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    This post was last updated on       March 3rd, 2024


Chemistry department has been recognized as Research Centre in the year 2016 (Affiliated to Visveswaraya Technological University, Belagavi, Karnataka). The Chemistry Research Lab is well equipped with the latest instruments like UV-Visible Spectrophotometer (Single Beam), Electronic Balance (0.1 mg Accuracy), Hot Air Oven (Triple walled, Ducted Air Flow Type, Temperature Range: 5oC above ambient temperature to 300oC.), Spinet hotplate with stirrer and Photo Degradation Unit. The Department is actively engaged in research, the main areas of research being, Corrosion, Material Chemistry, Photo degradation of dyes, Green Chemistry and Medicinal Chemistry. Three Faculties are guiding seven students, leading to their Ph.D., degree and have published 86 research papers in national and international journals. The Department has received a research grant to the tune of 2lakhs from VTU Belagavi, four patents have been granted and three published.

 Facilities Available are

  • UV-Visible Spectrophotometer (Single Beam)
  • Electronic Balance (0.1 mg Accuracy)
  • Hot Air Oven (Triple walled, Ducted Air Flow Type, Temperature Range: 5oC above ambient  temperature to 300oC.)
  • Spinet hotplate with stirrer
  • Photo Degradation Unit



SI. No.Patent details
1Prathibha B S, IPIndia 402706-001 “Artificial intelligence based portable transportable mini cool device for vegetable storage” 20/12/2023 [Filed].
2Prathibha B S, IPIndia 400028-001 “Electrochemical Etching Machine” 16/11/2023(Filed)
3Prathibha B S, UK Design No. 6320790, “Advanced Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) Machine” (Granted on October 2023)..
4Dr. Prathibha B S, UK Design No. 6314904, “Soil organic carbon detector” (Granted on September 2023)
5Dr. Prathibha B S, “Automobile exhaust purification device”, Indian Patent No. 385588-001, 4/5/2023(Granted)
6Dr. Prathibha B S, “Humidity dependent water Extractor”, Indian Patent No. 382768-001, 3/4/2023(Filed)
7Dr. Prathibha B S, “solar assisted water purification system”, Indian Patent No. 382036-001, 22/3/2023(Filed)
8Dr. Prathibha B S, “Food waste recycling machine”, Indian Patent No. 378993-001, 9/2/2023(Granted)
9Dr. Prathibha B S, “Preparation Method of Water Filter Cartridge using Corncob Active Carbon and Water Filter Cartridge” Indian Patent No. 202341001641, 13/1/2023 [Granted]
10Dr. Prathibha B S, Australian Innovation patent, 2021103575, “Volatile components collection unit with incineration of crude plant materials” March 2022[Granted]
11Dr. Prathibha B S, Australian Innovation patent “2021102763, “Synthsis of Silver Nanoparticels in the Template of PVA stabilized Hydroxyapatite Fabricated from Fish Scales and itsCharacterization” 20, April 2022 [Granted].
12Novel Method Calix[4]arene Anchored WS2 as a Versatile Nanocatalyst for Alkyne-Azide Cycloaddition Reaction. Patent No. 202041056566. Dr. Prashanth M. K, Dr. Raghu M. S, Dr. Parashuram L, Dr. Pradeep Kumar C. B, Dr. Jayanna B. K and Dr. Anusuya Devi V. S, NHCE, Bengaluru, 28/12/2020 (Published)
13Dr. Prathibha B.S, ”Manufacturing method of cost effective water filter using industrial fly ash waste”. Patent No. 2020104359. 28/12/2020 (Granted).
14Dr. Prathibha B.S,” Sustainable greenhouse for crops & drying of herbal medicinal plants”. Patent No. 2020104340.  24/12/2020 (Granted).
16Jayanna B. K., Methods and Systems for Photo Degradation of Organic Dyes, Indian
Patent, 201941031584 September 28, 2022.
17Bio degradable Diapers. Patent No. 201941029985, Kishan K, Lohitkumar Shetty M, Hariharan R N, Karthik, Hemanth Kumar C, Dr. Jayanna B K, BNMIT, Bangalore, 29/01/2021 (Published)
18Dr. Prathibha B S, “Volatile components collection unit with incineration of crude plant materials” Patent No. 202341001510 A 13/1/2023 [Published]
19Dr. Prathibha B S, “IOT Based chemical industrial grinder machine” UK Design Patent No. 6288659 (Granted)

Research Guide Details

Following are the details of the faculty involved in active research leading to Ph.D. degree under VTU and other Universities.

Scholar’s NameResearch centerYear of RegistrationResearch TopicStatus
Dr. Jayanna B K
Roopa K PBharathiar University


2012Development of new spectrophotometric method for the determination of some pharmaceutical drugsAwarded
Lakshmi B SBNMIT2013Development of Analytical Method for the determination of Phytochemicals of pharmaceuticals of Pharmaceutical significanceCourse work completed
Archana SVTU- RRC2014Synthesis and Characterization of Functionalized

Graphene/Metal oxide Nanocomposites for Environmental Applications

Course work Completed
Ananda AVTU-RRC2016Development of Metal Oxides/Polymer Nanocomposites for

Photocatalytic Degradation of Wastewater Pollutants

Course work completed
Priyanka PBNMIT2016Development of new spectrophotometric method for the determination of pharmaceutical drugsCourse work completed
Dr. Prathibha B S
Krushitha ShettyVTU- RRC     2015Synthesis and characterization of multifunctional ferrite based nano materialsAwarded
VTU Belgaum    –Bio mass gasification for Fuel cellsPursuing
Ashalatha M SBNMIT    –A novel fabrication approach of micro-scaled reinforced biodegradable polymer scaffolds for medical applications using nanocomposite materials and
comparative study with conventional foams.

Research Projects



Project titlePrincipal InvestigatorFunding agencyYear of sanctionGrant Sanctioned (in Lakhs)Status
1Development of new spectrophotometric method for the determination of some pharmaceutical drugsDr. Jayanna     B KVTU20122.0Completed

Individual/Collaborative Research activity

Sl.No.Faculty NameCollaborator nameCollaborator’s InstitutionArea of Research
1Dr. Prathibha B SDr. Niranjan KumarIntitute of Physics of Mictrostructures , RAS, NiZhny Novgorod, Russian Federation. RussiaNano Technology
2Dr. Jayanna B KDr. Veerabhadra SwamyPES UniversityPhotocatalytic
Dr. Muralidhara H BJyothi Institute of TechnologyMaterial Science
3Dr. Prashanth M KDr. Yogesh KumarJain UniversityMaterial Chemistry
Dr.Raghu M SNMIT, BengaluruNano Science
4Dr. Swarup H ADr. K. MantelinguUniversity of MysoreMedicinal Chemistry
Prof. Sathees C. RaghavanIndian Institute of
Science Bangalore
Cancer Research
5Dr. Shamala TProf. Pradeep H.K.GM Institute of Pharmaceutical SciencesMedicinal plant chemistry research. Davangere.