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Welcome to the Department of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (AIML) at BNMIT, Bengaluru!

The Department of AIML at BNMIT is strongly committed to impart innovative and quality technical education with high standards at undergraduate level. The faculty and non-teaching staff of the department is committed to prepare our students by providing the expertise and proficiency in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and its related fields needed to thrive in our modern society.

The AIML in the 21st century is the skill of the century. It has had a tremendous impact on human civilization. The artificial intelligence and in general the intelligent systems have changed how we work, how we communicate, how we teach and learn, how we entertain, and so forth. AI and ML has become a fundamental tool for augmenting the human knowledge, which is an essential part of creation, discovery, and innovation.

The main goal of the Department is to provide an experiential learning opportunities such as hands-on training, project-based courses, research projects, and internships which provide a solid foundation to work in interdisciplinary teams that invent the future for which the Department covers a wide spectrum of research in the areas of Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, Image Processing, Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Big-Data Analytics, and Computer Security led by qualified and experienced team of faculty members.

In addition to state-of-the-art curriculum, more emphasis is placed on enriching the students learning experience by providing value-added courses, skill-development programs, and participate in technical competitions, hackathons at all levels including state, national and international platforms.

The students, faculty, and staff of AIML at BNMIT, we believe in working together, we encourage each other, we help each other, and, most importantly, we believe in each other. This is the key to make our students success at AIML at BNMIT! Hence, to bring the success of the department we focus on productive interdisciplinary collaborations to work across a diverse set of projects, laboratories, departments, and industry partners.

I am confident that the Department of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning at BNMIT is strongly prepared to face the new exciting challenges in this new digital era and also to be one of the best institutions in the state of Karnataka and in India. We hope the information on this website may convey some sense of excitement that pervades the department as we make new discoveries and educate the best students of this nation.


Best regards,

Dr. Udaya Kumar Reddy K R

Professor & Head

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, BNMIT