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    This post was last updated on       April 23rd, 2024

Dr.K N N Prasad

Designation :Professor & Head

Area of specialization : Material Science & Molecular Spectroscopy

Date of Joining BNMIT : 09.09.2009

Nature of Association (Regular/Contractual/Adjunct):Regular

E-mail Id : prasadknn@bnmit.in, knnprasad@yahoo.com

No. of years of Experience : Teaching: 23 years
Research: 02 years


DegreeInstitutionMonth & Year of Passing
Ph.DJnana Bharathi /

B’lore University


M.PhilPeriyar University

Salem, Tamil Nadu


(Spl: Electronics)

Jnana Bharathi /

B’lore University


B.ScKalpataru Science College, Tiptur1995

 Experience: 25 years (Teaching: 23 yrs & Research: 02 yrs)

SI. No.DesignationInstitutionDuration
1Professor & HeadBNMIT, Bangalore, IndiaOct 2022 – till date
2Assoc. Professor, Dept. of PhysicsBNMIT, Bangalore, IndiaMay 2016 – Sept.2022.
3Asst. Professor, Dept. of PhysicsBNMIT, Bangalore, IndiaSep 2012 – April 2016
4Senior Lecturer. Dept. of PhysicsBNMIT, Bangalore, IndiaSep 2009 – Aug 2012
5Asst. Professor & Head, Dept. of PhysicsAtria IT, Hebbal, Bangalore, IndiaSep 2000 to Sep 2009
6Junior Research Fellow MTRDC, DRDO Bangalore India July1998 to Aug 2000
7Lecturer, Dept. of PhysicsSJRC, Bangalore, IndiaJune 1997 to May 1998


  • Organizing Chair for Two-Day International Conference on “Advanced Materials & Fluid Mechanics (ICAMFM-2023)” held at BNM Institute of Technology, Bengaluru during 23-24, Nov. 2023.
  • Session Chair in the Two-Day International Conference on “Advanced Materials & Fluid Mechanics (ICAMFM-2023)” held at BNM Institute of Technology, Bengaluru during 23-24, Nov. 2023.
  • Member, Editorial Board of International Journal of Innovation in Advanced Physics (IJIAP) for 3 years (2021-2024).
  • Life Member, Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE).
  • Chief editor of the college magazine BNMIT-Chronicle for the year 2019-20 and 2020-21.
  • Appointed as Member, Board of Examiners (Physics Group) Bangalore Region, VTU, Belagavi for the academic year 2018-2019.
  • Appointed as Paper Setter for Ph D Course Work in the subject Material Science, during June-July 2019 Examinations.
  • Appointed as Paper Setter in the subject Engineering Physics, during Dec-2018/Jan- 2019 Examinations.
  • Coordinator, NBA/NAAC, Department of Physics, BNMIT from 2017 to 2021.
  • Organizing convener for Five-Day FDP on New Generation Solar Cells held at BNMIT during October 19-23, 2020.
  • Organizing convener for Five-Day FDP on Modern Materials and their applications held at BNMIT during January 16-20, 2018.
  • Member of organizing committee for One-Day Symposium on Current Trends in Photonics and its Applications held at BNMIT, on  March 20, 2010.

Expertise/Subjects handled

  • Engineering Physics
  • Engineering Physics Lab
  • Advanced Physics for Engineers

Research Interest:

  • Material Science

Funding Received:

  • A project proposal entitled “Understanding the Effect of Heavy Metal Oxides on Structural and Nonlinear Optical Properties of Borate Glasses for Nonlinear Optical Device Applications “has been submitted to VTU, Belagavi under Competitive Research Funding Scheme during September 2019 (Under process).
  • A project proposal entitled “Generation of Highly Efficient Multi-Purpose Graphene-Metal oxide Nanohybrid Materials for Electrochemical Sensors and Biomedical Applications” has been submitted to VGST for Research Grants under K-FIST L1 Scheme during December 2019 (Under process)


