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    This post was last updated on       January 4th, 2024

BNMIT has received research grants and funding for several projects


Details of the Patents Applied


Name of the ApplicantCategory of IP (patent/copyright /design /trademark etc)Patent TitlePatent Ref.No.Date of ApplicationCountry

Present Status

1Dr S Sudalai Shunmugam

Dr N Vasudev

PatentSpecially Designed Porcelain Long Rod Insulators For Highly Contaminated Environment20164103369008.09.2017IndiaPatent Granted
2Mijar Aditya Shenoy           Nagapoojith B R   Someshwar S

Piyush R Golecha

PatentMulti Scale Flute20184103428912.09.2018IndiaFER Received
3Brahma SP

Chinmai L

Abhilesh M

Akilesh M

PatentBalance Mate20194100870706.03.2019IndiaPatent Granted
4Dr.Jyoti RM


Raghavendra D S


Vishnu Prasad Bhat

PatentDetachable Smart Faucet20194102753209.07.2019IndiaFER Submitted
5Hemanth Kumar C

Dr.Jayanna B K

Kishan K

Lohitkumar Shetty M

Hariharan R N


PatentBio degradeable Absorbent and Absorbent thereof20194102998524.07.2019IndiaFER Submitted
6Dr.Jayanna B K

Dr.Vijayasarathy Putti

Ramachandra Rao

Priyanka Prabhakar

PatentOrganic Dyes20194103158406.08.2019IndiaPatent Granted
7Dr.Sejal Santosh Nimbhorkar

Raksha H

Ankitha S,

Namitha G

PatentImage Analysis – CCTV20194103373421.08.2019IndiaFER submitted
8Ms. Chaitra N

Shashanka G

Tejas R Simha

Varun D Gurjar

Vishnuvardhan G

PatentA System for Real Time Object Recognition using Stereoscopic Images20194103607206.09.2019IndiaFER Submitted
9Dr.Venkatesha K

Dr.R V Parimala

Aslesh Kumar A

Raghuveer Bhat

Shwetha S

Alagar Krishna B

PatentElectric Three Wheeler Vehicle (Trike)20194103751217.09.2019IndiaFER Submitted
10Dr. Prathiba H S and othersPatentManufacturing Method Of Cost Effective Water Filter Using Industrial Fly Ash Waste202010435928.2.2020IndiaFiled
11Dr. Niharika KumarPatentCooperative bandwidth allocation to reduce frame overhead in broadband wireless communication20204101973310.05.2020IndiaFiled
12Ms. Chaitra N

Dr.P A Vijaya

Aniruddh Aithal

Darshan Kumar Hegde

Girish P Kulkarni

PatentReal Time Communication System for Facilitating Speech and Conversation using Natural Language Processing and Neural Networks20204104484919.10.2020IndiaFER Submitted
13Dr. D. ShivalingappaPatentMethod Of Manufacturing Customized Mobile Phone Case Using 3d Printing20204104593421.10.2020IndiaFiled
14Dr. Prathiba H S and others


PatentSustainable Greenhouse For Crops & Drying Of Herbal Medicinal Plants202010434024.12.2020IndiaFiled

Dr. Veena S Chakravarthi,

Dr. Yasha Jyothi M Shirur

Sowndarya S,

Shubham Raj

Vismith Upadhya P J

PatentVinyas Design BOT20204105715730-12-2020IndiaFER submitted
16Dr.B.S.Anil KumarPatentDesign and Develoment of Supportless 3D Printing System using FDM Technology202110237506.05.2021Australian Innovation patentGranted
17Dr. Yasha Jyothi M Shirur

Dr. N. V. Uma Reddy

Dr. Manju Devi

PatentDesign of VLSI System to detect abnormal behavior of Heartbeat20214102097209.05.2021IndiaFER submitted
18Dr. Prathiba H S and othersPatentSynthsis of Silver Nanoparticels in the Template of PVA stabilized Hydroxyapatite Fabricated from Fish Scales and its Characterization202110276322.5.2021Australian Innovation patentPatent Granted
19Dr. Sneha KPatentEfficient MFA Method To Protect Production IT Environment20214102509906.06.2021IndiaFiled
20Dr. Prathiba H S and othersPatentVolatile components collection unit with incineration of crude plant materials202110357523.06.2021Australian Innovation patentPatent Granted
21Dr.Sejal Santosh Nimbhorkar

Namitha S

Meghana R

Nikhitha Gururaj

CopyrightUnderwater image enhancement using Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) with Residual blocks and EDL penalty14107/2021-CO/ SW26.06.2021IndiaCopyright Granted
22Dr.D Shivalingappa

