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The Department of ECE has a Research and Development center recognized by VTU and offers Ph.D. and M.Sc (Engg) by research programs. It is empowered with 9 research guides under VTU with rich industrial and academic experience. Presently 13 research scholars are pursuing their Ph.D. at the research center, Dept of ECE. The thrust areas are Sensors, MEMS, VLSI Design, Image Processing, Pattern Recognition, Real-Time Embedded Applications, Wireless Sensor Networks & Biomedical Applications.

The outcome of the research is visible in the form of a large number of publications in National & International Journals & Conferences and Patents filled. Facilities available in the research center are Experimental setups to research on sensors, MATLAB Full Suite, Network Simulator VLSI Design tool-Cadence, Advanced FPGA boards, Antenna Design hardware & software tools, Fiber Optic communication setup.

Memorandum of Understanding with various companies:

  • MoU with Autoyos Pvt.Ltd for internships and projects on 7th June 2023 
  • MoU with Renalyx Pvt. Ltd for establishing centre of excellence in Healthcare on 7th June 2023 
  • MoU with SLN Technologies Pvt. Ltd for Internships and projects on 13th Jan 2023. 
  • Innovaskill Technologies for the industry standards training and development on 1st July 2022.
  • MoU with Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana (S-VYASA), Bengaluru for research in the area of Yoga, Embedded systems and Image Processing Algorithms related to health care sector on 20th May, 2021.
  • MoU with AGIMUS Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Bengalurufor establishment of Industry Standard IoT Lab on 19th February 2020.
  • MoU with Digital Shark  Technologies,Bengalurufor the establishment of innovation lab on 3rd February 2020.
  • MoU with Institute of Health Management Research (IIHMR), Electronic city, Bengaluru on 2ndJuly 2019. The MoU  aims at joint proposal writing to get funded projects on health management and technology and Knowledge sharing by experts from both ends.
  • MoU with Rajarajeshwari Medical College and Hospital (RRMCH), BNM Institute of Technology and Institute of Health Management Research (IIHMR)on 23rd October 2019. The main objective is to apply for joint proposal writing to get funded projects on medical devices using various technologies, Knowledge sharing by experts from each institution Medical or diagnostic data for student or faculty projects.
  • MoU with Mentor Graphics – A Siemens Business (Higher education License Donation Agreement)in 2019 for System on Chip Design & Development.
  • MoU with Semi –Conductors Laboratory, SAS Nagar, Chandighar, Punjab, India in 2019((180nm Standard Cell Libraries) for System on Chip Design & Development(NDA).
  • MoU with SenseSemi Technologies Pvt. Ltd, Bengaluru in 2018 to get Internship and Projects for ECE students.

Patents Copyright

  1. Bindu S, Sri Mohan Kishore D, Dr. N K Manjunath, Dr. Jyoti R Munavalli, Dr L Vijayashree “Smart yoga instructor program/code for estimating and correcting yoga posture in real time (Quadrant Based Correction) using Python.”, Grant Number SW-15954/2023

Patents :

  • G R Amrutha, Gandharva Kumar Jyoteeshwari M H, Lakshmi Bhaskar, Sumathi A, Ashvini S Savanth “ A System for controlling Electric Appliances using Head Movement” Patent filed, Application Number: 202341032838 
  • Dr. Bindu S, Mr. Shivaram A C, Ph. D Scholar SVYASA, Dr. Raghavendra Bhat, Associate Professor SVYASA, A smart IoT based Solar assisted Water Purification system for purifying Borewell Water, Application Number 202341027853, Filed on 16/04/2023, published on 05/05/2023. 
  • Dr. Bindu S , , Dr. Jyoti R Munavalli, Dr. Keerti Kulkarni “ Smart Yoga Instructor device for guiding and correcting yoga posture of a user in real-time “on 25-03-2022 with Registration Number 202241014404
  • Dr. Bindu S, Dr. Prathibha B S ,Swethashree  applied Design Patent for “A Smart Iot Based Solar Assisted Water Purification System For Purifying Borewell Water Using Solar” on 22-03-2023, with number 382036-001
  • Dr. Bindu S  published  Patent for “System And Method For Wearable Coronal Discharge Data Collection And Health Analysis” on 05-05-2023 with number 202341027853
  • Dr. Bindu S  published  Patent for “System And Method For Wearable Coronal Discharge Data Collection And Health Analysis” on 05-05-2023 with number 202341027853
  • Dr. Bindu S Dr. Prathibha B S Reetha G P Jayalakshmi D G Shaik Riyaz Ur Roshan Mohammed Ishaq Sharieff, “Preparation Method of Water Filter Cartridge using Corncob Active Carbon and Water Filter Cartridge there of ” Application No : 202341001641 Reference No: TEMP/E-1/1584/2023- CHE on 8-01-2023,Published on 13/01/2023.
  • Dr. Bindu S Dr. Prathibha B S “A volatile components collection unit with incineration of crude plant materials” Application No: 202341001510 on 07-01-2023,Published on 03/01/2023.
  • Keerti Kulkarni, Dr. P.A. Vijaya, Shushmita M, Namrata Kolkar, Suman G S “An Arduino based Robotic Arm System controlled by EEG Signals from the Brain”, Application Number: 202241044715 on 04/08/2022
  • Dr. Chaitra N, Akshatha Pramod, Deeksha R Fauziah Batool I “Remote and real time monitoring system for people in need of special  care” Application No.: 202241036267 on 24/6/2022
  • Dr Bindu S, Dr. Jyoti R Munavalli and Mrs Keerti Kulkarni have applied for patent for the project “ A smart yoga instructor device for guiding and correcting yoga posture of a real time user.” with Patent Application Number: 202241014404 on  16-03-2022

