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    This post was last updated on       September 22nd, 2022

Ever since its inception in the year 2002, the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering of BNMIT has got a respectable name, both in the state and the region. The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering offers an undergraduate program in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and M.Sc. (Engg.)/Ph.D.

The faculties of Electrical and Electronics Engineering are highly acclaimed individuals with the skill set, covering wide areas of industrial and applied research. They ensure that the courses foster deep learning and increase engagement amongst the students. Such commitment from our fraternity, not only gives our graduates an edge in deciding the right career path but also guarantees that by the time they graduate with a degree, they will have vast hands-on, real-world experience in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

The students are highly motivated by the project funding, provided by the New Gen IEDC from the Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India. Industrial Experts are frequently invited by the Department to train the students with the latest skillset.

The Department of EEE has been accredited by the National Board of Accreditation (NBA) which is an additional feather on its crown. It’s also credited with NAAC Accreditation with A grade, AIIRA ranking for Innovation and research by the Ministry of Education, New Delhi.

Courses Offered

  • B.E in Electrical  and  Electronics Engineering (60 Intake)
  • Ph.D and M.Sc (Engg), broadly in the areas of Power Systems, Power Quality, Power Electronics, and High Voltage Engineering.

Staff Details

  • Number of teaching staff: 15 (Prof: 04; Associate Prof: 05; Assistant Prof: 06)
  • Number of staff with Ph.D. : 07
  • Number of staff pursuing Ph.D.: 03
  • Average experience of staff: 18
  • Staff with industry experience: 03
  • Technical and supporting staff: 14

Department Associations / Student Chapters

The Department of Electrical Electronics Engineering conducts various technical events and industrial visits for the students throughout the semester, under various Professional Bodies.

The department associations / student chapters are:-

Sl. No.Professional Societies/Chapters
1Institution of Engineers (India) Students’ Chapter.
2Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) – BNMIT Student Chapter
3The Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE)
4Association of BNMIT Electrical and Electronics Engineering (ABEEE)
5Board for IT Education Standards (BITES)

Details of Events organized in the Academic Year 2021 – 2022

Sl. No.Type of the event (workshop/ seminar/lecture etc.)DateOrganized under professional societies/ chaptersResource person/s (with details)Title of event / talkNo. of participants
1Technical Talk11/05/2022Dept of EEE, in association with Institution’s Innovation CouncilMr KS Ramanujan Director, Technology Encompass Electronics Pvt Ltd. CEO & MD, LeeP eDrive Pvt Ltd Shyamsundar Kulkarni Head of Innovation Motovolt Mobility Pvt LtdElectric Vehicle Technology50
2Motivational Talk15/12/2021Dept of EEE, in association with Institution’s Innovation CounciMr Hosakere L. Narendra Batta Registered Patent Attorney & Consultant, Intellocopia IP Services, BangaloreBe Unique Be Remembered67
3National Symposium14/12/2021IEI, Karnataka State Centre in association with BNMIT63
4Workshop04/10/2021 & 05/10/2021ISTEMr. Suraj S.D, Founder & CEO, Decibels Lab Pvt Ltd, Bengaluru.Embedded Systems in EV38
5Webinar16/07/2021Alumni SeriesMr Deepak Srivatsa, Senior Application Engineer, Dialog Semiconductor, Munich GermanyDC Systems and Introduction to DC-DC Power Conversion53
6Webinar03/07/2021ISTEDr. A K Saxena, Executive Director, Yelantra Renewable Solutions and Service, Bangalore.Solar Power Plant Survey and Design80

Details of Events organized in the Academic Year 2020 – 2021

Sl. No.Type of the event (workshop/ seminar/lecture etc.)DateOrganized under professional societies/ chaptersResource person/s (with details)Title of event / talkNo. of participants
1Workshop04/10/2021 & 05/10/2021ISTE Students’ Chapter, BNMITSuraj S D,

Founder & CEO

Decibels Lab Pvt Ltd

Simulation of Power Electronic Converters Using MATLAB/Simulink Tool5th and 7thSem students
2Webinar16/07/2021Alumni SeriesMr. Deepak Srivatsa

Senior Application Engineer

Dialog Semiconductor,

Munich, Germany


DC Systems and Introduction to DC-DC Power Conversion55
3Webinar03/07/2021ISTE Student Chapter – BNMITDr. A K Saxena, Executive Director, Yelantra Renewable solutions and Service, BangaloreSolar Power Plant Survey and Design95

Details of Events organized in the Academic Year 2020 – 2021

Sl. No.Type of the event (workshop/ seminar/lecture etc.)DateOrganized under professional societies/ chaptersResource person/s (with details)Title of event / talkNo. of participants
1Webinar21/05/2021—-Mr. K P Murthy, member, National Governing Council, Bamboo Society of IndiaSustainability Engineering123
2Webinar12/11/2020 & 13/11/2020Institution of Engineers India Students’ ChapterDr.Saikrishna Gaud,

