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    This post was last updated on       March 3rd, 2022

Internal Committee for the students with disabilities

Year 2020-21


SI. No.



Position in ICSD

 1. Dr. Krishnamurthy G NPrincipalChairperson
 2. Prof.N.SheshaprasadStaff, ECEConvener and Coordinator
 3. Dr.Subodh Kumar PandaStaff, ECEMember
 4. Prof.Prashanth JStaff, CSEMember
 5. Dr. Geetha DayalanStaff, ISEMember
 6. Dr. VenkateshStaff, EEEMember
 7. Dr. B S Anil KumarStaff, MEMember
 8. Mr.Venkata ReddyParentMember
 9. Mrs.Yasha JyothiParentMember
 10. Ms.BhavanaStudentMember
 11. Mr.SamarthStudentMember