  • Dr. Yasha Jyothi M Shirur, Dr. N. V. Uma Reddy and Dr. Manju Devi have applied for patent titled “Design of VLSI System to detect abnormal behavior of Heartbeat” with Patent application number 202141020972 on 09/05/2021.

  • Dr. Veena S Chakravarthi, Sowndarya S, Shubham Raj Vismith Upadhya P J Dr.Yasha Jyothi M Shirur have applied for patent for the project “Vinyas Design BOT” with Patent Application Number:  202041057157  on  30-12-2020

  • Chaitra N and  Dr. P.A. Vijaya have applied for patent for the project “ Real Time System to Aid and Assist Speech and Conversation using Natural Language Processing and Neural Networks.” with Patent Application Number: 202041044849 on 15/10/2020
  • Dr. Jyoti R Munavalli & Sumathi A . have published a  patent on 15th January 2021 for the project ”Detachable Smart Faucet Device” with patent  Application No: 201941027532 ,Granted-Dec-2023,with patent grant number 486192
  • Chaitra N has applied for  patent for the project “A System for Real Time Object Recognition using Stereoscopic Images” with patent  Application No  :201941036072 in 2019-20
  • Dr. Yasha Jothi M Shirur, and Dr.Veena S Chakravarthy have applied a patent for the project ‘Method, System and Apparatus for Asynchronous SOC Testing & Validation’ with patent  Application No: 201641022110 in 2016-17

Product Development:

Sl NoName of FacultyName of the Product/ PrototypeYear
1Dr. Jyothi R Munavalli

Sumathi A

Detachable Smart Faucet2018-19
2Dr. P A Vijaya

Chandrashekar C

N. Sheshaprasad


Assistive Technology for Intellectually Disabled and Physically challenged People2018-19

The research facilities developed by research scholars in the R&D centre are

Sl. No.Name of FacilityDescription of facility
1.Spin CoaterTo make thin films
2.Temperature Controlled BoxTo maintain the temperature of the sensor environment
3.Dial gauge with standTo measure the thickness of the films
4.Four point bend setupTo measure the deflection of the sensor
5.SonicatorAbility to break up particle agglomerates and result in properly mixed solution
6.Acrylic ChamberTo avoid acidic and other external parameter not to affect experiments
7.Customized gas chamberFor sensing volatile

The facilities available in the R&D center are

Sl. No.Name of Important EquipmentDescriptions
1.Computer systemsDELL, OptiPlex
2.Fluke Digital Multimeter3 3/4 digit, Model no: 179
3.Fluke Digital Multimeter with electronic logging facility5 1/2 digit, Model no: 287
4.Digital Storage OscilloscopeRigol Make, 4 channel, 50 MHz
5.FPGA boardsSPARTAN Vertex – 6
6.Fiber Optic communication setupResearch on Fiber Optics
7.Experimental setups to research on sensorsStrain Gauges, Ammonia Sensors and Pepper Sensor Array
8.MATLAB 2020 Full SuiteTool boxes required for major area of research
9.COMSOLMulti-physics with MEMS & RF module
10.VLSI Design toolResearch Bundles from Cadence
11.Mentor graphics – EDA tool for VLSI Design and TestingEDA Tool for research under HEP
12.Antenna/PCB Prototyping MachineMITS-11 Lab Antenna/PCB Prototyping Machine with design pro software
13.ANSYS Academic HF PackageHFSS teaching bundle- 25 licences