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    This post was last updated on       January 19th, 2021
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(Estd in 1995)

BNM FRIENDS OF NATURE CLUB established in 1995 believes that an understanding of nature will give each individual a better perspective of the world as well as himself. The awareness about the present status of the environment has become very important in view of the precarious situation due to pollution, deforestation, Global Warming, Ozone layer depletion, consequent major changes in climatic conditions, erratic monsoon and the consequent floods and Drought would make healthy life on earth next to impossible.

The Nature club believes that nature teaches life’s lessons in its own subtle ways and enables our youth to share their responsibilities in maintaining a healthy environment and to take steps to avoid environmental degradation in their individual capacity as well as in a group.

Mission Sustainability Statement of BNMIT

“At our College we seek to live, work, and play in such  a way that we enhance the environmental, economic, and social well-being of our communities, minimize use of natural resources and reduce its impact on our environment. Educate ourselves and others about the duties and responsibilities of citizens to ensure sustainable development for the future generation.”

To achieve this we believe one needs to collectively and individually think, act, and interact to encourage change in the students’ outlook and to take initiatives and organise campaigns to achieve its objectives.

The Club’s VISION is to

  • Develop service-oriented activities which integrate environmental and social concerns and to take action on such issues.
  • Integrate discussions for sustainable Environment into the curriculum.
  • Reach out to alumni and friends of the College who can act as resources for our endeavors.
  • Provide programs and arrange speakers which will motivate the community in general and the students in particular.
  •  Provide a platform for the student members of the club to participate in its Nature awareness and social activities.

The club is led by Sri Narayan Rao R Maanay, secretary BNMIT and has about 450 student members. First and fore most, they are taught about the importance of our environment and its conservation, awareness about their responsibilities and knowledge of the flora and fauna. They are exposed to Environmental Awareness Programs, Tree Planting, Bird Watching field trips & Bi-annual wilderness Camping Trips and team building activities through adventure sports of Para Sailing, rappelling, Trekking, water sports, etc. along with regular audio visual programs and talks with screening of Green Oscar Award winning films & documentations of Wild Life Conservation and Environment Protection.

Most of the birds are going away from the city as in the name of development; thousands of trees have been cut everyday to broaden the roads. Hence this club has installed a number of NESTING BOXES along with BIRD FEEDERS to give the birds a safe place to live and breed.

The seminar hall is fully equipped with multimedia projection systems for very effective utilization in seminars, workshops, and Nature club activities.

The college has a computerized and fully automated user friendly library having books on Nature Conservation, Environment, & Wildlife. The wildlife section itself has more than 300 titles and 450 volumes.

The Nature club also has its own Digital Library which has more than 300 DVD’s on Wild life and conservation programs from BBC, ANGLIA, National Geography, Discovery, Animal Planet, Centre for Science and Environment and of course from Our own Great Indian Naturalists like Valmik Thapar, Shekar Dattatri, Sandesh Kadur, Ullas Karanth, Bedi brothers, Krupakar, Senani and others. The club also has its own state of the art Digital Editing studio which is being used to edit the videos shot during the camping trips.

The admission to the nature club is based on the performance of the student in the entrance Test. Here the student is tested for his interest in Wild life Conservation and Environmental Awareness as well as knowledge of Flora and Fauna.

The main awareness programs undertaken by the members of the club every semester include:






“ Use CLAY GANESHA – avoid Chemically painted GANESHA”

“ STOP the CRACKERS” – to avoid air and sound pollution.




The College is already using 100% of its requirement of manure from its Compost Yard. The College has worked to develop a functioning and manageable recycling program and promote recycling by Conducting National Level Workshops. The campus encourages Rain water harvesting.

A bi-annual excursion of 5 days to places like, BANDIPUR, MUDHUMALAI, MUTHODI ( BHADRA ), Biligiri Ranga HILLS, NAGARAHOLE,  YANA, SHARAVATHYRIVERVALLEY, AVALANCHE near OOTY, etc. is the most awaited event of the year.

Activities such as Moon Light Trekking, Rock Climbing, Rappelling, River Crossing, Gorge walking, Kayaking, Rafting, Jungle safari and stay in Anti Poaching Camps etc are conducted during the trips to help the members in overcoming inhibitions & fear and at the same time enhance team building and  interpersonal skills.

The members are also encouraged to do wild life photography & essay writing on the wild life and environment Conservation.

The club introduces the student members to the art of creative, Nature and wildlife photography and to capture the beautiful moments with the able guidance of Prof.Eishwar.N.Maanay, where the members are also taught technology involved in photography at BNMIT’s exclusive editing studio to edit the photos and videos with the help of latest technology.

The nature club gives most of the students an opportunity to break free from their daily routine and experience life in the simplicity and splendor of mother Earth.

The major and satisfying achievement of the “Nature club” as well as the other units like cultural forum “Kala Bhageerathi”, the Sports association as well as the other associations is that the participants have an outstanding record in their Academics improving from first class to First class with Distinctions and moreThis has virtually quashed the common belief that students are distracted from their studies by taking part in extracurricular activities as felt by many parents.

BNM believes that the students in this age group are bubbling with energy and need to relax as they cannot be studying all the time. If they are not engaged in these productive activities to use their spare time and spend their energy, there is every possibility that they would use the same for unapproved activities.