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The Department of ECE has a Research and Development center recognized by VTU and offers Ph.D. and M.Sc (Engg) by research programs. It is empowered with 9 research guides under VTU with rich industrial and academic experience. Presently 13 research scholars are pursuing their Ph.D. at the research center, Dept of ECE. The thrust areas are Sensors, MEMS, VLSI Design, Image Processing, Pattern Recognition, Real-Time Embedded Applications, Wireless Sensor Networks & Biomedical Applications.

The outcome of the research is visible in the form of a large number of publications in National & International Journals & Conferences and Patents filled. Facilities available in the research center are Experimental setups to research on sensors, MATLAB Full Suite, Network Simulator VLSI Design tool-Cadence, Advanced FPGA boards, Antenna Design hardware & software tools, Fiber Optic communication setup.

Research Projects sanctioned to the Department

1. Project Title: Modernization of Advanced Communication Lab

  • [ RF Microwave and Antenna Design, Prototype & Test Lab ]
  •  Scheme:  MODROBS
  •  Grant-in-aid Sanctioned: Rs. 12,00,000/-
  •  Period:  2 Years [2019-21]
  •  Funding Agency:   AICTE
  •  Project Coordinator:  Dr. P.A. Vijaya
  •  Subject Expert:  Dr. Basavaraj I Neelgar

2.Project Title: Awareness, Utilisation and Socio-Economic Impact of PMBJP Kendra in the selected districts of State of Karnataka 

  • Grant-in-aid Sanctioned: Rs. 12,00,000/- 
  •  Period:  6 Months [2023-24] 
  •  Funding Agency:  ICSSR 
  •  Project Coordinator:  Dr. Jyoti R Munavalli 

3.Project Title: Detachable smart Faucet

  • Grant-in-aid Sanctioned: Rs. 2.5L
  •  Period: ….Months [2023-24]
  •  Funding Agency:  New-Gen IEDC, DST, India
  •  Project Coordinator:  Dr. Jyoti R Munavalli

4.Project Title: Interactive Bot

  • Grant-in-aid Sanctioned: Rs. 60K
  •  Period:  ….Months [2023-24]
  •  Funding Agency:  New-Gen IEDC, DST, India
  •  Project Coordinator:  Dr. Jyoti R Munavalli 
  • Interactive Bot – 60K from New-Gen IEDC, DST, India

5.Project Title: FDP on Emerging Trends in Healthcare Technology

  • Grant-in-aid Sanctioned: Rs. 70K
  • Period:  …..Months [2023-24]
  •  Funding Agency: New-Gen IEDC, DST, India for Centre of Excellence