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The Departments of Computer Science and Engineering Offers Ph.D. & M.Sc. (Engg.) by Research Programmes.

The Department of Computer Science & Engineering has a research center affiliated to Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU). Research lab is well equipped with computers and servers received through funded projects. Since its inception, the center has a good number of research scholars and guides conducting research activities. The faculty members of CSE are actively involved in the research activities, publishing their work in various refereed Journals and Conferences. Undergraduate and postgraduate students are encouraged to cultivate a research inclination by involving and guiding them in various research activities.

Thrust Areas:

The thrust areas majorly include Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Network Security, Internet of Things, Computer Vision and Image Processing.

Patent/copyright filed by faculty members in the year 2023-24

Sl.No Name of the faculty Patent no Patent/Copyright Published 
Dr Chaitra M 


Dr. Rajani Shree  

405753-001 Electric Vehicle Headlight Console  
Dr Rajashree Soman  202311088077 Integrated IOT system solution for smart agriculture management  
Dr Krishnamurthy G N 
Dr Raghavendra C K 
Lalana Nagaraj  
Lavanya U 
Keerthana M 
202441001591 An Integrated precision Agriculture and farm security system 
Dr Kavitha Jayaram 

Rohit B, 

Sathvik N Shendige 

Sujay G Kaushik 

Sumkha S Kashyap  

202441001590 Emotion detection model  
Dr. Santosh Reddy P Pallavi C V  

Ashwini R Mali Patil Supriya Sudhir 

Kalyani S Kumar 

202341071172 IOT-based smart agriculture system using machine learning for crop management 
Dr. R Vadivel  397650-001  Iot-based photovoltaic cell testing device  

Patent/copyright filed by faculty members in the year 2022-23



Name of the FacultyPatent No

Patent/Copyright Published

1Dr. S. Geetha202241027201Predicting Autonomous Vehicle Behaviour using Computer Vision And A Cloud-Based Web service
2Prof. Abhijit Das202221000000An Efficient Content-Based Remote Sensing Image Retrieval using Artificial Neural Network, Indian Patent
3Prof. Abhijit Das202241000000Using Machine Learning in an industrial control network to improve Cybersecurity operations
4Mrs. Ashwini R M, Mrs.Pallavi C V, Mrs. Geetha L S, Dr. Jalaja G, Mr. Raghavendra C K, Mr. Santosh Reddy P202241060410Artificial Intelligence Based Techniques to Monitor and Maintain the Quality of Drinking Water Supplied to Households
5Dr.Anitha N, Dr.Chayadevi, Dr. Geetha, Dr.Kavitha, Manikhantha, Priya S202341023995Blockchain-Based Remote Health Care Solutions With Extended Reality Assistance
6Dr. Raghavendra C KCopyright No – SW-15947/2023E- Support for divyang

Patent/copyright filed by faculty members in the year 2021-22



Name of the FacultyPatent NoPatent Filed
1Abhijit Das2021105857Early Detection of Denial of Service (DoS) attack and Deception attack in industrial cyber physical systems.
2Santosh Reddy P106896Smart Cultivator

Patent/copyright filed by faculty members in the year 2020-21



Name of the FacultyPatent NoPatent Filed
1Dr. Srividya R202041048855Recommendation Models for Big Data Analysis using Multi-Criteria and Hybrid Collaborative Filter
2Dr. Sreevidya R C2020103849QCIU- Education Environment System: Quantum Computing Integrated Development Education Environment Using IoT-Based System
3Dr. Sneha K202141025099Efficient MFA method to protect production IT environment
4Dr. Sejal Santosh Nimbhorkar14107/2021-CO/SWUnderwater image enhancement using Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) with Residual blocks and EDL penalty