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The Departments of Computer Science and Engineering Offers Ph.D. & M.Sc. (Engg.) by Research Programmes.

The Department of Computer Science & Engineering has a research center affiliated to Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU). Research lab is well equipped with computers and servers received through funded projects. Since its inception, the center has a good number of research scholars and guides conducting research activities. The faculty members of CSE are actively involved in the research activities, publishing their work in various refereed Journals and Conferences. Undergraduate and postgraduate students are encouraged to cultivate a research inclination by involving and guiding them in various research activities.

Thrust Areas:

The thrust areas majorly include Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Network Security, Internet of Things, Computer Vision and Image Processing.

Research Projects sanctioned to the Department:

1. Project Title:  “Ambient Intelligence for video Surveillance Systems”

Primary Investigator: Dr. Sahana D Gowda

Co-Investigator: Mrs. M S Bhargavi

Funding Agency: DST

Period: 3 years (2014-2017)

Grant Amount: 3 Lakhs

2. Project Title: “Code Generation for Document Images based on Handwritten Components”

Primary InvestigatorDr. Sahana D Gowda

Co-InvestigatorMrs. Surabhi Narayan

Funding Agency: VTU, Belagavi

Period: 3 years (2011-2014)

Grant Amount: 9.9 lakhs

Sponsored Research:

Academic Year 2022-23

Sl. No

Project TitleFunding AgencyAmount (Rs.)


1Certificate forgery detection in cyber securityKSCST5000Jul 2022-Jun 2023
2A Graphical User Interface to Automate Industrial Robotic ArmNewGen IEDC sponsored by NSTED165000Jul 2022-Jun 2023
3Shadow Wheels : Computer Vision Motor aided vehicular tracking systemNewGen IEDC sponsored by NSTED68000Jul 2022-Jun 2023
4Environmental protect by tracking emission test on registered vehiclesNewGen IEDC sponsored by NSTED58700Jul 2022-Jun 2023
5Automated Lawn Mover robotNewGen IEDC sponsored by NSTED55000Jul 2022-Jun 2023
6To Implement Site Specific Soil Nutrients Management System for Fertilizer Recommendation  Nature of the project: IoT & Machine LearningNewGen IEDC sponsored by NSTED169000Jul 2022-Jun 2023
7FakeOut: Revolutionizing Currency Security and Accessibility for AllNewGen IEDC sponsored by NSTED60000Jul 2022-Jun 2023

Academic Year 2021-22

Sl. NoProject TitleFunding AgencyAmount (Rs.)Duration
1LungxometerNewGen IEDC sponsored by NSTED, DST32,970Jul 2021-Jun 2022
2Smart Dustbin with Automatic Segregation and CollectionNewGen IEDC sponsored by NSTED, DST5,000Jul 2021-Jun 2022
3IOT based Smart FarmingNewGen IEDC sponsored by NSTED, DST25,000Jul 2021-Jun 2022
4Money BinNewGen IEDC sponsored by NSTED, DST2,50,000Aug 2019-Jan2020
5Life Line-ERVNewGen IEDC sponsored by NSTED, DST2,50,000Aug 2019-Jan2020
6Obstacle detection for the blindNewGen IEDC sponsored by NSTED, DST2,50,000Aug 2019-Jan2020