Professor, MIT, Manipal

Dr.Sanjeev K Naik,

Project Manager, L&T, Bangalore division

Research & Advancement in Electric Vehicle Technology66
3Workshop10/11/2020BNMIT-CSI Student ChapterDr.SudarshanIyengar, Associate Professor,

Department of Computer Science & Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Ropar

Modern Methods in Machine Intelligence03
4E-Quiz11/11/2020ISTE Student Chapter – BNMITKnow the Unknown59
5IEEE Week17/10/2020 to


IEEE-BSBProf.VaishnaveeEishwarMaanay, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Management Studies, BNMIT





“Getting ahead of the curve”- Interactive session
Mock Paper Presentation01
Hackathon 4.0
Ingenuity 1.003


Details of Events organized in the Academic Year 2019 – 2020

Sl. No.Type of the event (workshop/ seminar/lecture etc.)DateOrganized under professional societies/chaptersResource person/s (with details)Title of event / talkNo. of participants
1Webinar27/06/2020Institution of Engineers India Students’ ChapterMr Shivanand D, Chief Executive Officer, Universal Power Controls, Tumkur.Electrical Switchgear and its applications44
2Webinar26/06/2020Institution of Engineers India Students’ ChapterMr Manish Kumar Gupta Manager in Business Development, Low Voltage Switchgear, Siemens Ltd., BengaluruIntelligent Motor Control Center56
3Technical Talk02/11/2019ISTE Student Chapter – BNMITMrs Manjula Y S, Senior Design Manager-Electrical, AIRTRON Consulting Engineers Pvt. LtdBasics of Electrical Engineering Design95
4Technical Talk (Alumni Series)26/10/2019BNMITMr. Raghavendra G, Senior Technical Consultant, ABB India LtdPower Systems Harmonics40
5Workshop11/10/2019 & 12/10/2019Institution of Engineers India Students’ ChapterMr. Sagar H. B., Telos Technologies, Bengaluru. Mr. Mahesh B. S., RS Components, Bengaluru.Internet of Things using Raspberry Pi52
6Technical Talk15/10/2019ISTE Student Chapter – BNMITMs. AkshathaKulagod, Embedded Software Designer, Dubas Engineering Pvt Ltd.DC-DC Converters65
Ms. Niveditha Mani, Embedded Software Designer, Dubas Engineering Pvt Ltd.Basic of UPS

Photo Gallery

Webinar on Electrical Switchgear and its applications by Mr Shivanand D, Chief Executive Officer, Universal Power Controls, Tumkur on 27/06/2020

Alumni Series Technical Talk -“Power system harmonics” by Mr Raghavendra G, Senior Technical Consultant, ABB India Ltd. on 26/10/2019

Students: Harshitha T A, Meghana A M, Faculty members: Mrs. Shubha Rao, Associate Professor, Dr. Venkatesha K, Professor & IE coordinator, Dr. R V Parimala, Professor & Head, Mr. Sagar H. B.,Telos Technologies, Bengaluru, Mr. Mahesh B. S., RS Components, Bengaluru, Mr. Sujith, Assistant Professor, BNMIT, Students: Shadabkhan Ark and Mohammed Moin

Mr. Sagar H. B., Telos Technologies, Bengaluru, Mr. Mahesh B. S., RS Components, Bengaluru, with R V Parimala, Professor & Head, Prof. C R Panduranga Gupta, Vice-Principal, BNMIT, Dr. Venkatesha K, Professor & IE coordinator, Mr. Sujith, Assistant Professor and Participants of 5th Sem EEE

IEDC Projects

The department has received a funding of Rs. 2.5 lakh by DST, Govt of India under NewGen IEDC for each of the six innovative projects carried out by the final year students. Various projects have been successfully completed and some of them are in process of building the model.

IEDC Project: Academic year: 2021-2022

Sl.No.Project TitleUSNStudent NameMentors
1Electric Wheel Chair1BG19EE013Guranna GoudaDr. Venkatesha K, Dr.R.V.Parimala, Dr.S.Sudalai Shanmugam
1BG19EE020Mahesh S
1BG19EE026Nikhil Bhargava S
1BG18EE028, 1BG18EE039Pavan Bhat, S Vivek Subramanya
2 Smart Electrical Bi-Cycle1BG21EE409Jadesha KDr.Venkatesha K
1BG21EE411Karthik S
1BG21EE412M U Somashekar
1BG21EE420Puneeth K
3Automated driver-assistance systems (ADAS) for Truck1BG18EE008Asheesh MalviyaMr. A. Kumar
1BG18EE040Sahil Sinha
1BG18EE043Shreya Singh
1BG19EE406Sheetal R. Swamy
4Solar-Powered Vaccine Refrigerator1BG18EE007, 1BG18EE036Anushree N S,Ramya K GSmt. Ashwini A
1BG18EE019, 1BG18EE050Kaushik Srinivas,Varshini Nataraj
5Solar Smart Bench1BG18EE006, 1BG18EE013Aishwarya M, Gomathi S NSmt.Champa. P N
1BG18EE016, 1BG18EE024Hrishikesh Bhat ,  Madhukeshwar Maalige 


