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The Department of ECE has a Research and Development center recognized by VTU and offers Ph.D. and M.Sc (Engg) by research programs. It is empowered with 9 research guides under VTU with rich industrial and academic experience. Presently 13 research scholars are pursuing their Ph.D. at the research center, Dept of ECE. The thrust areas are Sensors, MEMS, VLSI Design, Image Processing, Pattern Recognition, Real-Time Embedded Applications, Wireless Sensor Networks & Biomedical Applications.

The outcome of the research is visible in the form of a large number of publications in National & International Journals & Conferences and Patents filled. Facilities available in the research center are Experimental setups to research on sensors, MATLAB Full Suite, Network Simulator VLSI Design tool-Cadence, Advanced FPGA boards, Antenna Design hardware & software tools, Fiber Optic communication setup.

The facilities available in the R&D center are

Sl. No.Name of Important EquipmentDescriptions
1.Computer systemsDELL, OptiPlex
2.Fluke Digital Multimeter3 3/4 digit, Model no: 179
3.Fluke Digital Multimeter with electronic logging facility5 1/2 digit, Model no: 287
4.Digital Storage OscilloscopeRigol Make, 4 channel, 50 MHz
5.FPGA boardsSPARTAN Vertex – 6
6.Fiber Optic communication setupResearch on Fiber Optics
7.Experimental setups to research on sensorsStrain Gauges, Ammonia Sensors and Pepper Sensor Array
8.MATLAB 2020 Full SuiteTool boxes required for major area of research
9.COMSOLMulti-physics with MEMS & RF module
10.VLSI Design toolResearch Bundles from Cadence
11.Mentor graphics – EDA tool for VLSI Design and TestingEDA Tool for research under HEP
12.Antenna/PCB Prototyping MachineMITS-11 Lab Antenna/PCB Prototyping Machine with design pro software
13.ANSYS Academic HF PackageHFSS teaching bundle- 25 licences

Ph.D Guides in Department:

Sl No.Name of the FacultyArea of Research
1Dr. S.Y KulkarniVLSI & Embedded Systems
2Dr. P.A. VijayaPattern Classification, Image Processing, Embedded & Real Time Systems, Network Security
3Dr. Veena S ChakravarthiVLSI Design & Testing
5Dr. Yasha Jyothi M ShirurVLSI Design & Design for Testability
6Dr Bindu SSmart Sensors & its characterisation
7Dr. Jyoti R MunavalliReal time scheduling & tracking systems, , Operations research & management, AI, Data analytics, Health informatics & Biomedical applications
8Dr. Subodh Kumar PandaVLSI Design, Embedded Systems & IoT
9Dr. Rekha PAromatic Sensors, Characterization and instrumentation
10Dr. Bhuvana Suganthi DInternet of Things, Wearable Technology, Distributed Systems

Faculty who received Ph.D degree from the Research center



Sl No.Name of FacultyGuide NameResearch Topic
1Mrs. Yasha Jyothi M ShirurDr. M. S. Suresh &

Dr. Veena S Chakravarthi

DFT techniques for Asynchronous dominate SoC
2Mrs. Bindu SDr. M. S. SureshCharacterization of PEDOT-PSS for its usability as flexible strain gauge material
3Mr. Subodh Kumar PandaDr. M. S. SureshEvaluation of quality of peppers(chillies) using electronic sensors
4Mrs. Rekha PDr. M. S. SureshStudy of PEDOT:PSS sensors for evation of quality of Jasmine aroma
5Mrs. Shubha Rao KDr. Veena S ChakravarthiDesign and Implementation of load aware high performance switching mode power supply for  system on chip(SoC)
6Mrs. Chaitra NDr. P. A VijayaRecognition of Autistic Individuals using Pattern Analysis Techniques on Brain Imaging Data
7Ashwini SavanthDr. P. A VijayaPattern Classification and image processing techniques on brain fMRI data for the analysis of meditation effects
8Priya SankpalDr. P. A VijayaEncryption Based Nested Watermarking Techniques  for secure transmission of images
9Keerti KulkarniDr. P. A VijayaAnalysis of the land use and land cover change using remotely sensed images
10Vrunda KusanurDr. Veena S ChakravarthiDesign of an EnVnet – Wireless Sensor Network to evaluate plant nutrients for Urban + arming
11Rashmi S BhaskarDr. Veena S ChakravarthiDesign of 4S for UEM – A Smart Sensor Surveillance System for Urban Environment Monitoring
12Ms. Priyadarshini K DesaiDr. Bindu SMultiple Antenna System for Small Cell Base station at mm-Wave Frequency.

Research Scholars Pursuing Ph.D in ECE Research Centre

Sl NoGuide NameResearch ScholarYear of RegistrationResearch TopicCurrent Status
1Dr. P. A. Vijaya

Dept. of ECE, BNMIT

M SreenathFeb-17Amalgamate scheduling algorithm for real time taks and effective utilization of multiprocessors using MBATSThesis Submitted
2Dr. Veena S Chakravarthi,

Dept. of ECE, BNMIT

Prabhavathi PFeb-20Design Methodology for adaptive power high performance platform SOCsRe-registered for Ph.D
3Dr.Yasha Jyothi M Shirur

Dept. of ECE, BNMIT

M BharathiJul-19Design, Verification and implementation of efficient DSP processor using distributed arithmeticColloquium completed
Poornima M RDec-21Development and Implementation of High Speed Standard Cell Library.Registered
4Dr. Jyoti R Munavalli

Dept. of ECE, BNMIT

Sankalp Shyam BailurDec-21Audio signal processing to estimate precision of vedic chanting using artificial intelligence techniques.Registered
SudharshanJanuary-23Detection and prediction of different stages of Glaucoma and DR using deep learning techniques.Registered
5Dr. Subodh Kumar PandaChandrashekar C.Dec-17Memory BIST for System-on-Chip (SoC)Course work completed
Karnam VasudhaMay-23Design and Implementation of Intelligent Battery Management System

for the protection of Energy Storage Systems by On site and Off site

computation using Machine Learning Algorithms

6Dr. Bhuvana Suganthi DNikitha V PMay-23Fertility Tracker using Wearable Sensor SkinRegistered