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    This post was last updated on       January 29th, 2024

The Departments of Electrical and Electronics Offers Ph.D. & M.Sc. (Engg.) by Research Programmes

The department has an R & D center recognized by VTU. Since its inception, the center has a good number of research scholars and guides conducting research activities. Undergraduate and postgraduate students are encouraged to do project works suggested by professors. Students are able to formulate the problem statement, experience the strength of solutions by analyzing the input data and output results. It is empowered by Professors with rich industrial & academic experience.  The thrust areas majorly include power systems, power electronics & partial discharge analysis.

Research Projects sanctioned to the Department

On-going project:
ProjectTitle: Modernization of Relay and High Voltage Laboratory

     Scheme: Modernization and Removal of Obsolescence (MODROB) for the year 2018-19

    Grant-in-aid Sanctioned: Rs. 13,00,000/-

    Project No:  F.No.9-293/RIFD/MOD/Policy-1/2018-19

    Coordinator: Dr. R V Parimala

    Subject Expert: Dr. S Sudalai Shunmugam.

The project aims at building additional research facilities to the existing relay and high voltage laboratory. The theme of the research work is centred on outdoor insulation, liquid dielectrics and high power system protection schemes. Simulation studies will be carried out using Digsilent Power factory package.

Completed project:

Project Title: “Real-time detection, measurement, and classification of power quality disturbance using GUI and DSP applications”

    Primary Investigator: Dr.Vidya H A

    Co-Investigator: Mr. K Venkatesha

    Funding Agency: VTU, Belagavi.

    Period: 3 Years (2011-2014)

    Grant Amount: 10 Lakhs

  • Power quality in the present scenario is very important due to increased usage of semiconductor based electronic equipment and non-linear loads in various industrial applications.
  • This research projectwas carried out to identify, classify and mitigate certain power quality disturbance using power electronic converters, active filters by implementing novel asymmetrical and symmetrical PWM techniques. Simulation and hardware implementation of certain topologies of single phase and three phase AC to AC converters and active filters using high frequency four quadrant bidirectional switches connected to inductive loads are carried out for analysing input power factor, harmonic profile at different switching frequencies and efficiency of the converter.
  • The simulation results obtained using MATLAB Simulink are in good agreement with the hardware results. The simulation and hardware results obtained clearly shows that in order to increase the efficiency of the converter, both input power factor and harmonic profile has to be considered that plays a vital role in designing the circuit for compactness and economy of power electronic systems.
Ph.D Guides in Department:
Sl.No.Name of FacultyArea of Research
1 Dr. V Muralidhara High Voltage Engineering
2Dr. Venkatesha K Power Quality  and Power Electronics
3Dr.SudalaiShunmuganHigh Volatge Engineering and power Engineering
4Dr. Priyashree S Power quality and power electronics


Ph.D. awarded to Faculty:

Sl. No.Name of Ph.D.  student/FacultyName of Guide 


Research CentreFinal Viva-VoiceMonth & Year of awardArea of Research
1Venkatesha KDr. Vidya.H AVTUGAT, Bangalore28/12/201818/03/2019Power Electronics
2S Sudalai ShanmugamDr. N VasudevaVTUCPRI, Bangalore19/04/201818/03/2019High Voltage Engg, AI & ML application in Power Engg
3P B SavitaDr. K L PuttabuddhiVTUSJCE,


02/06/201818/03/2019Renewable Energy Sources
4Priyashree.SDr. Vidya.H AVTUGAT, Bangalore13/04/201908/02/2020Power System and Power Quality
5Shubha Rao KDr. Veena S ChakravarthiVTUBNMIT (ECE)21/12/202003/04/2021Low power SMPS Design, Embedded System, BMS
6Madhu SDr. Vidya.H AVTUGAT, Bangalore27/05/202003/04/2021Insulation Engineering
7A KumarDr. Vidya.H AVTUGAT, Bangalore16/12/202324/02/2023Insulation Engineering

Details of Faculty guiding Ph.D. students

Sl. No.Name of the FacultyNo. of Ph.D. ScholarsName of Ph.D. ScholarResearch CentreYear of Registration
1Dr. Venkatesha K21.       Sri.Sujith. T

2.       Smt.Ramyashree S




Faculty who received M.Sc (Engg) degree from the research centre

Sl.No.Name of FacultyGuide NameResearch Topic
1BindiyaTyagiDr.Vidya H AInsulation Engineering
2A KumarDr. GurumurthyAutomatic power factor improvement for minimization of losses

