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Dr. Shubha Rao K

Designation : Associate Professor

Area of specialization : Low Power SMPS, VLSI, Digital control,Emebedded system

Date of Joining BNMIT : 11/08/2004

Nature of Association : Regular

E-mail Id :

No. of years of Experience : 21


DegreeInstitution Year of PassingClass Obtained
Ph.D (Power Management ICs)BNMIT, VTU2020

(VLSI Design and Embedded systems)

VTU2008First Class With Distinction

(Electrical and Electronics Engg)

NIE, Mysore University1997First Class With Distinction


SI. No.DesignationInstitutionDuration
1Associate Professor, Dept. of EEEBNMIT, Bangalore, India05.03.2012 – Till date
2Asst. Professor      Dept. of EEEBNMIT, Bangalore, India24.08.2011–04.03.2012
3Senior Lecturer, Dept. of EEEBNMIT, Bangalore, India21.08.2008-23.08.2011
4Lecturer, Dept. of EEEBNMIT, Bangalore, India11.08.2004-20.08.2008
5Lecturer, Dept. of ECEK.S. Polytechnic, Bangalore, India01.08.2001-31.07.2004
5Lecturer, Dept. of ECEA.P.S.College of Engineering, Bangalore, India,01.09.1998-31.1.2001

Awards and Achievements

  • Won best paper presentation awardin 7th International Conference on Applied Science Engineering and Technology (ICASET-19) held on 203rd May 2019 in Sri Sai Ram College of Engineering, Bengaluru, Karnataka.
  • Served as session chairof 2019 IEEE 2nd International conference on Power and Energy Applications (ICPEA2019) held in Singapore during April 27-30,2019.

Expertise/Subjects handled

Area of Specialization:

  • Low Power SMPS
  • VLSI
  • Digital Control and Embedded system
  • Analog and Digital Electronics
Under Graduate:
  • Basic Electrical Engineering
  • Logic design
  • Electrical power generation
  • Electrical and Electronics Measurements
  • Field Theory
  • Op-amps and linear ICs
  • Modern Control theory
  • Embedded systems
  • OOPs with C++
  • VLSI Design
  • Digital Design Using VHDL
  • AI applications to power systems
  • Renewable Energy Sources
Post Graduate
  • VLSI design
  • Dynamics of linear systems
  • Advanced Control systems
  • Embedded systems and its applications and Predictive control of drives

Research Interest:

  • Low Power SMPS,
  • VLSI, Digital Control
  • I have Submitted PhD thesis. My research topic is “Design and implementation of load aware, high performance switching mode power supply for system on chip (soc)”.


   International Journals:
  • Chandana E Gowda, Gaganashree P, Akarsh H R, Abhishek C, Shubha Rao.K, “An Efficient Battery Management System For A Series Connected Battery Pack using Arduino UNO”, International Journal of Advanced Research in Electrical, Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering (IJAREEIE),Volume 9, Issue 6, June 2020,e-ISSN: 2278 – 8875, p-ISSN: 2320 – 3765, ,Impact Factor: 7.122.
  • Shubha Rao K, Veena S chakravarthi,” High-Resolution DPWM for DC-DC Buck Converter using Sigma-Delta Modulation Techniques,” International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering (IJRTE) ISSN: 2277-3878, Volume-8 Issue-2S8,Impact factor 5.92, DOI:10.35940/ijrte.B1039.0882S819,August 2019
  • Shubha Rao K, Veena S chakravarthi, “Analysis of power conversion Effciency of buck converter operating in continuous current mode”, Journal of Emerging Technologies and Innovative Research (ISSN : 2349-5162, UGC Approved & 5.87 Impact Factor),Volume 6, Issue 2, Feb 2019
  • Shreyas R H,Vishrutha G,Shubha Rao K, “Type III Compensator Design for Buck converter”, IJIRCCE,Volume 6,Issue 5,May 2018,, ISSN(online): 2320-9801,ISSN(Print) : 2320-9798,DOI 10.15680/ IJIRCCE.2018.0605048, Impact factor-7.194
  • Veena P, Shubha Rao K ,” Co-Simulation of a BLDC motor with a front end converter using an FPGA based controller in MATLAB/SIMULINK and Xilinx System generator”, IJIRCCE, Volume 5, Issue 4, April 2017, Website:, ISSN(online): 2320-9801,ISSN(Print) : 2320-9798, DOI: 10.15680/IJIRCCE.2017. 0504334, page no 8914-8921, Impact factor-6.577.
  • Shubha Rao K, Abhinav Prabhu, “Design and FPGA Implementation of sliding mode controller for buck converter”, IJIEEE, Volume-3 , ISSUE-7, July 2015, ISSN: 2347-6982,DOI: 10.15680/ijircce.2015.0305096, 48-53.Impact Factor 2.51
  • Shubha Rao K ,Mamatha S, Veena S Chakravarthi, “FPGA Based Digital controller for DC-DC buck converter”, IJIRCCE, Volume 3 , ISSUE 5,MAY 2015, ISSN(Online): 2320-9801, ISSN (Print):  2320-9798,Impact Factor:5.618.Page no.4616-  4623.
  • Shubha Rao K, Veena S Chakravarthi, Soumya P Maharajanvar, “ Design of Digitally controlled switched mode power supply for low power high frequency applications” IJISET, Volume 1, Issue 4 ,June 2014, ISSN 2348 – 7968. PP.529-532 Impact factor 5.264


