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    This post was last updated on       April 26th, 2023

The Physics Department has enthusiastic and academically experienced teaching and technical staff. Currently, the Department has two three doctorate holders and the other faculty members have registered for their Ph.D. programme. The Department has been recognized as a Research Centre under VTU, Belgavi. The Faculties are actively involved in research activities in the areas of Molecular Spectroscopy, Material Science, Nanotechnology, Computational Physics and Biophysics.

The Department aims in equipping the future engineers with various aspects of Physics. The Engineering Physics Lab is well furnished with the latest equipment and all the necessary facilities. The Department also has a Research Laboratory to enable the faculty members to pursue experimental research work in the field of Molecular Spectroscopy and Nanotechnology.


  • Total Number of Faculty: 05
  • No. of Staff with Ph.D.: 03
  • No. of Staff Pursuing Ph.D. : 02
  • Average Experience of faculty: 14
  • No. of FDPs/Workshops/Symposia conducted: 02
  • No. of Invited Talks Conducted: 10
  • No. of Student Activities conducted: 05
  • Department is recognized as Research Centre by VTU to offer Ph.D. in Physics
  • No. of Research Guides: 02
  • No. of Ph.D. Scholars: 03
  • No. of Research Publications: 20
  • No. of Research papers presented in National & International Conferences: 22
  • Completed Research Projects: 01 (2012-2015)
  • Very good and consistent results with an average pass percentage of 98 in Engineering Physics and  99 in Engineering Physics Laboratory since the inception of the college.

Department News letter:


1. A Poster Competition on the Theme ‘Recent Advances in Science & Technology in Solving Energy Crisis using Alternate Energy Sources’ was conducted on 28th February 2018 for the I Year Students on the Occasion of National Science Day.

First Prize: Sri Hari Priya Rai N & Shreya J.S., ECE
Second Prize: Avadhanam Vinaya Rekha, Divyashree N & Swathi Dayanada, EEE
Third Prize:
Team 1: Sai Gagana V, Sanjana R & Vedhavathi K R, ECE
Team 2: Naga Sukrutha S, Niveditha Singh, Sri Priya D & Varshitha K R, EEE
Team 3: Nadavi K N, Harshitha T A, EEE & Priyanka P, ECE

2. A Lecture Competition on the Theme ‘Science and Technology for Specially Abled Persons’ was conducted during February 2017 for the I year students on the occasion of National Science Day.

3. A Poster Competition on the Theme ‘Recent Advances in Science & Technology: Health, Environment and Energy Sectors’ was conducted during April 2016 for the I year students.

First Prize: Shobhitha Rajashehar ( II Sem EEE)
Second Prize: Abhigna R (II Sem EC-A)
Third Prize: Suparna Bose (II Sem EEE) & Shwetha S (II Sem EEE)

4. A Lecture Competition on the topic ‘Hazards and Effects of Nanomaterials on Health & Environment’ was conducted for the I year students on 28th February 2015 on the occasion of National Science Day.
First Prize: Nikhath Anjum A (II ECA) & Krithika M Sharma (II ECA)
Second Prize: Akhila K (II ECA) & Krithika Aithal (II ECA)
Third Prize: Rakshitha R (II ECB) & Sahana S Rao (II ECB)
Consolation Prize: Pooja S (II IS)& Manisha N Bhat (II IS)

5. EPISTEME- A Science Quiz was conducted for the I year students on 28th February 2014 on the occasion of National Science Day.
First Prize: Sushmitha S Belagali, Sushmitharani H T & Harshitha (II Semester EC-B)
Second Prize: C V Anirudh, Ganesh Ram S & Hitesh A (II Semester EC-A)