Research Facilities developed/created:

Details of the facilities available in the R & D centre is given in Table 1

Table 1: Facilities available at R & D centre



Name of FacilityDescription of Facility
1Inclined Plain Tracking and Erosion TesterUp to 6 kV, as per ASTM D2303, IEC 60587
2Flash and Fire Point MeterUp to 250° C, ASTM D3278
3Viscosity Measurement Kitas per ASTM D3238, ASTM D445
4Magnetic Stirrer1 liter capacity
5Distance Relay with Injection Test KitMultiple current and phase voltage measurements to measure impedance
6Negative Sequence Relay with Test Kit1A / 5A, 50 Hz, 250V AC
7Numerical Directional / Non-

Directional Overcurrent Relay

5A or 1A current rating,

9.5 secs / 2.5 secs

8DIgSILENT Power factoryLoad Flow Analysis, Short-Circuit Analysis,

Load Flow Sensitivities, Basic MV/LV

Network Analysis, Relay coordination,

Transient Stability, Optimal Power Flow

9PLC HMI KITPLC-Siemens & Human machine interface with auxiliary devices
10Power Quality AnalyzerHIOKI PW3198 With voltage and current probes

[single phase and three phase].

For harmonic analysis of electrical and electronic circuits.

11Digital Storage OscilloscopeYOKOGAWA DLM 2022 DSO, 200MHz

Measurement of high frequency signals. and storage of data for further analysis


All kinds of Symmetrical & a-symmetrical PWM pulses can be generated to trigger the solid state switches of power electronics converter

13MATLABMATLAB-2018a, Campus Unlimited License Version

To simulate all Electrical circuits, Power electronic converter & Power system modules for analysis and future hardware implementation

14Fractional HP

Three phase Induction Motor with Mechanical Loading

415 V, 0.5A, ¼ HP, 50 Hz

To conduct projects on speed control of Induction Motor using power electronic converter circuits

15Solar Panels 2 Nos.1.                  M/s BEL, 10 Wp, 16.4V

2.                  Photon Energy Systems, 10 Wp,     17 V

For UG & PG Project on Renewable Energy Sources,

Table 1: Facilities available at R & D center

Power Quality Analyzer: HIOKI PW3198 With voltage and current probes

Digital Storage Oscilloscope: YOKOGAWA DLM 2022 DSO, 200MHz


10w Solar panels


  • Modules developed by the faculty members which are being used in the laboratories:
  1. Two Quadrant Chopper
  2. Single Phase Cyclo- converter
  3. Dynamic Characteristics of IGBT
  4. Dynamic Characteristics of MOSFET
  5. Dynamic Characteristics of SCR








11 kV Polymeric Insulator

11kV Glass Insulator

11kV Strain Insulator – FRP Rod

11kV Ceramic Insulator

11 kV RTV Coated Insulator (Anti-Fog)

  • Product Development

List of the products developed in the academic year 2018-19 & 2019-20 is shown in Table.

Academic Year 2019-20

Sl. No.Project TitleStudent NameMentors


Autonomous Border Surveillance Unmanned Ground Vehicle- AuBoS UGVVishnu.S, Anil Kumar.M, Manjesha.G.M, Zaheer Pasha 

Dr. Madhu.S




LPG Leakage Detection and Controlling using IOT ModuleAbhishekSudhan, Akash C.K, Anshumala,Surya RMs. KruthiJayaram

Academic Year 2018-19

Sl. No.Project TitleStudent NameMentors



Electric Trike

AvadhanulaAslesh Kumar, Raghuveer S Bhat,ShwethaS,Alagar Krishna BDr. R V Parimala

Dr. K Venkatesha



Buoyant Airborne Turbine (BAT)Monisha S, SrinivasaMahabaleshwar

Yashas G R,AshwinGowda C N

Smt. Champa P N

Ms. KruthiJayaram

3.TrashbotMohamed Safeeulla,Shashank T

SuparnaBose,Sushmitha M

Smt. Madhu S

Smt. SavitaSangappanavar

4.PLECOSwathi M, Syed AbrarDr. Priyashree S

Sri. Sujith T

List of journal publications by the faculty and student

Academic Year 2019-20

List of journal publications by the faculty

Sl. NoName of FacultyTitle of paperRefereed or  NotPublication Details(Journal name, Volume, Issue, PP, Month & year, ISSN/ISBN Number ,Impact factor)

