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    This post was last updated on       April 26th, 2023


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AIML) is an emerging discipline that involves the understanding and reproducing human cognition”.

AIML has emerged as an increasingly impactful discipline in science and technology. With some form of intelligence, this discipline is placed an interest on making processes efficient and endowing them. The AIML applications are embedded in many products and industries such as speech recognition, search engines, medical diagnoses, robot control, advertising, etc. We anticipate that Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will help us provide better healthcare, better transportation, better control of processes that affect our environment, better delivery of citizen services, and in general enablement of data-driven and informed decision making. With the resurgence of Machine Intelligence: the AIML has become extremely active areas of research.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a technology that enables machines, software and all kinds of devices to independently solve problems or make products. They imitate human thinking. Machine Learning (ML) is a branch of AI where computer systems or algorithms improve automatically through experience – makes decision with minimal human intervention. AI and ML is already radically changing the world. We must ensure that we are not lived by this technology, but that we make it work for us.”

AIML programme allows students to specialize in AI, ML and its related fields that combine a cutting-edge and curated syllabus with seamless and wholesome learning experience. Moreover, this domain provides an excellent Career / Placement opportunities in reputed core companies.

The AIML domain is already taking big strides across the world, there is a need for AI capacity building in India and hence we can become a part of intellectual force in this emerging domain. The B.E. programme in AIML at B.N.M. Institute of Technology (BNMIT) is ready to address this need.