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    This post was last updated on       July 24th, 2023

Prof. Eishwar N Maanay

Dean & Trustee

B.E, M.S.

Welcome to BNM Institute of Technology!

We at BNM Institute of Technology continuously strive to ensure highest standards in education which will inculcate competitiveness a much needed skill in the present world.

The induction program for our new students is intensively designed to secure a thorough understanding of the purpose of their enrolled program. Higher education is a long-term social investment. It promotes economic growth and cultural development to ensure equity and justice while promoting social cohesion. The students are exposed to various activities and encouraged to actively participate with an aim to the overall development of the personality.

We, at BNMIT look beyond the curriculum and encourage our students to develop their innate skills and spark purposeful ideas. The Innovative Project Lab is one such opportunity where students can channel their creative energies and come up with useful projects for the society. The IPL Winter Competition is an eagerly anticipated event where students display their innovative projects.

The ‘Maker Space’ is another creative space for students where they indulge in their curiosity to know how things work. The concept of free reverse engineering is actively encouraged which allows for some new ideas to originate.

The Talk-5 program is yet another unique concept whereby students are motivated to overcome their fears and hesitations in an object-oriented way. The purpose is to allow students to discover themselves in a positive manner which will help them in finding their goals and achieving them.

BNM Institute of Technology is equally passionate about research and constantly strives to strengthen it by twinning with R & D institutions and industries at national and international levels towards a symbiotic relationship. Opportunities abound everywhere for those who have the spirit of innovation and the drive to see it materialize. The management and faculty wholeheartedly support our students in achieving their potential and embarking on exciting careers.

The serene and verdant academic ambience in the campus ensures a fertile ground for the development of knowledge and skills to take on the challenges of the real world and contribute to improving lives.