Dr.Priyashree S, Dr.Vidya H.A

Harmonic Reduction Analysis for Electric Arc Furnace using Passive Filters and DSTATCOMYesInternational Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology (IJEAT), ISSN: 2249-8958 (Online), Volume-8 Issue-6, August 2019, Page No.:1620-1626.
2.Smt.ShubhaRao K,

Dr.Veena S Chakravarthi

High-Resolution DPWM for DC-DC Buck Converter using Sigma-Delta Modulation TechniquesYesInternational Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering (IJRTE) ISSN: 2277-3878, Volume-8,Issue-2S8,August-2019 DOI:10.35940/ijrte.B1039.0882S819, [Impact Factor: 5.92]

Sri.A Kumar,

Dr.Vidya H A

Application of kNN based machine learning algorithm for transformer fault classificationYesInternational Journal of Advanced Science and Technology (Scopus indexed journal), June 2020 edition

Academic Year 2019-20

List of journal publications by the faculty with students

Sl. NoName of FacultyTitle of paperRefereed or  NotPublication Details(Journal name, Volume, Issue, PP, Month & year, ISSN/ISBN Number ,Impact factor)


Dr.Venkatesha K



Industrial Automation Using Bluetooth Technology

YesInternational Journal of Advanced Research in Electrical, Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering (IJAREEIE), e-ISSN: 2278 – 8875, p-ISSN: 2320 – 3765, www.ijareeie.com, Volume 9, Issue 5, May 2020[Impact Factor: 7.122]

Dr.Madhu S

Design of Unmanned Ground Vehicle for Border SurveillanceYesIRJET, Vol 7, Issue 4, April 2020, p-ISSN: 2395-0056.

Smt.Ashwini A


Grid connected multi-energy storage device for PV array

YesIJAREEIE, Volume 9, Issue 6, June 2020 e-ISSN: 2278 – 8875

[Impact Factor: 7.122]

4.Smt.ShubhaRao KAn Efficient Battery Management System For A Series Connected Battery Pack using Arduino UNOYesIJAREEIE, Volume 9, Issue 6, June 2020

[Impact Factor: 7.122]





LPG Leakage Detection and Controlling using IOT Module

YesIJRASET, Volume 8, Issue5, Impact Factor: 7.429, Index Copernicus: 45.98, DOI:10.22 with Cross ref, Page No: 1040-1045, ISSN: 2321-9653, May 2020. http://doi.org/10.22214/ijraset.2020.5165
6.Smt.Champa P.NSimulation of H-Bridge Inverter using Pulse Width Modulation TechniqueYesInternational Journal for Research in Applied Science & Engineering Technology (IJRASET) ISSN: 2321-9653; IC Value: 45.98; Volume 8 Issue V-May 2020 Available at www.ijraset.com

[SJ Impact Factor: 7.429]

Academic Year 2018-19

List of journal publications by the faculty

Sl. NoName of FacultyTitle of paperRefereed or  NotPublication Details(Journal name, Volume, Issue, PP, Month & year, ISSN/ISBN Number ,Impact factor)


Demand side management: case study at educational instituteYesIJAERD, ISSN (online):2348-4470, ISSN (print):2348-6406, Volume 06, Issue 03, March-2019, pp 27- 30.

[Impact factor: SJF:5.71]

2Venkatesha K, Vidya H APractical Realization of Three Phase Buck AC Converter Feeding Three Phase Star Connected RL Load using FPGA Real Time ControllerYesInternational Journal of Innovative Technology and Exploring Engineering (IJITEE) ISSN: 2278-3075, H7469068819/19©BEIESP,  Volume-8 Issue-8, P2985-2990, June 2019

[Impact factor: 5.54]

3Shubha Rao K, Veena S chakravarthiAnalysis of power conversion Efficiency of buck converter operating in continuous current modeYesJournal of Emerging Technologies and Innovative Research (ISSN : 2349-5162,UGC Approved),Volume 6, Issue 2, Feb 2019[Impact factor: SJF:5.87]

Academic Year 2018-19

List of journal publications by the faculty with students

Sl. NoName of FacultyTitle of paperRefereed or  NotPublication Details(Journal name, Volume, Issue, PP, Month & year, ISSN/ISBN Number ,Impact factor)
1Dr. Parimala R VPMU based real time power system state estimationYesJournal of Emerging Technologies and Innovative Research (JETIR) ISSN-2349-5162, 2019 JETIR May 2019, Volume 6, Issue 5, PP 38-43.


