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    This post was last updated on       January 20th, 2021

Dr. Jayanna B. K

The boundaries are indistinct between Chemistry and Technology. It is not easy to know where one ends and the other begins. Chemistry proposes explanations for observations about the natural world. On the other hand, technology proposes solutions for problems of human adaptation to the environment. Since Chemistry and Technology go hand in hand, it helps us to know enough about our world and solves all the problems that ultimately impact quality of life. Taken together, Chemistry and Technology in the classroom are combined to prepare students who not only create, design and build, but also understand the nature and behaviour of the materials present in the Nature. They have the ‘know-why is the Chemistry’ and ‘know-how is the technology’ that lead to creativity and innovation.

The Department of Chemistry has highly qualified, experienced and research-oriented faculty. They are encouraged to undertake research and participate in various National and International Conferences in India and abroad to enhance their knowledge. Engineering Chemistry Labs and Research Labs are well equipped with high-end instruments and well aerated system. The Department is actively involved in Research and Development activities in the emerging areas of Nano Technology, Medicinal Chemistry and Photodegradation of dyes. The faculty has received prestigious honors and so developed Biodegradable diaper in collaboration with the staff of Mechanical Department and students and filed for Indian patent. Blake Shelton has rightly said: “One think one Can’t fake, is Chemistry”