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    This post was last updated on       May 28th, 2022

1. Applied Chemistry Laboratory

The Applied Chemistry Laboratory is well equipped with high-end instruments, well aerated and spacious hall of floor area 200 square meters. It provides with store room for safe keeping of explosives and corrosive chemicals. There is a room exclusively for preparation of reagents for experiments. Each working table is big enough to accommodate necessary glass wares to carry out experiments. Separate heating chamber is provided as a safety measure.

Lab is a required component of most engineering courses. Learning about the lab procedures and performing experiments help to learn techniques that reinforces text book concepts which the students of engineering must master for application in career and daily life. The Faculty of the Chemistry at BNMIT clearly understands the importance of laboratory work in the study of chemistry and committed to educate the students in lab skills. ‘The experiments prescribed for autonomous batch under VTU’ have been optimised so that each and every student may conduct experiments independently.


2. Research Laboratory

The Department provides research facilities to the members of staff and Research Scholars for carrying out their research activities.
The Chemistry Research Lab is sufficiently equipped with the latest instruments. The Department is actively engaged in research. The main areas of research being Pharmaceutics, Corrosion, Material Chemistry and  Medicinal Chemistry. Faculties have published 135 research papers in National and International Journals.
Facilities available are :

  • UV-Visible Spectrophotometer (Single Beam)
  • Electronic Balance (0.1 mg Accuracy)
  • Hot Air Oven (Triple walled, Ducted Air Flow Type, Temperature Range: 5oC above Ambient Temperature to 300oC.)
  • Spinet hotplate with Stirrer
  • UV Degradation Chamber