International Conferences  
  • Shubha Rao K, Veena S chakravarthi, “Design and Performance analysis of digital control laws for low power high frequency switching power supply,”IEEE 2nd International Conference on Power and Energy Applications (ICPEA 2019),Singapore, April 27-30,2019.
  • Shubha Rao K, Abhinav Prabhu, Veena S Chakravarthi, “Design of FPGA-Based Sliding mode controller for Low-voltage High-frequency Buck converter”, IEEE-International conference on Power and Advanced Control Engineering (ICPACE), BNMIT, Bangalore, August 2015,PP 147-151.
  • Shubha Rao K, Veena S chakravarthi, “FPGA implementation of voltage regulator module for System On Chip”, IEEE sponsored 2ndInternational Conference on Electronics and Communication Systems,Coimbatore,26 and 27 February,2015.PP 297-302.
  • Shubha Rao K,Laxmi Deshpande,Mamatha S, “A Novel Digital current mode control technique for Buck Converter” Proceedings of 09thIRF International Conference, 27th July-2014, Bengaluru, India, ISBN: 978-93-84209-40-7,pp35-39.
  • Shubha Rao K, Dr.Veena S Chakravarthi, “Digital Modeling of Switching Mode Power Supply for SOC’s” , International Conference on Electrical Computer and Communication Engineering (ICECCE) ,pp 929-934, Paris , 14-16 Nov 2011.
  • Shubha Rao K,Shruthi H S,”Design and Implementation of Z source Inverter for Motor Application”,National Conference on Convergence of Science, technology and Management,5th May 2016,Dayananda Sagar Academy of Technology and Management,Bengaluru.
  • Shubha Rao K, Ramya M, ”Implementation and modeling of a Dc-Dc converter and electrical parameters using IOT”,National conference on Emerging trends in engineering Sciences and management, 23rd,24th March 2016,Shridevi Institute of Engineering and Technology,Tumakuru.
  • Shubha Rao K,Kavitha K S,Gurumurthy.G.R,“FPGA Implementation of a Novel Voltage Modulation technique of the space vector PWM”, National conference on Energy systems and Energy Issues, B.M.S.College of Engineering,Bengaluru,18-19 Feb,2011.


1. In a Book Series
  • Shubha Rao K, Veena S chakravarthi, “Digital-controlled dual-mode switching mode power supply for low power applications,”, Springer book series: Advances in Bioinformatics, Multimedia, and Electronics Circuits and Signals, Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing 1064,, Proceedings of GUCON 2019, Volume 1064, ISSN 2194-5357, ISSN 2194-5365(electronic),ISBN 978-981-15-0338-2, ISBN 978-981-15-0339-9 (eBook), pp.183-195, Sept,2019.


  • Cooking

Any other things

  • Successfully completed “Introduction to Public Speaking” a MOOC from the University of Washington and offered through Coursera on 25/08/2020
  • Successfully completed “AI For Everyone” an online non-credit course authorized by and offered through Coursera on 22/08/2020.
  • Successfully completed “Programming for Everybody (Getting Started with Python)” an online non-credit course authorized by University of Michigan and offered through Coursera on 17/08/2020
  • NPTEL-AICTE Faculty Develop Program on “Hardware Modelling using Verilog”, August-October 2019.