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    This post was last updated on       January 18th, 2021

University Ranks

Exceptionally good results in the first 3 batches setting the trend of 100% success. Most of them secured First Class with Distinction. Our Students have secured total 15 ranks in University Exams.

Rashmi B H

1st Rank with Gold Medal

Shubratha C Sharma

7th Rank

Deepthi Devraj

1st Rank with 6th Gold Medals

Chaitra K V

2nd Rank

Meghana Adiga

7th Rank

Neha V

8th Rank

Swathi A V

10th Rank

Pooja V Hegde

5th Rank with 5 Gold Medal

Industry Institute Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)

Entrepreneurship Development Cell, NewGen IEDC Projects


Sl.No.Name of StudentName of MentorSemesterProject Title & Description
1Manu K J
Murudeshwar Barole
Nama Venkata Nagasukesh
Nihaarika A Jagadish
Dr. Sejal Santosh

Prof. Shraddha P

CSE – VMoney Bin:

The projects used to provide incentives to people for using dustbins in public places. It consists of a compartment that segregates the waste disposed using machine learning. An android app is used for user interaction with the compartment. Firebase is used as real time database.

2Ankitha S

Raksha H

Namitha G

Daniel C Mathew

Dr. Sneha K

Prof. Manikantha

CSE – VLifeline:

This project aims to connect ambulance drivers and traffic police at all signals via the ambulance API. This is achieved by enabling a GPS system to give a real time location of the ambulance. People with the Lifeline app will receive notifications about the proximity of the ambulance. This helps to connect citizens, traffic police and the ambulance.

3Suraj D M

Varun A Prasad

Sudhanva G Hebbale Shwetha L

Dr. Sahana D Gowda

Prof. Priyanka S

CSE – VIIObstacle Detection For The Blind:

This device can be assessed as a mobility device for the visually impaired. The system consists of sensors that detect obstacles, trigger the feedback motors and alert the user. It also includes a GSM/GPS module. That notifies an emergency contact about his/her current location.