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    This post was last updated on       January 2nd, 2023

Namaskara and a warm welcome to BNM Institute of Technology!

The Department of Training & Placement is immensely proud of achieving 100% placements for the BE students of Batch 2018-2022, who have fulfilled the conditions laid down by companies visiting the Institution. The Institute, since its inception, has developed a strong placement network with blue-chip companies in the information technology, manufacturing, engineering, financial services, and other growing sectors.

At BNMIT we believe that “Education is for life and not just for livelihood”. With this perspective, the department has designed various training sessions to develop a holistic outlook in the students. The students are trained in employability skills such as Aptitude, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning, Interview Skills, Group Discussion, Resume writing, LSRW listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing Skills. Students are provided with exclusive opportunities through campus drives, enabling them to start off their careers right after they have completed their graduation. Our students grow in a conducive environment to interact and engage with industry professionals during the training sessions and placement drives, which help to lay a strong foundation for their prospective career.

The department strives hard to train and nurture the students with additional skills with a view to creating the right set of inputs needed for different industries. Thus, attempting to satisfy the aspirations of the students of being placed in companies of good standing thereby achieving a good reputation for the institution.

Various self-assessment and other career exploration tools are employed to examine the students’ values, abilities, interests, and personalities. The department guides the students in choosing the right electives and courses that will help them meet their goals.

In view of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Department of Training & Placement has come up with a unique initiative of ‘Virtual Drop-in Career Guidance’ to offer support to students and address their queries regarding placements. Students of any semester can visit the department and meet the placement team for clarifications and guidance on their job offers & other placement-related activities.

The average starting salaries of our graduates are most competitive with those from other institutions. Students who take advantage of the many professional development opportunities offered by BNMIT are better prepared to compete in the job market in terms of both, job role and starting salaries.

We are on a trajectory to continue achieving laurels and success for our institution. We welcome all recruiters to come and experience the spirit of BNMIT. We look forward to addressing any of your concerns or expectations with respect to training and placements of our students.

Contact us @director_placement@bnmit.in

Dr Saritha Chakrasali

Head, Department of Training & Placement

BNM Institute of Technology