IEDC Project: Academic year: 2020-2021

Sl.No.Project TitleUSNStudent NameMentors
1Low-cost Ventilator1BG17EE005B SanjeevDr. Venkatesha K
1BG17EE014Harsha G math
1BG17EE033Punith Dinesh,
1BG17EE041Sanjana G Adiga
2I-Chakra (Intelligent Electric Car)1BG18EE005Aishwarya G PDr. Venkatesha K

Dr. R V Parimala

Dr. D. Shivalingappa

1BG18EE031Pavithra S
1BG18EE034, 1BG18EE037Prithvi G Koundinya, Ruchitha S U
1BG18ME017, 1BG18ME034Harsha R, Rahul S Bharadwaj
3EV bike Charging station1BG18EE009Ashwin KashayapDr. Venkatesha K

Prof. Kruthi Jayaram

1BG18EE048Srinivas Shashank D
1BG18EE050Varsha Gowda.
1BG18EE026Manjesh K
4Smart Battery Management System for Electric Vehicle1BG18EE004, 1BG18EE012Aditya M, Fakiha TabassumDr. Madhu S

Smt. Ashwini A

1BG18EE015, 1BG18EE022Harshitha J, Likitha M.
5Electro-Lite1BG18EE002, 1BG18EE003Adithya Ramesh Srinivasa, Aditya GautamDr. Shubha Rao K

Smt. Karanam Vasudha

1BG18EE014, 1BG18EE040Harshal T.L, Sahil Sinha


IEDC Project: Academic year: 2019-2020


Sl.No.Project TitleFund SanctionedFund ReceivedStudent NameMentors
1PLECO Rs.2,50,000/-Rs.1,58,268/-Swathi M,

Syed Abrar

Dr. Priyashree S
Sri. Sujith T


IEDC Project: Academic year: 2018-2019

Sl.No.Project TitleUSNStudent NameMentors
1Buoyant Airborne Turbine (BAT)1BG15EE027Monisha SSmt. Champa P N & Ms. Kruthi Jayaram
1BG15EE046Srinivasa Mahabaleshwar
1BG15EE059Yashas G R
1BG16EE404Ashwin Gowda C N
2 Electric Trike1BG15EE008Avadhanula Aslesh KumarDr. R V Parimala & Dr. K Venkatesha
1BG15EE035Raghuveer S Bhat
1BG15EE048Shwetha S
1BG16EE402Alagar Krishna B
3Trashboat1BG15EE025Mohamed SafeeullaSmt. Madhu S & Smt.Savita Sangappanavar
1BG15EE043Shashank T
1BG15EE054Suparna Bose
1BG15EE056Sushmitha M
4PLECO1BG16EE046Swathi MDr. Priyashree S & Sri. Sujith T
1BG16EE047Syed Abrar
Buoyant Airborne Turbine (BAT)
Electric Trike

Personality development programs: T5, TW5 and WP5 Student support activities

T5 [Talk for 5 minutes], TW5 [Talk and Write], WP5 [Write and presentation] are the various personality development programs that are conducted by the department faculty members to benefit the students. The programs are part of the regular classes. The programs are activity-based to give a lifelong learning experience to the students.

T5– This program is intended to boost the self-confidence of the student. It intends to imbibe in the students the sense of gratitude and transform the student into more confident students.

TW5– This program is an extension of the T5 program. The intention is to make the student face Group discussion, social media etiquette, participate in extempore, and touch upon the writing skills.

WP5– This program is an extension of TW5. The focus of this program is language refinement, better writing skills, and presentation skills. Powerpoint presentation skills are taught in this module.

Table shows the personality development activities conducted for various batches:

Sl. No.BatchSemesterProgram conductedNo. of students benefitedMentors
12016-20IIIT568Dr.  KV, AK, KJ, PNC, ST
22017-21IVT567Dr. KV, Dr. PS, KJ, PNC, ST
32018-22IIITW565Dr. SSS, SRK, MS, VK

Photo Gallery

Department Newsletter

The Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering publishes a biannual newsletter “Minchu”. The newsletter provides a platform for the students to showcase their technical and communication skills. The newsletter is designed by students and includes articles written by them. It also publishes student and faculty achievements, sports events, cultural events, paper presentations, workshops, and conference details.