Sankarshan S

Omkar N Kashyap

Vighnesh Nandavar

Aditya Sunku

Design PatentPortable Wind Turbine349135-00108.09.2021IndiaDesign Patent Granted
23Dr. S Srividhya


PatentIot Based Enhanced Hybrid Mobile Mesh Adov Wireless Network For Rebroadcasting Of Data Packets20214104083109-08-2021IndiaPublished
24Dr. S SrividhyaPatentIot And Wireless Based Intelligent Evehicle With Self Power Generating Optimal Power Management202141048433A24/10/2021IndiaPublished
25Dr. Bindu S

Dr. N K Manjunath

Dr.Jyoti R Munavalli


S.R.Mohan Kishore

CopyrightSmart yoga instructor program/code for estimating and correcting yoga posture in real time (Quadrant Based Correction) using Python.1756/2022-CO/SW27.01.2022IndiaCopyright Granted
26Mrs. Huda Mirza SaifuddinPatentSystem and method for plotting retail shelves to arrange products in a retail store20224101133502.03.2022IndiaFiled
27Abhijit Das,Smitha S P and othersPatentAn efficient content based remote sensing image retrieval using artificial neural network20222101172203-04-2022IndiaFiled
28Dr. Bindu S

Dr. N K ManjunathDr.Jyoti R Munavalli

Mrs.Keerthi Kulkarni

S.R.Mohan Kishore

PatentA smart yoga instructor device for guiding and correcting yoga posture of a real time user.20224101440416.03.2022IndiaFiled
29Dr. Prathiba H S and othersPatentSynthsis of Silver Nanoparticels in the Template of PVA stabilized Hydroxyapatite Fabricated from Fish Scales and its Characterization202110276320.04.2022IndiaPatent Granted
30Dr.S.Geetha and othersPatentPredicting Autonomous Vehicle Behaviour Using Computer Vision And A Cloud-Based Web Service20224102720111.05.2022IndiaFiled
31Dr. Prathiba H S and othersPatentVolatile components collection unit with incineration of crude plant materials202110357525.05.2022IndiaFiled
32Dr.Chaitra N

Akshata Pramod

Deeksha R

Fauziah Batool I

Bhoomika M U

PatentRemote and real time monitoring system for people in need of special care20224103626724.06.2022IndiaFER Submitted
33Dr. P A. Vijaya

Ms.Keerthi Kulkarni

Sushmitha M

Namratha Kolkar

Suman G S

PatentAn Aurdino Based Robotic Arm System Controlled by EEG Signals from the BrainIndiaFiled both Provisional and Regular Patent
34Mr. Raghavendra C K

Mr. Santosh Reddy

PatentArtificial Intelligence Based Techniques To Monitor And Maintain The Quality Of Drinking Water Supplied To Households20224106041021.10.2022IndiaFiled
35Dr.Krishnamurthy G N

Dr.Saritha Chakrasali

Ms.Harini S

Design PatentFood Grain Image Acquisition Model373108-00126.10.2022IndiaDesign Patent Filed


Madhukeshwar Malige

Aishwarya M

Gomathi S N

Hrishikesh S Bhat

Design PatentSolar Smart Bench374232-00116.11.2022IndiaDesign Patent Granted
37Dr. Bindu S

Dr. Prathibha B S

PatentA volatile components collection unit with incineration of crude plant materials20234100151007.01.2023IndiaFiled
38Dr. Bindu S

Dr. Pratibha S

Reetha G P

Jayalakshmi D G

Shaik Riyaz U R Roshan

Mohammed Ishaq Sharieff

PatentPreparation Method of  Water Filter Cartridge using Corncob Active Carbon and Water Filter Cartridge there of20234100164108.01.2023IndiaFiled
39Raghavendra C KCopyrightE- Support for divyangSW-15947/202308.01.2013IndiaGranted
40Dr. B.S.Anil KumarDesign Patent“Food Waste recycling machine”378993-00102-09-2023IndiaFiled
41Shwethashree BDesign PatentSolar assisted water purification system382036-00122/03/2023IndiaFiled
42Dr. Bindu S

Dr. Prathibha B

Ms. S Swethashree

Design PatentA Smart Iot Based Solar Assisted Water Purification System For Purifying Borewell Water Using Solar382036-00122.03.2023IndiaDesign Patent Filed

Dr.Vijayashree L

Bhuvan J

Samanth S

Surya Ravishankar

Vaibhav Krishna Rao

Design PatentSolar Powered Refrigerated Vending Cart387348-00131.05.2023IndiaDesign Patent Filed