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    This post was last updated on       May 6th, 2024

Centre of Excellence on Healthcare and Smart Technology

The CoE was inaugurated by Dr. C. N. Manjunath, Senior Cardiologist and Director, Sri Jayadeva Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences & Research, Bangalore. Dr. C. N Manjunath appreciated BNMIT for collaborating with the industries working in healthcare sector. Further, he highlighted the importance of health for today’s younger generation and motivated the students to conduct advance research in this sector. He emphasized the importance of multidisciplinary research.

This CoE aims:

  • To nurture research culture among faculty and students
  • To develop products relevant to healthcare and smart applications
  • To enlarge the expert group to take up consultancy work
  • To jointly conduct research with industries in providing solutions to real time problems in health and smart technology.
  • Guidance of Industry and hospitals

The CoE will mainly conduct research on these domains

  • Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)
  • Workflow Optimization
  • Smart Sensors
  • Prediction and Disease Management
  • Medical Imaging
  • Health Apps

Partner Organizations

  • Renalyx Health Systems Pvt. Ltd.
  • Institute of Health Management Research-Bangalore (IIHMR-B).
  • Autoyos Pvt. Ltd.
  • S-VYASA University, Bangalore.






FDP on Emerging Healthcare Technologies for 5 days funded by New-Gen IEDC, DST, India

During 11 -15 Sept 2023

2Internship for 10 students in IIHMR, Bangalore
33 batches of students working on live projects in Renalyx Health Systems Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore
4Joint Proposal with IIHMR applied to ICSSR. A fund of 12L was granted – ECE+MBA faculty are involved in the project
55 student groups working under CoE participated in INHSA a digital health conclave and one of the team won the ‘Best Innovation Award’ with cash prize of Rs.30,000/-

Samsung Innovation Campus

Samsung has set up Samsung Innovation Campus and set up laboratory, offering courses titled Artificial Intelligence, Computer Programming and IoT Courses for 2nd and 3rd  year BNMIT students.

Students enrolled in these courses will have an opportunity to learn the latest developments in these domains and also execute real time projects under the guidance of Samsung experts, there by skilling the students to work on technologies and projects to solve societal problems and real-world challenges.

Samsung Innovation Campus offers youth the opportunity to enhance their employment prospects and gain practical education in technologies. Samsung Innovation Campus aims to empower a generation of problem-solvers by equipping them with future-proof skills and practical understanding of the technologies that will shape their future and enrich the sustainable growth of the world. Courses offered will cover the necessary content, tools and applications needed to place you ahead of the curve.