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    This post was last updated on       June 26th, 2023


The Computer Science and Engineering department was established in the institution during the year 2001, with an intake of 60 with a current intake of 180. The department offers B.E in CSE, M.Tech in CSE and Ph.D programs. The department presents an unique opportunity to study the exhilarating field. Computers are the most flexible and powerful machines ever created. While the field of computing constantly grows and changes, the core magic of CSE remains timeless. CSE is a broad field, and courses cover a wide range of subjects. Students start with the basics in popular introductory programming courses, they learn the mathematical foundations of computing; get hands-on experience building software and hardware; and choose advanced courses such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer networking, computer security and much more. The course structure is in line with latest advances in technology which equip the students with the latest developments in Computer Science and Engineering. Objective is to empower students with latest technical knowledge and skills to meet global challenges and to provide best teaching faculty, state-of-the-art technologies, excellent research and development environment with highly qualified, trained and dedicated teachers who are responsible for the overall academic growth, the department excels in the teaching-learning methodology and has a good academic track record. The Department of CSE is striving hard towards the goal of providing innovative and quality education with high standard to achieve academic excellence and provides platform for the students to achieve their career goals.

A well equipped Research & Development (R&D) Center, affiliated to VTU has been set to cater to the needs of the research scholars to conduct cutting edge research towards doctoral degree.

Teaching learning process is well defined in the Department to make bright students explore the trending technology via Skill Development Programmes (SDPs) organized by the Industry Institute Interaction and slow learners are encouraged to perform better in University exams through Performance Enhancement (PE) classes.

BNMIT Engineering College

R&D in the Department is a pursuit of encouragement to faculty and students to think, model and design innovative ideas. This is facilitated through Innovative Project Labs (IPL) and funding support through Innovation &  Entrepreneurship Development Cell (IEDC) for prototyping the ideas by students. Faculties are encouraged with financial support to attend workshops, FDPs, and Conferences in order to identify the thrust areas and support students in their learning process. Additional facilities like MoU’s have been signed with Kanektify Academy, Old Dominion University (USA) and Metamor Technologies for the overall development of the students.


Staff Details

  • Number of Teaching Staff: 28 (Prof: 05; Associate Prof: 07; Assistant Prof: 16)
  • Number of PhDs: 12
  • Number of Staff Pursuing PhD: 7
  • Average Experience of Staff : 12 Years
  • Staff with Industry Experience : 08
  • Technical & Supporting Staff: 13

First Class with Distinction (FCD) Upshots:

Total Number of Students Secured First Class with Distinction in the Last 6-Year. 

Academic YearSemesterTotal No. of Students Felicitated for FCD
2018 – 2019 (Even)8th Semester126
6th Semester48
4th Semester63
2nd Semester79
M.Tech 4th Semester11
2018 – 2019 (Odd)7th Semester88
5th Semester62
3rd  Semester81
M.Tech 1st Semester4
2017 – 2018 (Even) 8th Semester98
6th Semester66
4th Semester74
2nd Semester46
M.Tech 2nd Semester01
2017 – 2018 (Odd)7th Semester36
5th Semester64
3rd Semester30
1st Semester83
M.Tech 1st Semester02
Total  215
2016 – 2017 (Even)8th Semester80
6th Semester61
4th Semester72
2nd Semester73
2015 – 2016 (Odd)7th Semester45
5th Semester45
3rd Semester63
2015 – 2016 (Even)8th Semester92
6th Semester64
4th Semester62
2nd Semester66
2014-15 (Odd)7th Semester50
5th Semester46
3rd Semester45
2014-15 (Even)8th Semester95
6th Semester88
4th Semester49
2nd Semester91

2013-14 (Odd)

7th Semester47
5th Semester72
3rd Semester68
2013-14 (Even)8th Semester96
6th Semester67
4th Semester69
2nd Semester92