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    This post was last updated on       July 19th, 2021

About the Management Club

Management club is an MBA department guided and student driven initiative that collaborates with both the corporate and academia. It was established mainly with the intention of bridging the gap between academics (theoretical knowledge) and industry (practical scenarios). Other objectives of Management club are as mentioned below:

  • To empower students to take ownership for their initiatives
  • To facilitate extra-curricular and co-curricular learning activities
  • To initiate activities that provides experiential learning to students
  • To enhance creativity and necessary management skills of students

Present Student Coordinators (2020)

Name of the studentSemester/CourseSpecialization
Prashanth NIII semester/MBAFinance and Marketing
ShashankV ChandawarIII semester/MBAFinance and Marketing
Asha RIII semester/MBAFinance and Marketing
Keerthana VIII semester/MBAFinance and Marketing
ShravanthiS RajuIII semester/MBAFinance and HR
JessonMascarenhasIII semester/MBAMarketing and HR
Saranya M SIII semester/MBAMarketing and HR
Arjuna V GujjarIII semester/MBAMarketing and HR

“Importance of Interpersonal Communication Skills”

A Management student should necessarily be aware of how to present himself in front of the others. Specifically Interpersonal communication skills plays a vital role in building a good first impression. To demonstrate the importance of interpersonal communication skills, a conversation activity was conducted to I semester MBA students on 31st March 2021. The students were given a task of interacting with their classmates and practice the art of initiating a conversation.

19 -02-2021

“The Best Manager”

To provide an experiential learning about necessary managerial skills, the “Best Manager” activity was conducted to I semester MBA students on 19th February 2021. The activity included three rounds, a test based on analytical reasoning, presentation of innovative ideas (a marketing activity) and a mock interview. Out of 96 participants, Ms. Bhuvana S was awarded as the Best Manager for her exceptional performance in all the rounds.

November 2020

Amidst the Covid-19 and lockdown situations, virtual meetings and webinars have become a trend and a boon for knowledge acquisition! Several online guest lectures were conducted for the 3rd Semester MBA students.


E – Treasure hunt is a virtual brain teaser activity that is designed to evaluate participants’ –

  • General awareness
  • Language and vocabulary
  • Spontaneity
  • Analytical and creative thinking

The duration of the activity was 40 Minutes, during which the students were given with a riddle consisting of eight phrases highlighted in a paragraph. These eight phrases represented eight key elements in the riddle. The first student to identify these eight elements was considered to be the winner. Out of 42 students participated, 5 students could solve the riddle.


Group Discussion is one of the important rounds conducted during the interview process. To provide more inputs on how to crack GD, the Management club had organized Group Discussion activity on 18th September 2019. Different types of topics such as current affairs, abstract topics, debatable topics and case study based topics were given. The students were evaluated based on criteria such as communication skills, participation, logical reasoning and team skills. The faculty coordinators provided the feedback to teach team after the discussion


Optimal utilization of available resources must be one of the key take away of students pursuing MBA. With the intention of teaching the students how to utilize the available resources and come with a master piece out of waste, “Best out of waste” activity was conducted by the Management club on 26th April 2019. The students who came up with most innovative ideas were considered as winners.


One of the managerial trait is Leadership. To enhance the leadership skills of the students, a classroom activity was conducted by the Management club on 21st March 2019. The students not only enjoyed the activity, but also understood the importance of leadership skills for a Manager. The duration of the activity was 2 hours, after completion of which the faculty coordinators briefed the summary of the activity.


The first trait of a Manager is to be a team player. With this objective of educating the students to be team players, the management club, Department of Business Administration organized an outbound team building activityon 23rd October 2018. The activity involved dividing students into sub teams and assigning a specific task based on Management Principles. The team which completed the task in stipulated time was considered as Winner.


Listening skills and coordination play a vital role in success of a team. To make the students realize the importance of listening and coordination in a team, an activity was conducted on 15th November 2018. The students were divided into sub teams but were made to sit separately and blindfolded. The first team to finish the task within the stipulated time were declared as winners.

Guest Lecture 3: 6th November 2020

Our Institution always has its upper hand in taking such initiatives for their students. One such initiative was this guest lecture on “Investing in the financial markets” by Mr. Prathik A alumnus of BNMIT 2015 MBA batch.

Mr. Prathik has hands on experience in Goldman sachs and JP Morgan. Later which he became a full-time trader for the past 4yrs. He also completed Advanced Valuation Certificate from New York University. He is mainly an Equity Research Analyst and handles a small portfolio of 4 crores.

The main agenda of the lecture was to illuminate, how to analyse and study an industry or financial market before investing in any financial instruments.

He introduced the topic from very basics of the finance concepts with small examples and further dived deep into the subject.

Guest Lecture 2: 5th November 2020

An online webinar was conducted for the 3rd Semester MBA students. The speakers were Dr .Alok Malhotra, senior mentor and head of the education delivery of NIIT IFBI and M. Niranjan T Mohite, regional head for west and south for BFSI vertical of NIIT.

Their talk revolved around the concepts of banking and financial industry. How to get into financial service industry? What is NIIT all about and the various courses that help to get into the financial industry.

Mr. Niranjan went ahead and explained what are the different type of banking industry and about all the public and private sector banks. He also gave a brief view about the banking and financial industry. Its functions.

Mr. Niranjan also gave a view on various career opportunities in financial and banking sector. How to get job in a banking industry and also how the interview process goes on in the banking industry and how to get prepared for all those interviews. Hence the webinar was very helpful and gave a clear picture on how financial industry and banking industry works and about various career opportunities.

Guest Lecture 1: 2nd November 2020

The speaker Mrs Tripti Arvind, an educator, entrepreneur and a model gave an insightful session for the students. Her talk revolved around the importance of self-branding and the priority that has to be given to enhance personal brand. She explained the steps involved in the development of self-branding.

She went ahead and explained how challenging the process of self-branding would be. As in how we should set up our target audience, how should we narrow down to our niche.

She threw light on building our online and offline presence. How networking matters to develop self-branding. She defined self-branding as “what people talk about you when you aren’t in the room”. How to create strategies for creating the presence in and around the network and utilizing our creativity and making our own identity is the main go. She was generous enough to clarify queries of the students and make the session very insightful.