The Department Newsletter Issues for 2019-20:-

Department Newsletter June 2020
Department Newsletter Dec 2019
Department Newsletter June 2019

Industrial Visits

Industrial Visits help students to understand practical aspects of the subject learnt and the department arranges Industrial visits regularly every semester for the students to improve their practical knowledge.

Sl. No.Academic YearPlace to VisitDate of VisitBatchSemesterNo. of students visitedStaff Accompained
1.2017-2018 Even SemUdupi Power Corporation Ltd & Varahi Power Plant4th to 8th March 20182014VIII59Ms. Kruthi Jayaram, Sri. Sujith T
2.2018-2019 Odd SemVarahi, Kadra and SUPA power plants28th September to 1th October 20182016V55Dr. S Sudalai Shunmugam, Smt. Madhus
Pavagada Solar Park12th Dec 20182015VIII49Ms. Kruthi Jayaram, Dr. PB Savitha
3.2018-2019 Even SemMangalore Refinery and Varahi power plant17th to 20th Feb 20192017IV65Ms. Kruthi Jayaram,  Sri. Sujith T
4.2019-2020 Odd SemSolar power plant, &


Madhavamantri Hydel Power Plant

19th September 20192018III47Ms, Kruthi Jayaram, Dr. S Sudalai Shunmugam
TD Power Systems Pvt.


15th October 20192017V37Smt. Madhu S,  Sri. Sujith T

An Industrial visit was organized on 24th September 2019 for the III semester EEE students to Shimsha Solar PV power plant and Madhavamantri Mini Hydel power plant. The Industry visited was helpful to the students in understanding the basic operation of solar and hydel power plant. They also got an opportunity to interact with the officials to know more about the future perspective.

The department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering had organised an Industrial visit to TD Power Systems, Dabbaspete on 15th October 2019. The visit gave insight into various process involved in the manufacturing of AC Machines.

An Industrial visit was organized from 17thFeb 2019 to 20thFeb 2019 for the IV semester EEE students to Mangalore refinery & petrochemicals limited and Varahi Underground powerhouse. The Visit was very successful as the students got an opportunity to learn the working of hydro power generation and the elements of the power plant like penstock, tailrace, and turbine, etc.

An Industrial visit to Solar Power Park at Pavagada was organised on 13th November 2018 for 7th SEM students. The capacity of solar power park is 20MW with an area encroaching to around 40acres. The visit helped the students to gain valuable insight on the working and operation of solar power plant.

An industrial visit to the students of 5thsem, EEE was organized to Varahi powerhouse, Kadra Dam, Supa power house from 28th September to 2nd October, 2018.

A file photo of 8sem students at Udupi Power Corporation Ltd
During their industrial visit.

Skill Development programs organized by Electrical & Electronics department

The Skill Development Program (SDP) is an initiative by the management of BNMIT and organized by the department for 3rd Year Students every year. The program is conducted by renowned industry experts to train the students in industry-relevant skills that will help them in securing a better livelihood. The following are the SDP conducted for the last 3 years.

Sl. No.Sem & YearTitle of SDPVendor Name & AddressResources PersonNo. of Participants
1Even Sem 2021-2022 6th Sem


Electric Vehicle Battery Management System: Hardware and Software DesignDecibels Lab Pvt. Ltd.

ATAL Incubation Centre- Jyothi Institute of Technology, Kanakapura Main Road, Tataguni, Bangaluru-560082

Ms. Prachi Patil33

Even Sem 2021-2022 6th Sem

Industry and Process AutomationVenjay Automation Pvt. Ltd.

#A11, A-Block, Brigade-MM Industrial Estate, K.R.Road,7th  block, Jayanagar Bengaluru– 560 070

Mr. R Venugopal,

Mrs. Jayashree Venugopal and Mr. Chiranth Venugopal

3Odd Sem 2020-2021 5th Sem“Design & prototype of power electronic converters and controllers using Multisim software”Dept of EEE, BNMIT, BangaloreSmt. Shubha Rao K

Smt. Ashwini A

Smt. Karanam Vasudha


Even Sem 2019-20 6th Sem

“Mathematical Modeling of Electrical Systems using MATLAB and SIMULINK”AGIMUS Technologies Pvt. Ltd., BangaloreDr. Pramod Kumar Naik40
5Odd Sem 2019-20 5th Sem“Industrial and Process Automation in PLC, SCADA, HMI”M/s. VENJAY INSTITUTE OF AUTOMATION, BangaloreMr. Venugopal46