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    This post was last updated on       November 8th, 2021

BNMIT has received research grants and funding for several projects


Sl. No.

Principal Investigator


Funding agency

Amount in Lakh

Year of funding


1.Dr.L.VijayashreeNew Gen IEDCDepartment of Science and Technology, Government of India.Rs. 2.87 crores2017-20225 years
2.Dr. Saritha ChakrasaliGPGPU Computing for computationally complex problemsVGSTRs. 20 lakh2018-192 years
3.Dr.L.Vijayashree, ED CellPrograms conducted under DST NIMAT projectDST – NIMAT Project, EDII, GoIRs.2.0 lakhs2018-191 year
4.Dr.L.Vijayashree, ED CellPrograms conducted under DST NIMAT projectDST – NIMAT Project, EDII, GoIRs.1.0 lakhs2017-181 year
5.Dr.L.Vijayashree, ED CellPrograms conducted under DST NIMAT projectDST – NIMAT Project, EDII, GoIRs.0.4 lakhs2015-161 year
6.Dr. Sahana D GowdaAmbient Intelligence for video surveillance systemsDSTRs. 3 lakh20143 years
7.Dr. Jayanna. V. KDevelpment of new spectro photometric method for the analysis of pharmacetically important drugsVTURs. 2 lakh20122 years
8.Dr. Deepa H REffect of Silver nanoparticles on Photophysical properties of Ketocyanine Dye seriesVTURs. 8.9 lakh20123 years
9.Dr. Neetha Mahadev, Dr. Mukund Sharma10X Impact Study (Wipro Technologies)Wipro TechnologiesRs.4.7 lakh20121 year
10.Dr. Sahana D GowdaCode Generation for Document Images based on Handwritten ComponentsVTURs. 9.9 lakh20113 years
11.Dr. Veena ChakravarthiLow Leaky Standard cell developmentVTURs. 10 lakh20113 years
12.ED Cell, MBAGrants under ED Scheme- To start ED cell at CampusAICTERs. 5.5 lakh2011-20132 years

Details of the Patents Applied

Sl.No.Patent Ref.No.Patent Application No.Date of ApplicationPatent TitleInventorsMentorsPatents Applied byPresent Status
1201641022110POC/CERTIFIED COPY/H1138005.12.2016Method, system and Apparatus for Asynchronous SOC Testing &ValidationDr.Yasha Jothi M ShirurBNMITPublished on
Dr.Veena S Chakravarthy26/01/2018
Dr. Suresh M S
FER Received
2201841034289Ordinary Application12.09.2018Multi Scale FluteMijar Aditya ShenoySelf
Nagapoojith B RPublished on
Someshwar S13/03/2020
Piyush R Golecha
FER Received
3201941008707TEMP/E-1/9379/2019-CHE06.03.2019Balance MateBrahma SPMrs.Madhura PrakashSelfPublished on
Chinmai L09-11-2020
Abhilesh M
Akilesh M
FER Received
4201941027532TEMP/E-1/28958/2019-CHE09.07.2019Detachable Smart FaucetRaghavendra D SDr.Jyoti RMBNMIT –
RishabhBhansali  Mrs.SumatiPublished on
Vishnu Prasad Bhat15/01/2021
Reply to FER: 16/6/2021
5201941029985TEMP/E-1/31642/2019-CHE24.07.2019Bio degradeable Absorbent and Absorbent thereofKishan KHemanth Kumar CBNMIT
Lohitkumar Shetty MDr.Jayanna B KPublished on
Hariharan R N29.01.2021
FER Received
6201941031584TEMP/E-1/33397/2019-CHE06.08.2019Organic DyesRamachandra RaoDr.Jayanna B KBNMITpublished on
Priyanka PrabhakarDr.Vijayasarathy Putti02-12-2021
REPLY TO FER DATE:19/07/2021
7201941033734TEMP/E-1/35639/2019-CHE21.08.2019Image Analysis – CCTVRaksha HDr.Sejal SantoshBNMIT
Ankitha S,NimbhorkarPublished on
Namitha G26/02/2021
FER Received
8201941036072TEMP/E-1/38189/2019-CHE06.09.2019Stereoscopic ImagesShashanka GBNMIT
Tejas R SimhaMs. Chaitra NPublished on
Varun D Gurjar03-12-2021
Vishnuvardhan G
FER Received
9201941037512TEMP/E-1/39742/2019-CHE17.09.2019Electric Three-Wheeler Vehicle (Trike)Aslesh Kumar ADr.Venkatesha KBNMIT
Raghuveer BhatDr.R V ParimalaPublished on
Shwetha S19/03/2021
Alagar Krishna B
FER Received
10202041044849TEMP/E-1/49712/2020-CHE19.10.2020Real-Time Communication System for Facilitating Speech and Conversation using Natural Language ProcessAniruddh AithalMs. Chaitra NBNMIT
Darshan Kumar HegdeDr.P A Vijaya
Girish P Kulkarni
REPLY TO FER DATE:20/10/2021
1114107/2021-CO/ SWCopyright26.06.2021Underwater Image enhancementNamitha SBNMIT
Meghana RDr.Sejal SantoshPublished on
Nikhitha GururajNimbhorkar14/08/2021