  • Enhanced Nonlinear Optical and Optical Liming Properties of Holmium Containing Borate Glasses Embedded with Silver Nanoparticles, Basappa, T. N. Ashoka, K. N. Sathish, K. V. Brungesh, S. Shashidhar, D. Karthik, D. Rajeshree Patwari, Hamad Syed, Aljawhara H. Almuqrin, M. I. Sayyed, K. N. N. Prasad, A. G. Pramod, K. Keshavamurthy, G. Jagannath., Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics, 35 519(1-14) (2024) [Publisher – Springer]
  • Theoretical and experimental studies on electronic structure and photophysical properties of biological active substituted hydroxyquinolin-2 (1H)-one fluorophore, N. Sunil Kumar, K.N.N. Prasad, S. Chandrasekhar, J. Thipperudrappa, Chemical Physics Impact, 6, 100136 (2023) [Publisher – Elsevier]
  • Theoretical and photophysical investigation of biologically active fluorophore: 2-amino-6-chlorofluoren-9-one, N. Sunil Kumar, K.N.N. Prasad, S. Chandrasekhar, J. Thipperudrappa, Journal of the Indian Chemical Society, 99(11) 100767 (2022) [Publisher – Elsevier].
  • Microwave‐assisted N‐alkylation of amines with alcohols catalyzed by MnCl2: Anticancer, docking, and DFT studies, : K Yogesh Kumar, CB Pradeep Kumar, KNN Prasad, Byong‐Hun Jeon, Ali Alsalme, MK Prashanth, Archiv der Pharmazie, 355(5), 2100443, 2022.( Wiley)
  • Photoluminescence and Nonlinear Optical Investigations on Eu2O3 Doped Sodium Bismuth Borate Glasses for Solid State Lighting and Near–Infrared Optical Limiting Applications, Tayaramma DPV Jalluri, KV Sriram, , KNN Prasad, B Rudraswamy, Vinod Hegde, G Devarajulu, AG Pramod, Dalal Abdullah Aloraini, Aljawhara H Almuqrin, MI Sayyed, B Eraiah, SC Prashantha, S Venugopal Rao, G Jagannath, Infrared Physics & Technology, 116(10), 103784, 2021 – Elsevier
  • Click synthesis of 1,2,3-triazole based imidazoles: antitubercular evaluation, molecular docking and HSA binding studie,  C. B. Pradeep Kumar,  B.S.Prathibha, K.N.N. PrasadM. S. Raghu M. K. Prashanth,  B. K. Jayanna,   Fahad A. Alharthi,     S. Chandrasekhar,  H.D.Revanasiddappa  and   K. Yogesh Kumar, Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters, 127810 (2021) [Publisher –Elsevier].
  • Investigation of biological activity of 2,3-disubstituted quinazolin-4(1H)-ones against Mycobacterium tuberculosis and DNA via docking, spectroscopy and DFT studies  C. B. Pradeep Kumar,   M. S. Raghu,   K.N.N. Prasad,    S. Chandrasekhar,   B. K. Jayanna,   Fahad A. Alharthi,    M. K. Prashanth  and   K. Yogesh Kumar, New Journal of Chemistry 45(1) 403-414 (2021) [Publisher – Royal Society of Chemistry].
  • MoS2-Calix[4]arene catalyzed synthesis and molecular docking study of 2,4,5-trisubstituted imidazoles as potent inhibitors of Mycobacterium tuberculosis”, M.S. Raghu, C.B. Pradeep Kumar,KNN Prasad, M. K. Prashanth,Yogesh K. K.,  S. Chandrasekhar & B. Veeresh; ACS Combinatorial Science, (2020).
  • Adsorption characteristics of hydantoin derivatives on mild steel surface in acidic medium: An experimental approach, N. Deepakumari, H. D. Revanasiddappa & KNN Prasad, Vietnam Journal of Chemistry 57(5) 641-648 (2019) [Publisher – Wiley]
  • Efficient Synthesis of RuO2 Nanoparticle with excellent activity for One-pot Synthesis of 2,3-disubstituted quinazolin-4(1H)-ones, S. Raghu, KNN Prasad,B. K. Jayanna, C. B. Pradeep Kumar, K. Yogesh Kumar & M. K. Prashanth; Vietnam Journal of Chemistry 57(5) 585-594 (2019) [Publisher – Wiley]
  • Electrical resistivity Change of Se-Te-Ag Compositions to Thermal and Pressure as Stress, Neeru Chaudhary, KNN Prasad &Navdeep Goyal; J. Material Sciences & Engineering 6(3) 1000339(1-5) (2017) [Publisher: OMICS International, USA].
  • Pressure tolerant nanocrystalline Se85-xTe15Gax(x=0, 2, 6, 10, 15) semiconductor, Neeru Chaudhary, KNN Prasad & Navdeep Goyal; J. Materials Today: proceedings 3(6) 2347-2351 (2016) [Publisher: Elsevier].
  • Variation of electrical resistivity with high pressure in Ge-Te-Sn glasses: a composition dependent study”, KNN Prasad, Chandasree Das, K. Rukmani& S.Asokan; Acta Physica Polonica A 127(6) 1666-1670 (2015). [Publisher: Polish Academy of Sciences]
  • High pressure studies on the electrical resistivity of Ge-Te-Tl glasses, KNN Prasad, M. M. Rahman, K. Rukmani & S.Asokan; High Pressure Research; an International Journal 34(3) 309-316 (2014) [Publisher: Taylor & Francis].


  • Effect of additives on Germanium-Tellurium Glasses studied through High pressure, KNN Prasad, Rukmani& S.Asokan; MMDA-2016, National Conference proceedings, 32-35 ISBN: 978-93-5254-637-4 (2016).
  • Effect of High Pressure on the Electrical Resistivity Of Ge-Te-In Glasses, KNN Prasad, G. Sreevidya Varma, K. Rukmani & S.Asokan;  59th DAE – SSPS – 2014, AIP Conference proceedings 1665 070034-1-3 (2015)
  • Virtual cathode oscillator (VIRCATOR); experiments on KALI-200, D Senthil Kumar, P Janardhan, KNN Prasad, DC Pande & Lalith Kumar; Proc. Symp. Advances in Electronics, ELECTRO – 2001, BHU, Varanasi 313-317 (2001).




  •  Listening to Music and Solving crosswords


  •  Cricket and  Carrom Board