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    This post was last updated on       January 14th, 2021

Communication Classes

The main objectives of these classes are for improving speaking & writing skills of the students and helping interested students in professional certification like Business English Communication Certification by Cambridge University Press. Students are informed of these classes and asked to enrol if they are interested. During the college hours these students are made into small groups and instructed by the concerned staff. They are guided through group discussions, exercises and for certification. It was observed that students written & spoken communication were improved. There was marked increase in their confidence and 43 students were able to pass and obtain BEC certificate during 2019-20.

Alumni Mentoring

In BNMIT we believe that our alumni are our ambassadors at the industries they are employed in. The objective of this mentoring is to provide our final year students with practical advice, shared expertise, real-world experience, encouragement, and support. The alumni at different industries from all branches are contacted every semester and they address the students. It was observed that students highly benefitted from the advice and number of placements in the college has increased. More students were able to gain employment in companies offering higher packages.

Life Skills Training

In BNMIT we believe that “Education is for life and not just for livelihood”. With this perspective in mind the Department of T&P conduct sessions to develop a holistic outlook in the students. Along with professional knowledge, several meta-skills and underlying values are provided to develop the overall personality of the students. The student’s ability to demonstrate confidence to speak, plan for achieving the set goals, identify their challenges and the possible solutions, and understand the effective use of time were the measurable outcomes of this program. It was observed that students were more confident and showcased this during the placement drives leading to better placements.

Technical Employability Skill development

Industries / IT companies today recruit graduates based on skills acquired by them during the years of gradation. With this in view the department conducts workshops and micro courses in consultation with the recruiting partners for pre-final year students. As a result of these courses the students were better skilled and industry ready in the respective domains. Further an increase in the employability quotient of students in industries – particularly core industries was observed during placement.

Interviews by Alumni

During 2020, the COVID Lockdown helped to develop this innovative method of online mock interviews by alumni. The objective was to equip students with trial experience of online interviews which would become the norm during COVID times. It was observed that students learnt to answer questions, develop interview strategies, improve your communication skills, reduce your stress and most importantly understand the etiquette required during online interviews. The constructive feedback provided by alumni in a low-stress environment benefitted the students, the results were observed in better placements during 2020-21. 

Virtual Drop-in for Student Career Counselling

In view of COVID-19 situation to support students in career guidance and address their queries the department has come up with a unique initiative of Virtual Drop-in Career Guidance. Students of Final & Pre-Final years can book a slot for an interaction with the Career & Professional Development Centre Team to get guidance regarding their job offers & other placement related activities.

For Review and critique email to: director_placement@bnmit.