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    This post was last updated on       July 9th, 2021

Dr. Veena S Chakravarthi

Designation :Head -Research and Adjunct Professor

Area of specialization :VLSI

Date of Joining BNMIT :2/19/2010

Nature of Association (Regular/Contractual/Adjunct) :Adjunct

E-mail Id : veenasc@bnmit.in

No. of years of Experience :30



DegreeInstitutionMonth & Year of Passing
PhD in Electronics


  • 25 years of Industry and 10 years of academics and research
SI. No.DesignationInstitutionDuration
  • Inventor of Conceptual health watch Patent granted by USPTO
  • Inventor of Design patent registered on SenseH device
  • Awards and Achievements
  • Co guided a candidate for PhD
  • Guiding 4 research scholars  for their PhD degree
  • Initiated Project Bhageerathi, Chip development project in BNMIT

Expertise/Subjects handled

  • VLSI and system on chip architect.
Subjects taught:
  • VLSI design
  • Verilog HDL
  • Advances in VLSI design
  • Low power VLSI design
  • SOC Design
  • VLSI Design verification
  • Research Methodology and IPR
  • Analog and Mixed mode VLSI design
  • IOT and WSN

Research Interest

  • Low power system on chip design architectures
  • Open source RISC V architectures
  • Funding received: VTU-VGST grant of Rs.17 Lakhs for load aware low power multi drive standard cell library design
  • Enrolled BNMIT under HEP program of Mentor Graphics, a Siemens business through which has access to EDA tool set.
  • Patents filed and their status:
Sl. NoTitleStatusCountryInventorsOwnerApplication /Grant number
1Smart Wearable device health for WatchGrantedUSVeena, Praveen, VishySensesemi Technologies Pvt. Ltd.10194862
2Smart wearable device for health watchFiledIndiaVeena, Vishy, Praveen DSensesemi  Technologies Pvt.Ltd201644033347
3Multipurpose portable healthcare deviceRegisteredIndiaVeena, Vijay, VishySensesemi  Technologies Pvt.Ltd320547-001
4Smart handheld health monitoring deviceFiledIndiaVeena, Vijay, Vishy, NidhinSensesemi  Technologies Pvt. Ltd201941037998
5Method for clinical grade ECG monitoringFiledIndiaVeena, Vijay, Vishy, Suhasini SSensesemi  Technologies Pvt.Ltd
6Method for clinical grade ECG monitoringFiledUSVeena, Vijay, Vishy, Suhasini SSensesemi  Technologies Pvt. Ltd
7Method, System and Apparatus for Asynchronous SOC Testing and Validation”FiledIndia


YashaJyothi M Shirur,

M. S Suresh


Books and Book Chapters

Technical Paper publications

Chakravarthi, Veena S; SOC Design Verification
Bee, Hajeera; Chakravarthi, Veena S; Design and Verification of Scalable, Re-usable 16-Point IFFT Core for DSP Engine
Shirur, Yasha Jyothi M; Lakshmi, HR; Chakravarthi, Veena S; Implementation of Area Efficient Hybrid MBIST for Memory Clusters in Asynchronous SoC
Chakravarthi, Veena S; SOC Physical Design
Rao, Shubha; Prabhu, Abhinav; Chakravarthi, Veena S; Design of FPGA-based sliding mode controller for low-voltage high-frequency buck converter
Chakravarthi, Veena S; Burli, Satish; Architecting 802.11 ad WLAN SoC for best performance
Rajapurohit, Vaibhav; Chakravarthi, Veena S; Designing low power high throughput MAC for 802.11 AD WLAN SoC
Rao, K Shubha; Chakravarthi, Veena S; FPGA implementation of voltage regulator module for system on chip
Mamatha, S; Rao, K Shubha; Chakravarthi, Veena S; FPGA Based Digital Controller for DC-DC Buck Converter
Chakravarthi, Veena S; Platform SOC for SMART Home
Chakravarthi, Veena S; SOC Physical Design Verification
Shirur, YJM; Chakravarthi, VS; Design and Implementation of Power Efficient Micro Pipelined GALS Based 2-D FFT Processor Core
Chakravarthi, Veena S; Shirur, Yasha Jyothi M; Rekha, P; Proceedings of International Conference on VLSI, Communication, Advanced Devices, Signals & Systems and Networking (VCASAN-2013)
Chakravarthi, Veena S; SOC Packaging
Chakravarthi, Veena S; Dodagoudar, Praveen; Mundkur, Vishweshwara; Smart wearable device for health watch
Deepthi, P; Chakravarthi, Veena S; Design of novel Vedic asynchronous digital signal processor core
Chakravarthi, Veena S; System on Chip (SOC) Design
Chakravarthi, Veena S; Static Timing Analysis (STA)
Chakravarthi, Veena S; A Practical Approach to VLSI System on Chip (SoC) Design
Shirur, Yasha Jyothi M; Bhimashankar, Bilure Chetana; Chakravarthi, Veena S; Performance analysis of low power microcode based asynchronous P-MBIST
Chakravarthi, Veena S; SOC Constituents
Kumar, DN Krishna; Rajan, Ramya S; Chakravarthi, Veena S; Determining Standard Cell Drive Strength Based on On-Chip Load Assessment
Shirur, Yasha Jyothi M; Chakravarthi, Veena S; Varchaswini, R; Adder-Based Address Generation for Embedded MBIST
Rao, K Shubha; Chakravarthi, Veena S; Digital-Controlled Dual-Mode Switching Mode Power Supply for Low-Power Applications
Chakravarthi, Veena S; Shilpa, M; Ingress flow based triple token bucket traffic control system for distributed networks
Rao, Shubha; Chakravarthi, Veena S; Design and Performance Analysis of Digital Control Laws for Low Power High Frequency Switching Power Supply
Chakravarthi, Veena S; Bhaskar, Rashmi S; Kusanur, Vrunda; Conceptual frame work of smart WSN for Bangalore urban environment monitoring
Parveez Ahamed, RJ; Chakravarthi, Veena S; Srinivasan, N; System Verilog Based Verification Methodology for SoC at IP Level
Chakravarthi, Veena S; SOC Synthesis
Ajay, G; Rajan, Ramya; Chakravarthi, Veena S; Accurate power measurement methodology for VLSI circuits using CAD tools
Chakravarthi, Veena S; Ghosh, Swaroop; Circuit Design Methodologies for Test Power Reduction in Nano-Scaled Technologies
Shree, G Amrutha; Chakravarthi, Veena S; Design of Error Correction Engine Based on Flexible Unequal Error Control Code (FUEC) for Flash Memory Faults in Space Applications




Any other things

  • Voracious reader, Technology tracker and blogger
  • Co-founder and CTO of  Sensesemi Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore
  • Vice Chair, IEEE nanotech council, Bangalore Section
  • Consultant Prodigy technovations  Bangalore Jan 2019-June 2019
  • Was part of panel discussion on“demystifying Covid-19 and ways to deal with it’, organised by IIHMR and BNMIT
  • Delivered keynote address on “Role of Industry in enhancing the quality of academic delivery” during IEEE Industry Academia Conclave-IAC 2020, a flagship event of IEEE PES, Bangalore Section
  • Created virtual stall for Sensesemi Technologies sponsored by startup Karnataka in Vision summit 2020 organised by IESA Bangalore.