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    This post was last updated on       September 9th, 2023

Department of Information Science & Engineering

Sl. No.NAMECATEGORYNATUREArea Of Specialization
1Dr. S SrividhyaHead of DepartmentChairpersonAlgorithms, System Design, Data Base and Embedded
2Dr. Saritha ChakarasaliProfessor -1MemberAlgorithms, System Design, and Database
3Dr. Jagruthi HAssociate Prof -1MemberAlgorithms, System Design
4Mr. Manjunath G SAsst. Prof -1MemberNetworking, Algorithms, System Design
5Ms. Yashashwini B VAsst. Prof -2MemberNetworking, Algorithms, System Design
6Ms. Rashmi T VAsst. Prof -3MemberArtificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Dr. Siddesh

Professor, Department of ISE

MSRIT, Ph: 9632221981

Email: siddeshgm@msrit.edu

Subject Expert from OutsideVTU Nominee

Dr. Mamtha H R

Professor, Department of CSE

PES University,

Ph: 9880088425

Email: mamathahr@pes.edu

Subject Expert from Outside UniversityMember

Dr. Kiran Kumari Patil

Professor Department of CSE, Director of UIIC

REVA University

Ph: 9886406803

Email: kirankumari@reva.edu.in

Subject Expert from Outside UniversityMember

Dr. Milind Gandhe

Center for Machine Intelligence and Robotics, IIIT Bangalore.

Ph: +91-9886-008519

Email: milind.gandhe@gmail.com

Subject Expert from Outside UniversityMember

Mr. Sreenivas Ramanujan

TCS, Bangalore

Ph: 8147002870

Email: sreenivasa.ramanujam@tcs.com

Industry Expert -1Member

Mr. Akshay Pai,

Team Lead – Machine Learning

Thoughclan Technologies,

Phone: 9741323993

Email:  akshayhpai94@gmail.com

UG Meritorious Aluminous -1Member
13Invited Member –1Specialized Subject Expert – 1Member
14Invited Member –2Specialized Subject Expert – 2Member
15Dr. Laxmi VNominated by HoDMember Secretary