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    This post was last updated on       July 20th, 2021


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning domain is an exciting, challenging, and growing field that impacts society across the globe and everyday life in countless ways. Because this domain is interesting and challenging, because it’s fun, and because you can make a difference in the world – hence you can have an exciting and fulfilling career. The Department of AIML at BNMIT will:

  • Develop specialist skills in a rapidly growing AIML domain: The program will explore the theory and practice of AI and ML and are taught by competent faculty members who are actively involved in research. More emphasis will be on extensive Hands-on practice, Project-Based Learning, and Active Learning models for students. BNMIT provides access to extensive instructional and research facilities.
  • Prepare for personality development skills on advanced technologies: A student chapter under professional societies such as Computer Society of India (CSI) and Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) are very active atBNMIT and any student can become a member of these professional societies. The activities under these professional societies host industry experts on emerging trends in AIML. The emphasis under professional societies will be on student skill training on Employability Skills Development including Technical Skills and Soft Skills on various domains to become industry-ready.
  • Have access to mentorship:A full time faculty member for each section of class serves as an advisor in the department. This advisor helps students with questions about careers, degree requirements, course content and scheduling classes. Each undergraduate student is assigned a faculty mentor who is available to assist students with academic challenges and career questions related to AIML degree.
  • Prepare for careers working with intelligent systems: Students will graduate from the program ready to take up rewarding careers in the design and leadership of the development of AI and ML. The practical skills a student will develop have an immediate application within the workplace. Thereby, an ample Placement opportunity and Industry Internship exists on cutting-edge applications in reputed core companies.

In general, the following are the various reasons why every student should learn AIML:

  • Bright Career Opportunities and Growth.
  • Average Salary Hike.
  • Reputed Core Hiring Companies: Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Nokia to name a few core companies.
  • Artificial Intelligence is Versatile.
  • The Next Digital Frontier.
  • The skill of the Century.
  • Processes Huge Amounts of Data.
  • Potential Impact on the Society.
  • Better User Experience.
  • Deals with Real-world Applications such as Recommender Systems, Prediction, Recognition, Autonomous Vehicles, Robotics, so forth.