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    This post was last updated on       July 20th, 2023

Rashmi S Bhaskar

Designation :Associate Professor

Area of specialization : Wireless Sensor Networks

Date of Joining BNMIT : 25.09.2006

Nature of Association (Regular/Contractual/Adjunct) :Regular

E-mail Id :rashmisbhaskar@bnmit.in, srashmibhaskar@gmail.com 

No. of years of Experience : 16.8


DegreeInstitutionMonth & Year of Passing
Ph.DDepartment of ECE, BNMIT, VTU, BelagaviMarch 2023
M.TechSJCITDecember 2006
B.EDSCEJune 2002


  • Teaching – 16 years 8 months
  • Industry – Nil
Sl  NoDesignationInstitutionDuration
1.Associate ProfessorDept. of ECE,  BNMIT27th April 2023 – Till date
2.Assistant ProfessorDept. of ECE,  BNMIT2012 – 26th April 2023
3.Senior LecturerDept. of ECE,  BNMIT2010 – 2012
4.LecturerDept. of ECE,  BNMIT2006-2010

Awards and Achievements

  • Organizing committee member for an International Conference ICIITCEE 2023 at BNMIT
  • Third Rank in M.Tech, Digital Communication and Networking, VTU, 2006.
  • Deputy Chief Superintendent (External) at GTTC, Bengaluru for the conduction of January 2014 B.E. examinations of VTU, Belgaum.

Participation in Training courses/Seminars/Workshops

  1. Participatedin FDP “Artificial Intelligence using MATLAB” from 23rd to 25th February 2021 organized by CoreEL Technologies.
  2. Participated& completed successfully AICTE Training and Learning (ATAL) Academy Online Elementary FDP on “Emerging Technologies for Sustainable Environmental Management” from 31st May to 4th June 2021 at National Institute of Technology Calicut.
  3. Participated in FDP on “Antenna Design and Printing for Practical Applications” from 25th to 30th June 2021 at BNMIT, Bangalore.
  4. One Week FDP on “Digital Design Flow Using Xilinx and MATLAB Tools for Image Processing Applications” from 20th to 24th  January, 2020 at BNMIT.
  5. One Week  FDP  on  “IoT  based  Project  Design  and  Development”  from 24th to  29th  June  2019 at BNMIT.
  6. One Week  FDP  on  “Computational  Methods  for  Partial  Differential  Equations  using MATLAB” from 10th to 14th June 2019 at BNMIT.
  7. Participated in FDP on “Network simulations using NS2 and NS3” from 22nd to 24th  January 2018 at Vemana Institute of Technology, Bengaluru.
  8. Participated in FDP on “MSP430 Microcontroller and its Applications” from 31stJuly to 5thAug 2017 at BNMIT, Bengaluru.
  9. Participated in FDP on “Physical Design Challenges in DSM Node VLSI Systems” from 16th to 21st Jan 2017 at BNMIT, Bengaluru.
  10. Participated in  two  days  Symposium  on  “Tech  Treat  on  Emerging  Technologies”  on  4th   and 5th August 2016 at BNMIT, Bengaluru.
  11. Participated in FDP on “Computer and Wireless Networks” from 11th to 16th  July 2016 at  BNMIT,
  12. Participated in  FDP  on  “ARM  CORTEX  M3  (Practically  Intensive)”  from  8th  to  14th  Jan  2016  at BNMIT, Bengaluru.
  13. Participated in FDP on “Electronic Communication & Trends” from 19th to 23rd  Jan 2015 at BNMIT, Bengaluru.
  14. Participated in FDP on “Research Methodologies & Latex” from 29th to 31st  Dec 2014 at VidyaVikas Institute of Engineering & Technology, Mysore.
  15. Participated in One day workshop on “Wireless and Adhoc Sensor Networks” on 26th April 2013 at RVCE, Bangalore.

Expertise/Subjects handled

Under Graduate:
  • Cryptography
  • Network Security
  • Fiber Optics and Networks
  • Optical Fiber Communication
  • Management and Entrepreneurship Development
  • Operations Research & Management
  • Wireless Communication
  • Global System for Mobile
  • Microwave Communication
  • Digital Switching Systems
  • Electrical & Electronic Measurements

PG     :

  • Real Time Embedded Systems, Research Methodology & IPR

Research Interest:

  • Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Machine Learning, Embedded Systems
  • Signal Processing and Communication

Funding received



  • Rashmi S Bhaskar and Veena S Chakravarthi, “A Secure Communication Process of Wireless Sensor Network Architecture for Smart Urban Environment Monitoring Applications”, (IJACSA) International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications, Volume12, No.5, June 2021. Swathi  B  M  and  Rashmi  S  Bhaskar,  “Design  and  Implementation  of  Tracking  Receiver  Remote Terminal FPGA card  for  SAT-4”, International Journal of Electrical and  Electronic  Engineering  & Telecommunication, Volume 4, No.3, July 2015.
  • Rashmi S Bhaskar, Veena S Chakravarthi, “Predictive Framework for the Urban Environment Monitoring using Artificial Intelligence and Wireless Sensor Network”, International Journal of Creative Research Thoughts (IJCRT), ISSN:2320-2882, Volume.9, Issue 12, pp. a253-a264, December 2021.
  • Vidyashri    M    Chandkavathe    and    Rashmi    S    Bhaskar,    “Optimized    Full    Parallelism AES Encryption/Decryption”, SSRG International Journal of Electronics & Communication Engineering, Volume 3, Issue 6, June 2016.
  • Sharada Pattar and Rashmi S Bhaskar, “Verification of Universal Memory Controller”, International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology, Volume 4, Issue 5, May 2017.
  • Sujaya B L, Rashmi S Bhaskar, “Communication Performances of Intrabody Communication for WBAN”, SSRG International Journal of Electronics and Communication Engineering (SSRG-IJECE) – ISSN: 2348 – 8549 Volume 6 Issue –6 June 2019 pp15-18.


  • Veena S Chakravarthi, Rashmi S Bhaskar, Vrunda Kusanur, “Conceptual Frame work of Smart WSN for Bangalore Urban Environment  Monitoring”,  4th   International  Conference  on  Computational Intelligence, Communication Systems and Networks, Phuket, Thailand, July 2012.
  • Ramdhyani P and Rashmi S Bhaskar, “Implementation of AXI UVM  Verification  Component (UVC)”,  National  Conference  on  VLSI,  Communication  and  Computer  Networks,  Paper  ID  21, AMCEC, May 2014.

Papers presented in International/National Conferences


  1. Veena S Chakravarthi, Rashmi S Bhaskar, Vrunda Kusanur, “Conceptual Frame work of Smart WSN for Bangalore Urban Environment Monitoring”, 4th International Conference on Computational Intelligence, Communication Systems and Networks, Phuket, Thailand, July 2012.


  1. Ramdhyani P and Rashmi S Bhaskar, “Implementation of AXI UVM Verification Component (UVC)”, National Conference on VLSI, Communication and Computer Networks, Paper ID 21, AMCEC, May 2014.




  • Rangoli
  • Painting
  • Cooking
  • Crafts
  • Listening to music


  • Indoor games


  • Carnatic vocal and veena

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