the college. Though we were scolded, we always felt the affection behind it and that someone really cares for us. We will miss the college a lot. Thank you BNMIT for everything you gave us to take up higher responsibilities and to be what I am today.

Adithya Athreya (CSE)
Tech Mahindra

First time I saw BNMIT it was an experience beyond words. It will for ever be etched in my mind thus BNMIT has become a part of my life. It has shaped my future and will continue shaping my future. I know BNMIT will always be there for me when I need it.

Sahana M. Nadig (EEE)
Satyam Computer Service Ltd

It was an amazing experience to be a part of such a reputed and disciplined institution. It was always a second home. Teachers are very kind, friendly and gave a parental advice when required. Discipline was given highest priority. I am proud to be a BNMITian. Thanks to all for making 4 years of my life a memorable and sweet one.

Vasanth Vallab B.Naib (TC)

BNMIT’s contribution towards what I’m today is immense .BNMIT makes the student think and dream in a bag way. It respects values, preaches and uploads ethics, never compromises. It has got all the traits and drive as a team to become one of the best institution ever!

Prathima.M (TC)
Wipro Technologies

With a very friendly and qualified staff and the high qualify infrastructure, the college provided us with every possible facility and a great atmosphere. The main focus was always on academics, everything else was secondary. The placement office did its best to place most of the students in top companies. Today as I leave this institution, I have high hopes that BNMIT will reach new heights and become one of the premier institutions in the country.

Manoj Kumar N Asrani (ECE)
Evolving Systems

“Discipline, Skill & Perfection – are the values that BNMIT has included in me. The brisk work of the excellent faculty coupled with the fierce competition on campus churns out the best from BNMITians. The journey has however graduated beyond the tenets of engineering, to that of building character & confidence .May this rich culture & tradition of BNM spirit live forever…………….”

Madhusudan R.A (ECE)
Wipro Technologies

The BNMIT college experience was awe inspiring, the faculty was really supportive during hard and good times. The emphasis on basics by our lecturers and their close interaction made all the difference. Our Principal and Secretary were the most supportive in providing all the facilities that the course demanded. Lot  of  encouragement was given towards extra curricular, adventure activities and sports.

Harsha Bardhan Jee Snehy (ECE)
Polaris Software Lab Ltd.

I had my wonderful 4 years here in BNMIT which gave me lot of knowledge and confidence so that I am now able to face this world. I thoroughly enjoyed the social & adventure activities especially the Nature Club, wildlife and awareness of Environment & Conservation activities. I want to thank our HOD and all faculties. Most importantly I can`t forget the help and guidance of our Director and Secretary who inspired me in whatever I have achieved so far and what I intend to achieve in future.

Abhishta Kamath (ECE)

“Those were the best days of my life”. BNMIT was a great experience to me, where teachers were like friends when it came to explaining of concepts, having discussions or sharing of thoughts and opinions. With determination, dedication and sincerity great things can be achieved. This is what we were taught at BNMIT where faculties are always there for us whenever we lookup to them !

Pooja Prakash (EEE)
Satyam Computer Services Ltd.

I had a terrific time in BNMIT. I could actually nurture some skills like essay writing, oratory skills etc. I was lucky enough to be placed in campus. The department is excellent and the staff are fabulous.

Ramakrishna N.S (ISE)
Tech Mahindra

BNMIT was and is a paradise for me. It has changed my life and stars completely. I can say no more than that, it was a home to me. I was here all the time, am here and will be here. Words are not enough to express. Thanks to all the great people here.

Harsh Rastogi (CSE)
Wipro Technologies

BNMIT is a good place to build our future academically and place us on a higher platform with value addition through various extracurricular, adventure, nature and sports activities. Our BNMIT “rocks”! Placement is improving by leaps and bounds to cover almost all the students. Thanks to our teachers, principal, director, secretary for providing such excellent facilities to shape our character and our future.

Sabina Khouser (CSE)
Satyam Computer service Ltd

Well, BNMIT has been my second home, 4 years of engineering has seemed like 4 months, days have been happier, exciting and full of knowledge. Teachers have been great, always focusing attention on our all-round development. There has always been a very friendly and lively atmosphere and a driving spirit to learn. Truly and honestly, from the bottom of my heart, I would finally say that, BNMIT has given me the best days of my life, which I shall cherish forever.

Sheetal Badrinath (CSE)
Mphasis Technologies

The four years I spent here were really fulfilling. I like to thank all the teachers for their affectionate co-operation and guidance. What a great experience. It has made my life.