• To reach out and make a positive difference.
  • To ensure the total well being of all the members of BNMIT family.
  • To understand, emphathize and treat every individual with respect & compassion.
Dr.Madhuri Anand, Counsellor & Therapist

About Dr. Madhuri Anand

Dr. Madhuri Anand has been in the profession of counselling since 2004. A Helping Hand volunteer at – St. Johns’ Hospital and Mathru Chaya center, Banjara Academy and a couple of orphanages, a Helpie for the Suicide Help line and Sahai help line.

She is part of BNMIT family since 2009

Dr. Madhuri has Diploma in Counselling skills, M.Sc in Psychology, PGDM in Psycho Neurobics and PhD in – “Role of Stereographic Images and Psycho Neurobics Meditation for Enhancement of Concentration and Reducing Stress among Adolescents. ” She is also a Honorary Doctorate holder awarded for her contribution in “Reaching out and Enriching lives”

Dr. Madhuri has learnt and mastered various healing techniques and skills to reach out and make a positive difference to the lives she touches.

Unique Features of the Department
  1. Counselling
  2. Handwriting Analysis
  3. Healing – Using various skills and techniques such as
  • Life Skills
  • Acupressure & Acutouch
  • Reiki
  • Art Therapy
  • Colour Therapy
  • Angel Therapy
  • NLP
  1. Meditation – Phycho Neurobics
  2. Healing & Wellness Sessions
  3. Organizes Trips for the Staff
Issues handled during Counselling:
  • Personal life issues
  • Relationships – Parents, Sibling Rivalry, Family, Broken Friendships
  • Academics – Study Skills , Fear of Examinations & Goal setting
  • Time, Stress & Anger Management
  • Guilt, Loneliness, Hopelessness, Helplessness
  • Low Self Esteem, Low Self-confidence
  • OCD, Fears, Depression
  • Worry, Grief & Anxiety
  • Physical & Mental abuse
  • Being Responsible & living with self awareness
  • Stammering , Nervousness