Smart energy metering and billing systemYesIJESRT, ISSN:2277-9655, Volume 08, Issue 06, June 2019, pp
3Ms. KruthiJayaramPower Generation on Highway using Vertical Axis Wind Turbine and Solar EnergyYesIJESRT, Volume 8, Issue 6, ISSN No: 2277-9655, 25th June 2019

[Impact Factor: 5.164]

Conference Papers

List of Conference Papers published by the faculty and faculty with students

Academic Year 2019-20

Conference publications by the faculty

Sl. No.Name of Faculty 

Title of Paper


Refereed or  NotPublication Details (Vol., Issue, PP, month & year, ISSN/ISBN Number)
  1Smt.Shubha Rao K,

Dr. Veena S chakravarthi

Digital-controlled dual-mode switching mode power supply for low power applicationsYesInternational conference on computing, power and communication technologies {springer} (GUCON 2019), Sept 27-28, Greater Noida, 2019.

Academic Year 2018-19

Conference publications by the faculty

Sl. No.Name of Faculty 

Title of Paper


Refereed or  NotPublication Details (Vol., Issue, PP, month & year, ISSN/ISBN Number)
  1Dr.RaghunathaRamaswamyDr.V.MuralidharaExperimental Validation and Review of Neutral Voltage Modeling for Unbalanced System Analysis.Yes15th IEEE India Council International Conference (INDICON)  Coimbatore, India16-18 Dec. 2018
2Dr.RaghunathaRamaswamyDr.V.MuralidharaInfluence of Ground Impedance on Unbalanced Analysis of Grid.


Yes20th National Power System Conference, December 2018, NIT, Trichi. National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli, Tamilnadu, India during 14th-16th December 2018.
  3Smt.Shubha Rao K, Dr.Veena S chakravarthiDesign and Performance analysis of digital control laws for low power high frequency switching power supplyYesIEEE 2nd International Conference on Power and Energy Applications (ICPEA 2019), Singapore, April 27-30, 2019.
  4Ms.KruthiJayaram Entrepreneurship in Rural Area – Globalizing Local TalentYesInternational Conference on Innovative Practices in Management and Entrepreneurship, Dept. of MBA, BNMIT, Bengaluru, 27-28, December, 2018.

Academic Year 2018-19

 Conference publications by the faculty with students

Sl. No.Name of Faculty 

Title of Paper


Refereed or  NotPublication Details (Vol., Issue, PP, month & year, ISSN/ISBN Number)
  1Mr. K Raghunath Reddy, Dr. R V ParimalaPMU based real time power system state estimation


Yes7th International National Conference on Applied Science Engineering and Technology –ICASET-2019, Sri Sairam College of Engineering, Anekal, Bengaluru
2Reddy Sudharshana K R,



Simulation and Experimental Validation of Common Mode Voltage in Three Phase Induction Motor driven by five level Inverter using PIC Microcontroller


YesInternational Conference on Computing Power and  Communication Technologies GUCON 2018,Galgotia University, Grater-Noida, U.P. India. IEEE Conference Record No.42736. Sep 28-29 2018. ISSN: 978-1-5386-4491-1/18 ©2018

Book/Book Chapter:

List of book chapter published by faculty members

Sl. No.Name of the FacultyTitle of the BookPublication detailsAcademic Year
1Smt.Shubha Rao K

Dr.Veena S Chakravarthi

Digital-controlled dual-mode switching mode power supply for low power applicationsSpringer book series: Advances in Bioinformatics, Multimedia, and Electronics Circuits and Signals, 1064, Proceedings of GUCON 2019, Volume 1064, ISSN 2194-5357, ISSN 2194-5365(electronic),ISBN 978-981-15-0338-2, ISBN 978-981-15-0339-9 (eBook), pp.183-195, Sept,2019.




2.Dr. Venkatesha K, Dr. Vidya H AEmerging-Trends-in-Engineering-Research-and-TechnologyBook chapter titled “Practical Realization of Three Phase Buck AC Converter Feeding Three Phase Star Connected RL Load Using FPGA Real Time Controller: Advanced Study” Chapter 1, Print ISBN: 978-93-90149-02-5, eBook ISBN: 978-93-90149-08-7,DOI:10.9734/bpi/etert/v5, http://www.bookpi.org/bookstore/product/emerging-trends-in-engineering-research-and-technology-vol-5/2019-20